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Are Cancer and Aquarius compatible?

In most cases when these two get together, a lot of the times they make it to the dating phase and go no further. The compatibility between the two of them is considered quite low, but you have to realize that this is not a relationship that is truly impossible to make happen.

Right here you’re dealing with two signs that are very stubborn and persistent. So if they really want to make a relationship work they can do that. The important thing is that they really need to take a chance on each other and get to know each other.

This is one of those relationships that even if there are differences between them, if they’re able to put a lot of passion into the relationship and work together they maybe able iron out many of the differences that stand between them.

How are Aquarius and Cancer in love?

This is a relationship where it seems like it’s two sides of a coin. On one side of things you have Cancers that are quite conservative and are rather fixed in their ways, they’re more of the homebody type. On the other side of things the Aquarius like independence, and even if they’re in a relationship they’re like to feel a little liberated at the same time.

This in reality can cause some issues between the two of them because the Aquarius might feel restricted in a relationship with a cancer, and on the other side of things the cancer might feel unstable with their partner. Both of these things can be a recipe for disaster.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Cancers really love to have a lot of continuous attention on them, and at times can be very demanding in a relationship. This is due to the fact that they always want to feel like they are loved. In the eyes of the Aquarius this can actually reduce the freedom that they’re looking for, which might scare them off. That doesn’t mean that they are looking for freedom to go out and be with anyone else, they just want some alone time as well.

As with all relationships you have to look at the positive sides. Right here we have two signs that are very faithful and loyal to each other, and are both quite determined and stubborn to make things work if they want to.

By all accounts this relationship at its very nature does not usually work out, but if there is very good communication between the both of them, the drive and a will to succeed, and most importantly the love, then anything is possible for these two.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: The Water Bearer will only flood the Crab with insecurities. Passions will feel damp, too.

Celia: You never feel quite secure – Aquarius seems so emotionally detached Don’t try to lead or guide the Water Bearer – it can’t be done.

Jenn: You will probably find the Aquarius and their impatient and idealistic ways to be more than you can handle. You tend to be sensitive and vulnerable and it may be hard for the Aquarius to find excitement in this relationship. The Aquarius has a need for excitement that contradicts your domesticated ways. If the Aquarius can learn to settle down in the safe zone that you have to offer, the two of you can make a loving and adventurous relationship.

Lidia: This is probably not going to be the best of combinations as you will never be able to have that perfect picture without one of you giving up something of who you are and this will not go down well with either of you. You are just too different in so many areas to be able to have a long lasting, steady and reliable relationship. Cancer needs constant support and reassurance and the home is a very important place for this star sign to resign to. Where as Aquarius will refuse to be locked indoors watching each day pass by without having done anything of significance.

Aquarians are very open and loving people and this is not restricted to just their partner, a large part of Cancer will hate seeing affections given out willy-nilly and over time Cancer will blow at seeing this constantly happen and the only way out will be for you to have your own lives as well as the one you share together.

Laura: The Aquarius and Cancer couple will likely be fascinated by each other initially, they both have a natural love of people and they share a similar type humor. However, when Aquarius wants to party and Cancer wants to stay home, they’ll need to find more common ground. If Cancer can indulge Aquarius a bit more socially, and if Aquarius can pass up a social outing, they could do well together.

Tracy: Cancer and Aquarius could quarrel as both may have conflicting tastes and ideas. Though it is an unadvisable match they could learn a lot from each other. Success could be gained if one partner is submissive and lets the other lead.

Heidi: This is a clash in personalities, with Aquarius being unpredictable and Cancer being cautious. Cancer appears warm and loving, while on the surface Aquarius tends to be cool and distant. The two will probably hurt each others feelings more than anything. There’s not much happening in this relationship unless of course, each partner is willing to change their ways.

Keley:  This relationship can be very difficult for both parties. Aquarius may find Cancer’s need for stability a bit constraining, and Cancer will find Aquarius’s airy fairy approach very annoying after a time.

Marcus: The brooding, emotional Crab will find Aquarius’s independent aloofness maddening. Cancer’s need attention and reassurance and lots of it, and even then they never quite feel all the way loved. The Aquarian on the other hand is better with groups than one on one intimacy. They are an are sign and very hard to get out of the clouds and make them focus. These two are an unlikely pairing.

David:  Warmth vs. detachment. Nurturing vs. coolness. Not a match by a long-shot, though you never know when someone will defy the odds.

Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

It is never easy for a Cancer woman and Aquarius Man to get along well with each other as one is Air and other is Water. Still, the mutual attraction can work out for both of them. Aquarius man is calm outside while full of zeal and zest inside. He loves freedom and does not want anyone to ban his freedom or others’ freedom. This is good for a Cancer woman but it can go against her possessive nature at times. To make the relationship last for long, a lot of sacrifices and devotions are required just like a mother who brings up her child makes a lot of sacrifices for him.

Cancer Man and Aquarius Woman

The cancer men have been noticed to be some sort of introverts. They like to be friendly but not that much. This quality is quite opposite to that of Aquarius women. The cancer men are in love with making money while the Aquarius women like having fun without having the troubles of making money. These basic differences are the reasons why most Aquarius women and cancer men do not work out. Their love life becomes a headache for both of them no matter how hard they try to make it work. The end solution is splitting. It is very rare that they work out a long term relationship.

Aquarius and Cancer Friendship

Your oppositeness could make you find each other very interesting and becoming best of pals.

Cancer and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

A good basis can be found for you pair as lovers provided neither of you wants or expects to be placed on a pedestal.

Long-term relationship:

You may bond well yet each of you will need their own interests to keep this relationship alive long term.

Short-term relationship:

You may find that your opinions of each other in the short term are almost non existent as it will take a while to gain each others respect.

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Aquarius and Cancer Sex

In between the tears and cries of frustration you will find yourselves in emotional heaven.

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Aquarius Compatibility with Cancer Over all Score:

overall score 31%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. Hello I totally agree with you all. Im a aquarius girl start dating Cancer. i will say he is most understanding and nice person i ever been with.We just start dating not quiet long but there is something bout him that make me laugh n confort.

  2. hi i am a cancer girl dating an aquarius boy.. we have been together for a year and 5 months and we still love each other very much. however, it wasn’t always loves and smiles. we obviously fought like any other couple does in effort to learn about each other. i was aware of the incompatibility between us right from the beginning of our relationship so i braced myself for the turmoil and reminded myself constantly that if we wanted it to work, we had to work at it ourselves. He often goes out and has his own agenda and i find that i have to sit at home and keep myself busy. but at the end of the day that time is “us” time. And although he’s not blatantly affectionate at expressing how he feels in words, it is evident that he cares by the way he plays and makes me laugh. 🙂

  3. i’m an aquarius, dating a cancer, and it’s working out better than any other relationship i’ve ever been in. the boy means the world to me.

    1. Hi Bekah…. I agree with you. I am a cancer and my boyfriend is an aquarius and no one has ever made me happier. However, it took some time to learn each other and at first it was hard to deal with his emotional detachment. But, now that the relationship has continued, I have noticed that the Aquarius is so good at showing how much he cares for you as opposed to saying it. This relationship has definitely allowed me to value the uniqueness adn individuality in others.

      1. You two i have to agree too, I am also an Aquarius woman dating soon to marry a cancer man, he always makes me feel amazing, and is always there to listen to me, true i like to venture and explore! BUT so does he! we both have the same dream of traveling around the world! forget people who say cancer and Aquarius doesn’t work! Anything is totally possible!

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