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Are Capricorn and Cancer compatible?

In the traditional sense it’s considered that these two usually could make a good couple if they put the work into it. Their compatibility is considered to be on the medium side of things. That doesn’t mean that a relationship cannot bloom from this combination, it just means that there’s a little bit more work to be done to make it work .

This really comes down to how they express their feelings. Communication about feelings in a relationship is obviously very important, and sometimes it’s downright critical.

Cancers are one of the more sentimental and emotional signs of the zodiac. These are the people that really need to have a lot of love and affection, specially displays of affection so that they know that their partner really cares. That’s what really gets to their heart, they are less concerned about the materialistic aspects of life.

On the other side of things Capricorn has a very hard time expressing the feelings that they have in their heart and being able to open up about their thoughts when it comes to love. Sometimes they can be materialistic but not always, but they do put a lot of importance into putting themselves into a good financial situation.

How are Cancer and Capricorn in love?

A relationship between these two is pretty much a complex one. You’re looking at a couple that will completely understand who their partner is and how they work. The problem comes down to the fact that they will both go from one extreme to the next. One minute they’re madly in love with each other, the next minute they’re in a very tense argument. Then that fierce argument is completed and they’re back to loving each other once again. This might wear them down if they don’t have a lot of love between them.

The cancer person in this relationship can be very persistent, and in most cases often than not they will be the ones that instigate things. Even though the Capricorn usually has a wall up, the cancer can knock it down. In return the Capricorn will surprise them with a compassion and gentleness that they weren’t expecting, an ability to be stable in love, and living a lifestyle that compliments the one that cancer likes to live.

The Capricorn can bring a lot of stability and balance to the life of the cancer. This is something that they truly need. One thing though that should be mentioned is that they will not get the sentimentality and romance, that they truly love and want though.

So even though this relationship is considered to be medium on the compatibility side, with a lot of patience, open communication, love, and the ability to compromise, this relationship actually could become even better then they might potentially expect. It wouldn’t harm the relationship by injecting a little bit of romance and sentimental moments to make it complete.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Passions may fly, but you may not see eye-to-eye on the practical things. Cap just isn’t sensitive enough to the Crab’s emotional needs.

Celia: Your opposite sign is practical, steady, cautious, determined – and hard to understand.

Jenn: With the Capricorn’s ambition and natural ability to take over, you will find this an easy situation to settle down into. You find it comforting to let someone else take care of things for you which is exactly what the Capricorn will do. The Capricorn will appreciate your caring and sympathetic qualities. The two of you have a lot going for you in this relationship but communication will be the key.

Lidia: This will begin on the best note, with both of you being very loved up and sexual to begin with. Over time this bond will begin to fall away as Capricorn tries to begin organising everything and there is no way you can tie a Cancer down in this way and get a good result! Cancer requires total dedication and this is hard to feel from a Capricorn, because although Capricorns are supportive and loving, they are also very focused on other parts of their life. You do have many of the same kinds of ideas and theories behind life, like money and the home though, so there is room for scope if you are willing to work hard at this love match.

If Cancer can control their feelings a little bit and try not to see everything in so much of an emotional way, this will help Capricorn to support the relationship in the proper manner. Don’t be surprised if you have the occasional temper tantrums, stemming from both sides though!

Laura: Cancer the Crab will admire the worldly way in with which Capricorn carries itself, while Capricorn will be drawn to the emotional calm of Cancer. Being at opposite ends of the zodiac, each person offers what the other is missing. Capricorn lifts Cancer up into the world of possibilities, while Cancer shows Capricorn how to tap into his emotional side – away from the colder, detached business world.

Tracy: Capricorn and Cancer can work well together and could have similar interests. A successful relationship is likely if there is a stable home environment.

Heidi: Physical attraction starts this couple off. Cancer requires attention that Capricorn may not be able to fully provide and Capricorn can become cool and distant which upsets Cancer. Capricorn can be somewhat domineering in nature and Cancer can become irritable and critical as a result. The emotional discord that each endures from the other, may not keep them together.

Keley: This relationship can work, as both these signs have a great need for security, stability and family. The one problem area is in the affections; Capricorn may be a little cold and standoffish for affectionate Cancer.

Marcus:  These two are opposing sun signs on the astrological wheel of life. This is not necessarily a negative thing, in fact it means you have a lot to learn from each other, and could benefit greatly from a romance together. Cancer’s and Capricorn’s have compassion and understanding to spare, and this will help you achieve lovely harmony.

David:  Opposites do indeed attract, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Capricorn is sensible and rule-oriented, and Cancer is moody and intuitive. When it’s right, Cancer feels protected and Capricorn feels loved. With their mutual love of family, Capricorn can be a very compatible sign for a Cancer.

Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

Although these Zodiac Signs are opposite but still, the relationship may last long enough and the couple will be a cheerful one. Capricorn man has the willpower and determination to get the most out of the life. Cancer woman is a symbol of love for him and he enjoys getting her love, affection and devotion and appreciates her truly.  Capricorn man and Cancer woman can enjoy a happy relationship if both of them try to suppress their instincts. Capricorn tries to use others for his benefit and this is against the sensitive nature of the Cancer woman so, Capricorn man should try to avoid such things.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman

Cancer men and Capricorn women are complete opposites of each other and being opposite is the main reason why these find each other so fascinating. They have different qualities and complement each other on various things in life. The one similarity attribute in Cancer men and Capricorn women is that they are ready to commit to relationships and are really dependable. But due to the difference in their sense of expression, there can be a few difficulties at the start of the relationship. Cancer men have a sensitive nature and they have loads of charisma that can charm and impress any women.


Capricorn and Cancer Friendship

You have the traits to be two of the loyalist friends.

Cancer and Capricorn Relationship

As lovers:

You will be devout sincere and look to each other with great affection.

Long-term relationship:

A match made in heaven.

Short-term relationship:

There should be an instant attraction and you may well feel as though you have known each other for years.

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Capricorn and  Cancer Sex

Once you two get between the sheets you will not be able to imagine making love with any other partner.

capricorn and cancer sexually compatible

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Capricorn Compatibility with Cancer Over all Score:

overall score 84%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. My relationship is explosive both mentally and sexually
    I am a Cancer female and he is Cap male. Both Alphas except in the bedroom I love being his submissive. The sex is AMAZING every time. Mentally we can discuss anything and after 9 months he has soften to be as crazy and zany as I am. Reserved when we met but now fun. We spar verbally and we love it . I am falling in love but as a true Cap he does not show his feelings. He says I can show you better than tell you. I am adjusting. I ignore him and he comes around filled with sweetness. I learned just let him be himself, live my life and he is there with joy. He also constantly says how feminine I am and he loves my brains and independence. He is a geek, super smart and I find him irrestible

  2. So I met this capricorn man (I am cancer woman). I met him through a mutual friend that I seeing at the time, but he introduced me to this Capricorn man and when I shook his hand I felt an unbelievable energy between us. Time went on we became a couple and had a beautiful child. But as time went on, I start to realize the conflicts that is stated in our horoscopes are true. Cancers are family oriented/homebody’s who loves to build a family. Capricorns love family as well but they feel that the only way to maintain one is through bringing home the bacon. Therefore, your love-life suffers. You are secure finanically because Caps are very reliable, people who take care of home, but they can not multi-task! nothing is right,unless their money is right! They are very driven people, who loves success and Cancers are the same way but we are able to multi-task. we can take care of our children, our mate, and still be successful in own right. So it is hard work because capricorns are very cold and unemotional. It is not that they dont’ care about you, though their attitudes would “read” that they don’t but they are just incapable of expressing through emotion. They only seem to express through material things. Cancers need lots of attention and to be reassured but its hard to do that when your Capricorn mate is either always out working/socializing or when they are home they are thinking about how to maintain financially. Your crying and moaning won’t move them because they are unemotional and don’t quite understand why you are wasting time on something as frivilous as “emotions”. So the Cancer has 2 options. Just understand that this is why his/her mate is and not take it personal, and try to occupy their time with children, work and goals to push out the need for affection, attention or emotions and just enjoy it when it comes around every so often, or get the attention,etc..from somewhere else. Unfortuantely, since Caps live in a bubble. If you get caught at the dangerous game of cheating, they will not understand why you did it…I mean…what? They were just trying to go out and make a living to keep the family finanical secure even though you were being ignored. On a lighter note, once they are where they need to be finanically, you both can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  3. I went into a store one day and was love struck by a security officer that worked there. I found out later that he is a cancer(and i a capricorn) i have been going out of my way to see him since ! im nervous because i havent been in a relationship in 1.5 years but something about him im utterly drawn to. i finally got his number and i hope all goes well. i want to take it really slow…dated an aquarius and he was a very negative man….hopefully this cancerian will be the last! 🙂 wish me luck!!

  4. I’m a cancer and when I ran into this one capricorn. There was immediate attraction. This is so weird. This guy is a dork, but I just stopped walking and started staring and smiling at him. I later found out he was my sister’s boss, and was very hardworking and intelligent. But he really wanted to settle down. And I was not ready to be looking for a settling down type of guy especially since the quality of women he was dating didn’t impress me as someone who was chosey. In my case, I know what I want, and value marriage. So I wanted to take thing slow and not rush into anything especially that important with just anyone.

  5. Tori Rynolds says:

    I just mate a Capricorn so far I must say sooo good he is really sweet and we have lots of fun together!!! But there is a problem I really dont like his hair….. I need to just think with my heart and not my eyes, these days it very hard to find a good man….. and he is a good man hard worker and all! He is really my sweetie pie.

  6. This Cancer man takes my breath away with just his texts. I have never been with him, but have known him forever. I know it is fixing to happen for this cancer man and capricorn woman.

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