Cancer and Leo Compatibility – Water + Fire

Are Leo and Cancer compatible?

This is a relationship that has a high probability of working out.

These are two signs that when they get together in a relationship have a very good mutual understanding of each other and how they work. Coupled with the fact that they are both highly affectionate, it makes for a pretty good dose of happiness. This is something that they both really need in their lives and relationships more than most signs.

Cancer will bring a level of tenderness and sensitivity, coupled with affection that the Leo is really looking for in a relationship.

On the other side of things the Leo will bring positivity and strength, as well as a good vibe to the life of the cancer. Due to the fact that most cancers have emotional states that go up and down all the time, having a partner that can bring some stability to that is definitely a plus.

How are Leo and Cancer in love?

This is one of those unions that really fires on all cylinders when it comes to everything that they would want in a relationship.

Cancer really admires people that have strong personalities, and the Leo is definitely one that has a strong personality and they have a love of being able to lead a relationship.

The cancer will be the one that is pretty much the heart of the relationship. They will be the one that brings that needed compassion and affection that the Leo is looking for.

On the other side of things Leo will be the one that helps cancer get a little bit out of their shell and becomes a little more social. Cancer has a hard time getting out of their shells regardless.

Looking from the outside-in, you would look at this relationship and think that it is pretty much the model of what you would want for a happy couple. This is usually the fact if the cancer in the relationship is willing to let the Leo lead. In most cases the cancer has to give in so that the relationship can persevere. If they don’t let them take the lead things can spiral out of control.

In order for this relationship to really work out the Leo has to keep their pride and their ability to be overbearing in check. At the same time they have to remember that they’re in a relationship, and they have to let their ego take a little bit of a step back.

The Cancer on the other hand really needs to take control of their mood swings, and reign in those emotions that they feel on a daily basis. Heavy emotions will drain the Leo, and this will end up putting a lot of stress on a relationship.

Truth be told, as long as the love is there, as well as being able to communicate their thoughts and feelings. This relationship really does have a good chance of working out. They just have to make sure that the things that had been mentioned previously are kept in check.

Sometimes you might see these two having a lower compatibility rating, but with work they can push the outcome into their favor.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Leo’s fiery nature tends to douse the Crab’s tender, nurturing side.

Celia: If you can’t help loving this incompatible creature, flattery’s the only way forward. Leo’s stern lectures reduce you to a quivering heap.

Jenn: The Leo is just what you need to get yourself out of your shell so to speak. You are impressed with the Leo’s self-confidence and loyalty while the Leo finds it easy to deal with your complexity and moodiness making the two of you an excellent match for a successful and long lasting relationship.

Lidia: You can make this work long term as long as you are willing to stop and re-assess your relationship and emotions every now and again. Much as this is going to sound like a chore to both of you, this is needed for you to survive. Leo can just go off and do his or her own thing, not caring about anyone else and this will upset and frustrate Cancer after a while. Arguments needs to be calmed quickly too, as you can both let your mouth run away with you when you are annoyed about something and this can cause a lot of emotional damage to Cancer, who cannot help but hold onto insults and bring them up at a later date!

You will have many good times though and it is easy for you to settle into each other and have a good giggle. Sexually, Leo’s passion will turn Cancer on quite quickly and it wont be long before you can swap roles within the bedroom and take it in turns to see who puts the next new gadget forward!

Laura: Cancer could very well find a natural home under the powerful shine of the confident lion. Leo’s positive and sure nature, can be like a guiding light for Cancer, insulating the crab from darker moods. Leo will appreciate and admire the depth of Cancer’s emotions. Cancer will need to curb a tendency to put out Leo’s fire at inopportune times. Socially, others truly feel welcomed as they sense the inner calm that these two bring to the table, as they are non-judgmental and magnanimous to boot.

Tracy: A Cancer and Leo match can work as the planetary combination of the moon and sun are compatible. If both can work together on their differences then a happy relationship can result.

Heidi: Cancer knows how to flatter which makes Leo happy and Leo knows how to take care of Cancer physically and emotionally. Cancer takes most things seriously and Leo knows how to let them go. Disagreements could be a problem, however, if things are worked out, this could make an interesting relationship.

Keley: This can be a very good relationship, as Cancer will appreciate Leo’s loving and affectionate nature. Leo also enjoys the strong emotional stability of Cancer.

Marcus: Fire and Water. Need another hint as to how this one will turn out? If your thinking of becoming involved in this combination, I would suggest you run don’t walk to the nearest exit. These two have the power to do some serious damage to each other. The cool Lion will have no empathy for Cancer’s crabby moods. The Crab will take great joy in throwing water on the fragile Pussy Cat’s ego, slowly extinguishing your flames. Two thumbs Down.

David: Glamorous Leo wants to live large and hit the town. Moody Cancer wants to relax in a cottage in the country. If Leo can come down to earth and Cancer can stroke Leo’s ego more than a little, it can work.

Cancer Man and Leo Woman

Cancer men and Leo women are completely different people, and they have very different approaches to life, they are professionally and personally different from each other. Their relationships are very difficult as cancer men find the proudness of Leo women very irritating and Leo women cannot stand the moodiness of Cancer men. So for this relationship to work both Leo and cancer need to be tolerant and understanding.

Cancer men are usually kind and gentle people who are being very sophisticated and emotional. They are very determined and work hard for success. Success for cancer men is to achieve more money.

Leo Man and Cancer Woman

The pair of a Cancer woman with a Leo man is a very suiting couple. Nature of each of the members suits the other one. The Cancer woman gives her Leo man the confidence by appreciating his actions positively and by truly admiring him. Leo man always loves his cancer lady as she gives him the will power and determination but sometimes, due to the possessive nature of the Cancer woman, the Leo man may become irritated. A Leo man has a dominating personality which is liked by the Cancer woman as she feels secure with him. Leo man should avoid arrogance and Cancer woman should get rid of her possessive nature and the relationship will be a perfect one.

Cancer and Leo Friendship

You have so much in common that you’ll get on fine and dandy.

Leo and Cancer Relationship

As lovers:

You will make a flirtatious and fun couple.

Long-term relationship:

If you can always remember why you first loved each other you will last forever.

Short-term relationship:

You will share much fun and intimacy soon after meeting.

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Cancer and Leo Sex

For you pair going to bed together will be fun and lighthearted.

cancer and leo sexually compatible

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Cancer Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 29%

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