1. A Leo can understand another one so well…Lots of love and fun i share with my sweet Leo guy despite of the silly fights which gets resolved in no time….the best partner ever on earth..I’m in deep love with my Leo… Consider him my perfect match up

  2. Stephenie says:

    Ive been dating a leo for about 4 months now and I am a Leo myself and I think he is the most amazing guy I’ve been with…. We definitely clash sometimes when either one of us shows too much authority but out of all the other signs I’ve been with we have the most in common and he understands me…. Uhhh I’m falling in love with my leo…. My lil fairy tale…. If we ever get marry I’m going to be happy and coming back and letting the world know!

  3. Mesmerised Leo lady says:

    I think I met the man of my dreams. Although its still very early days, we shower each other with compliments, we laugh and joke and talk seriously. The passion and chemistry is intense I never thought I could get this intensity with romance and passion. We haven’t argued yet but I’ve got a good idea how we will make up! Only problem I see at the moment is the possibility of us smothering each other with affection, getting so lost in each other and us loosing track of reality! I tell you this much though, this is the best start to a relationship I have ever experienced! Fingers crossed it develops positively! ;)

  4. I have been taking it slow with my Leo. Were not dating but we decided to just be friends first. He compliments me all the time and he is very sweet. He has his moon in Gemini and I have my moon in Taurus. We definitely connect and we abstain from sex right now, just trying to fall for each other first and then date. I think this is the best way for me and my Leo. Problems that occur is if I take things wrong about my appearance and what he says or if he does not text/call me first. Or when we are with his friends he seems too clingy or not interested in me at all. I guess I do the same when I am with my friends though. So far this has been a good match. I recommend to please take things slow. Really slow. Which is hard but so worth it.

  5. The King and Queen!

    I’m a Leo woman dating a Leo man…The Ups: I’ve been dating my love for 3 years. Yes we’ve had our downs, but our passion for love out weighs it all!!! He is the most generous man I’ve ever known.. Exotic and very expensive gifts! I love the way he admirers me. The Down: He can be very short or distant at times, very occupied with his businesses and other ventures. I’ve learned to accept my leo pride as well as his, his usually over shadowing mine! I truly love and adore this great man!!!! God willing..Marriage soon ;))

  6. Me and my Leo king have been dating for 7 months he is a wonderful man but like most kings want to be in charge of everything. The arguments are very intense but making up is more intense. I love and respect my king but I must say when he gets in his mood he’s oh oh god lol. I love him and have learned to be submissive. If u want it to work ladies try a lil submission it goes a long way… hopefully were getting married soon!

  7. I’m a leo woman dating a leo man. We have been dating for a year and a half now. At the beginning things were perfect. He was a big part of my life and still is. The best relationship ever but the most arguing. My biggest problem is him wanting a lot of attention and like all leos wasting lots of money on unnecessary things. Hes my true love. We have matching tattoos. I don’t think we should get married anytime soon but I love him a lot and think our relationship needs a little improvement….

  8. Georgia B says:

    As a female Leo it’s clear that I like to be the dominant party in nearly all my affairs. When I dated a male Leo it was havoc, I am the stereotypical Leo: loyal, fiery (with a big heart), very outgoing. Where as my partner at the time was very deceitful, manipulative, a compulsive liar … Basically a rat! The only characteristic we had in common was our fiery side other than that I just deemed him a fake Leo …. It was chaos

  9. My boyfriend and I are both Leo’s and our relationship is really strong. We’re a good match. We’re both intense and we both voice our opinions which can be a bad thing, but for the most part it’s good. We’re very open with each other. I can be moody and I feel bad that I do that to him but he gives it right back to me just not as bad. Overall we have a really good relationship.

  10. Michelle Poorilette says:

    I have been with my Leo king for it a year now, but a week was all it took to know we were meant to be. Its undesirable the feeling and love we have for each other. Ive never met someone who understands me so much like he does. I believe he is my soulmate! We were destined to be. I’m so physically and spiritually attracted to him. He’s so creative and so kindhearted, we share that in common. But, when we love we LOVE, when we fight we go at it. Its dramatic and played out, one of us has to give in and say I’m sorry. Then the make up is amazing. Our sex life is out of this world. We are both givers, so it makes the best love making. We can be at rock bottom but so strong! !! One thing he does love attention from others (opposite sex) hes flirtatious when. There is alcohol involved, so he stays away from that! I’m a jealous person when it comes to that. But its vise versa. We have our little tweaks we need to work out. But in the end love wins. He is my soulmate. My other half!I’m blessed

