Aries Moon Sign – The Moon in Aries

Aries Moon

This sign contradicts what the characteristics belonging to the moon truly are, which are desire for security and warmth, this is due to you being adventurous and longing for a truly independent lifestyle. You move to great measures to hide your anxiety about commitment towards things and you can make a restless impression to others. You don’t like to take the responsibility of the well being of others, and you find it difficult in a way to truly appreciate your feminine side. Even though people long for a stable relationship, this type of romantic relationship forces you to feel chained and bound. As personal take you a while to overcome this quality and make sacrifices towards a relationship. You truly want to act spontaneously, and you have to do what you would like, how you want to do it, when and how often.

You like people to see your true self and you find it very important to regularly be honest with others. You can see when people are putting a guilt trip upon you and you don’t let it take advantage of you. You won’t ever allow yourself to be come a burden to loved ones or friends, and others appreciate that and your motivation in life. If you take risks in business or life and you fail at doing so, your not one to put the blame on others you like being able to take responsibility for yourself. One of your best qualities is that of determination, and you don’t mind fighting for things that you believe in. Even though you have many people surrounding you that have admiration for you, you prefer to make your way through life by yourself. At a young age there is a possibility that you could of been left alone as a child, and a byproduct of that is that you were not offered that much in  the way of security growing up.

Aries Moon Compatibility

Your Aries Moon would be most in harmony with:

An Aries Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Aries Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Aries as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Leo MoonSagittarius Moon

Your Aries Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:


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LeeAnne Brower

Moon in Aries people have a deep, unquenchable yearning for leadership. They want to enjoy the authority and the luxury that goes with power. They are so sure of themselves, that they prefer not to listen to other people’s conclusions or advice. The reigning need is to be ego important and first. To nurture the pioneering sense. To trust natural aggression.

Their impressions of the world are so swift and quick that they experience nervous strain. Their senses are sharp and brilliant. They do not doubt their sensations and act on them immediately. They are quicksilver in making decisions and are highly independent in thought.

The Moon will give the individual a vast quantity of zest and dash, but if he is too excited or troubled, he is overwhelmed-too much disturbance upsets his whole system. Emotional responses are energetically expressed. Everything stimulates them.

People having this moon can project their desires with sufficient force to impress others, regardless of the rights or wrongs involved. They often get their way, as others do not have enough force to oppose them. However, sometimes they regret having gotten their way.

Moon in Aries people are determined to have their own way. The individual usually has a very ambitious, independent, undomesticated, and domineering mother who tried to tell him/she what to do. He/she on the other hand, resented any forms of authority.

This moon makes the disposition irritable and rash. There are sudden outbursts of temper and anger. These people are seldom calm for any length of time. Everything that interests them excites them. They dream of “more worlds to conquer”.

The moon has a lot to do with the love nature. Posited in Aries, the moon gives a keen delight in the quest of love. To them it is a hunt and the thrill lies in the advance, retreat, and chase. When the game is over, the flame of passion burn low or out.

If the Moon in Aries is afflicted or is receiving bad aspects, there will be troubles with women for men and trouble with women for women (the moon represents the women in anyone’s life).

These people have a real crusading zeal but sometimes lack the staying power necessary to achieve goals. Nervousness and excitability are the price they pay for accomplishment. With care and consideration they can channel their high spirits into real spiritual power.


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