Leo and Leo Compatibility – Fire + Fire

leo + leo

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: As long as you can both share center stage, and take turns singing praise to one another’s name, you’ll have a very passionate pairing.

Celia: Who ever heard of two Lions ruling the pride?

Jenn: This relationship may not work out but it will never be boring! The two of you are both entertainers, self-confident and like to do things in a grand way. The only problem with this relationship is that you both like to be in control and this will probably end up causing a lot of conflict. If you can both learn to compromise this relationship should be a very successful one.

Lidia; This is one of those relationships you look at and wish you has something just like it! Not only do the two of you look amazing together, it is genuine and you can understand everything you each desire and need in love. Leo likes to have a strong foot hold on life, work and all areas in between, so you both match up your dreams perfectly. Not worrying if one of you is working late, because you understand how much this means! You can clash occasionally, as you are both leaders and taking control can be difficult with someone who is alike to you, but with time compromises happen naturally.

Sexually, there is loads of passion and excitement in the bedroom with neither of you holding back any fantasies. Sometimes you can both be a bit too serious, so make sure you can laugh both in an out of the bedroom and your relationship can overcome any obstacles put before either one of you.

Laura: Considering that both signs are fixed in their ways, one will have to give way to the other, finding contentment in leading part-time. Once that is out of the way, this romantic duo is free to express the depths of the heart and express they will. Compliments, ego stroking and lofty ideals will dominate this couple. There’s enough sunshine flowing in the Leo and Leo relationship to light up everyone around them.

Tracy: A pairing of two Leos can be a disagreeable union with both trying to dominate, though they may love deeply making it possible for a successful match. It is not traditionally a recommended combination as they can both be too demanding.

Heidi: Both are romanticist and very sensual beings. The only difficulty in this relationship is that each Leo wants to be the boss. Life together will sure be interesting. In order for these two to have a lasting relationship, each has to give and allow the other to receive.
Keley: This relationship can be surprisingly excellent, if both partners give each other a chance in the spotlight. These two understand each other emotionally, and are mutually supportive in many areas.

Marcus: We are lions, hear us roar!!! These two can be as silly and playful as two kittens, but they can also be vicious and ferocious when provoked. Seldom does this happen, since cats tend to have a noble and loyal nature and will respect their mates. You will often see these two laying curled up in the sun lazily purring with contentment.

David:  You both have big personalities, and your relationship is filled with fun. But you also have big egos – can you spare enough praise for each other? Sexually, it’s fireworks all the way. But the question remains: who’s the boss?

Leo Man and Leo Woman

The relationship between two Leos is successful to a certain point, as they both have a lot of pride. And their styles are same, so this makes them well-suited for each other up to a certain point. But after some time they start having problems related to attention and authority. However their relationships are very passionate and have potential in their relationships.

Leo people are very proud and strong and they are very compassionate and graceful in nature. They have a lot of confidence which can be seen by everyone. Leo men and leo woman are also very warm, energetic and bright, and they are really inclined towards compliments.

Leo and Leo Friendship

A very fast paced friendship can be formed here with both of you creating an exciting buzz.

Leo and Leo Relationship

As lovers:

Romance will be a lavish affair and making things happen together will come easily.

Long-term relationship:

A fabulous combination for long term success providing that neither of your gagarious personalities stray into someone else’s arms.

Short-term relationship:

You will be two social lions strutting your stuff around town.

Leo and Leo Sex


Two roaring lions together between the sheet will create a den of animalistic pleasure.

leo and leo sexually compatible




Leo Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 78%

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