  11. he treats me like a queen with respect and the better he treats me, the more i respect him and am so willing to serve the king (and vice versa). it is easy and it comes natural for all leos.. the rules of thumb is do not do what you don’t want anyone to do to you. when the male lion roars, you just have to become a little cat right away.. it works! when the lioness roars, she deserves to get showered with kisses and love and she should get back to his arms quickly enough. do not be too angry for too long. what a love! rewarding, sweet, romantic, memorable.. oh my gosh! if you are a leo couple, wish you good luck. mine lasted for many years till a mishaps set in and we had to be apart. we are now married to someone our parents approved. i still can recall those days and my love for him still remain for a life time though we cannot be together. he devoured me alive and i was so willing to.. ;)

  12. I tend to be a reserved leo in some instances and my fiance is a fire cracker i believe we balance each other out still respecting each others leadership qualities to rule, its in our nature. I love that fire we generate. I was attracted to his confidence in himself. we are the same and i will not forget that one of us must be humble at times

  13. My Leo Boy and I have been together two years, we’re both Leo’s, and our birthdays are one day apart. Our relationship is…. So much fun when we’re both happy but, when one of us isn’t our party comes to a stop. We’re off balance, our attitudes are out of sync,and that’s when the drama starts. Getting back to happy can be a struggle because we’re both so stubborn, but when one of us gives in and is willing to listen to the other, and understand (usually bobby) then we get back to being happy and everything else falls into place. Being in a leo-leo relationship is a constant battle but when hard work is given great rewards are earned. I love my man, and wouldn’t trade him for the world!!! The jealously,attitudes, and arguments can be overwhelming but it’s worth it in the end

  14. We had this instantaneous connection when we first met. Neither of us looking for a relationship due to our history of relationships that ended badly. After a week decide to date and take things slow. This man is my best friend, lover and soulmate. We’ve been through so much over the years and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it. This is the first time I’ve felt so connected to someone I’ve dated and as a Leo woman I’ve dated quite a few people in my past. The two of us are so in love with each other and share this bond that cannot be broken. Were Alike in every way making us predictable. It’s the easiest to hang out just the 2 of us rather than in a large setting due to our flirtatious natures. I wouldn’t change this experience for anything because we are so compatible, my fiancée is my true soulmate and partner in life.

  15. I’m a Leo and so is he. At first he told me he found it hard to talk to me cause I was so quite but the fact that when I walked in rooms heads turn. So he approached me and we’ve been friends for about 5 years. Then we started dating and things went well. Then we got married and life has been great. I don’t let my ego go over his tho, I’m more in the shadows but I have my spot light. Also love showering him with complements and attention. It comes back in return especially In bed.

  16. Wow. Where do I begin!? I met my Leo 3 years ago. I never imagined I could love another as much as I love him. As much as he loves me back! This love is something I don’t even need to question. I’m in no way unsure about our love for each other. We love to laugh, joke, act like dorks together! So much passion and intensity in our love and love making sessions. Its like we can not live without each other. We are both jealous and that leads to dramatic episodes. But during a battle, if one of us shuts up and listens, the other calms down too and listens. I usually make the first effort, but in a Leo & Leo relationship one person has to give in to make it work. It took me some time to find this out, but once you know that, you are bound to make any argument subside. We in the end both end up apologizing no matter who was right or wrong. I will love this man the rest of my life and I know he feels the same way. Its something I can’t explain…i just know it! ?

  17. My Leo man have been dating for two years,both in our 50’s divorced……omg when we are together its its a perfect combination,of love,harmony,fun,devotion…..as regular as clockwork we have spats fall out over stupid things……..we are born 1 day apart…….can’t live with him, but I can’t be without him………both very stubborn, but I love the bones of that man,life with him is never dull.

  18. Katie Collier says:

    Im a leo and my boyfriend is a leo. We both struggle with who wears the pants in the relationship so I usually let him take the spotlight but when he takes it too far, I know just how to get him off of his high horse. This is definitely the hardest ive ever had to work in a relationship because im not always in control…. but I think its worth it. We know we love each other and know how to be loyal. Not to mention we are both avid lovers in bed and it fuels our relationship when things are looking rough.

  19. As a Leo woman, I got to know a Leo man for a few months, I must say we connected quite well. We always had a good time with one another by laughing, joking, and talking about life together. He made sure that he spent a lot of time with me and when we did, we got a lot of attention, which he and I loved. Through times of difficulty, we both knew how to put a smile on each other’s face. Although, when it came to something we disagreed on, things elevated quickly, but I have to say, we made up quite swiftly as well, (something I never really had before). I must say, when it comes to compromising, the pride has to be put aside. But it was a very cool experience and a great feeling. I would not mind getting the full experience of dating a Leo man. A Leo woman may love her independence, but nothing is like having a Leo man to depend on so both of you can rule happily together.

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