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Gemini more than any other sign out there except for Sagittarius, doesn’t blur a line between friendship and sex. So sometimes their relationships can be born out of friendships.

These individuals might find themselves more often than not getting in bed with people that they are friends with in the first place. In part because they usually associate romance with having a great foundation built on friendship. Another part has to do with the fact that it helps them keep their lives interesting. But often times it’s because their love and romantic feelings blend in with their feelings of friendship. it’s like for them to be in love with somebody they have to have both of those things, the friendship and the relationship interwoven together for it to be perfect for them.

When they do find the one that they were meant to be with and they fall in love, they are able to bring a fire, passion, and excitement that is second to none.

As with anything that the Gemini has excitement for, this will be something that they will communicate verbally. They’ll be asking questions such as isn’t this great fun? Aren’t we a great couple together? Does it feel like we’re perfect for each other? Do you know what? This will be fun for them.

What Gemini looks for in a partner

It’s pretty obvious from the paragraph mentioned above that they’re looking for somebody that they can be friends with and be lovers at the same time. They need to be able to have a partner that’s able to intertwine both of those things into what they would consider a perfect relationship.

if you go to the link mentioned below you’ll be able to see the other signs that Gemini is compatible with. In this case you can look towards the Sagittarius. They can be good friends, and is a person who can talk to them as much as they enjoy talking to their partner. Someone that they might find that they can tolerate listening to for more than a few minutes at a time.

Who is Gemini Compatible with?

Best and Worst Gemini in Love Qualities

Geminis love change and always like to be the first to know “what’s happening” around them on all levels. Love lots of information about everything.

Best qualities: Good company, like to communicate and always be connected and relating to their partners. Like to shake things up and keep their relationships, on all levels, exciting, “fresh” and young.

Challenges: Can be superficial in talk and actions (and can also come to “flirt” too much with the opposite sex). Tendency to not take life or relationships seriously in a practical manner.

Love traits


One of the main Gemini love traits is to be a ‘love butterfly’ – moving to whatever (or whoever) catches their eye next. That said, Geminis are thoughtful, generous & charismatic. They love to help others and thrive on change. Geminis tend not to seek out the limelight but it sometimes finds them. Geminis are sociable people and, so, are easy to get along with. In fact, their personalities are infectious, making them a real pleasure to be with – most of the time. Geminis truly are chameleons who have it in themselves to mix easily with any company. Could be hard to tie down to a long-term relationship unless you really know how.

Gemini Male Love Traits:


A sophisticated charmer who is almost always fun to be around. A true individual who has the potential to give conflicting signals during your conversations. Likely to have mood swings, which will make you wonder if he actually likes you or not. Worse still, he can quite easily upset or offend people without realizing he’s doing it. Gemini man is guaranteed to be a constant source of surprises.

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Gemini Female Love Traits:

The Gemini woman is renowned for have a dual personality but that makes for an interesting relationship. Great at forming relationships and, like Gemini man, a real charmer. Not the most practical person, though, and doesn’t really have a great head for managing finances – that’s what a partner’s for, silly!

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Things Gemini Needs to focus on when they are in love


Keep Some Distance

In some relationships not all of them, we tend to focus only on our partner, and shutting ourselves off from the rest of the world emotionally. We do this so that we show the other person, that they are the only one that really matters in our lives.

This isn’t how they do things though, and it’s something that they truly know inside of their hearts. This is due to the fact that they are an air sign. They love to make new friends, meet new people and they really enjoy having their freedom immensely.

It’s important for them to be able to keep a little distance between them and their partner so that they can continue living the way that they’re used to. This distance will help actually strengthen the relationship. If they don’t have the distance that they need, they feel as though they’re being held back, or that they don’t have the freedom that they deserve. It doesn’t mean they will be distant in the relationship by any means. Freedom to be themselves is the keyword.

It sounds counter intuitive but the more freedom that they have, the more they’ll keep coming back to their partner. It will keep things fresh for them.

They need to take the time to live in the present

This point slightly goes against what was mentioned in the previous section. They are the type of person that doesn’t want to miss anything at all, and wants to be everywhere at every moment in time.

The only thing that they need to realize is that when they are in a relationship, it’s very important for them to live in the moment with their partner not so much their surroundings ( ie other people etc) . When they are with their loved one, they need to give their full attention to them. They need to focus all of their energy on their relationship.

If they don’t do this they might find that their partner might feel as though that they’re not fully into the relationship, at the same time not too concerned about it survival. Their partner might feel slighted and leave.

They can’t keep their heart and mind separate

We all know that Gemini is considered a dual sign, represented by the twins themselves. With that being said they do have the ability to separate their heart and their mind at the same time if it’s required. This can be a great attribute during certain situations but in a relationship not so much.

However when they are in a relationship it’s very important for them to use their mind to communicate exactly what’s going on inside of their hearts. They really need to understand that the communication between them and their partner is the key to making this relationship work.

When they have conversations with their partner they have to take the time to exactly express what is important to them, and for them not beat around the bush in any way.

If they are in an argument with their partner it’s very important for them to speak up about their true feelings. It’s during that moment of heart felt honesty, that they will find that conflict they find themselves in can be resolved one way or another.

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