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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Taurus:

    The Moon is exalted in Taurus, so the energy here is quite intense. This placement tends to add an element of steadfastness to the emotions, while letting the warm and loving feelings show through. There is usually a connection between the emotional and sensual for those of you who have the Moon in Taurus. There is a great attraction to beautiful things and possessions with this placement, and if you have a Taurean Moon, chances are you take great pride in your home and creature comforts, and desire, even possibly need, these things when defining your own stability. With Moon in Taurus, you would greatly be motivated by your personal value system. The thing to watch for in your emotional life is your tendency to be possessive and stubborn. You may find you try to hang too tightly onto the things, people, or ideas that you love.

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