1. Hello I totally agree with you all. Im a aquarius girl start dating Cancer. i will say he is most understanding and nice person i ever been with.We just start dating not quiet long but there is something bout him that make me laugh n confort.

  2. hi i am a cancer girl dating an aquarius boy.. we have been together for a year and 5 months and we still love each other very much. however, it wasn’t always loves and smiles. we obviously fought like any other couple does in effort to learn about each other. i was aware of the incompatibility between us right from the beginning of our relationship so i braced myself for the turmoil and reminded myself constantly that if we wanted it to work, we had to work at it ourselves. He often goes out and has his own agenda and i find that i have to sit at home and keep myself busy. but at the end of the day that time is “us” time. And although he’s not blatantly affectionate at expressing how he feels in words, it is evident that he cares by the way he plays and makes me laugh. :)

  3. i’m an aquarius, dating a cancer, and it’s working out better than any other relationship i’ve ever been in. the boy means the world to me.

    1. Hi Bekah…. I agree with you. I am a cancer and my boyfriend is an aquarius and no one has ever made me happier. However, it took some time to learn each other and at first it was hard to deal with his emotional detachment. But, now that the relationship has continued, I have noticed that the Aquarius is so good at showing how much he cares for you as opposed to saying it. This relationship has definitely allowed me to value the uniqueness adn individuality in others.

      1. You two i have to agree too, I am also an Aquarius woman dating soon to marry a cancer man, he always makes me feel amazing, and is always there to listen to me, true i like to venture and explore! BUT so does he! we both have the same dream of traveling around the world! forget people who say cancer and Aquarius doesn’t work! Anything is totally possible!

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