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moon in scorpioScorpio Moon : Having your moon in Scorpio can cause you to have a few challenges. Nothing more challenging than being able to keep your temper under control. Scorpios have a fire like no other. When it comes to relationships you have the capability of feeling deeply for somebody. This can work for you and against you. You can love somebody extremely or start to Loath that person all depending on your emotional foundation within that relationship. You have to do everything in your power to not give into your intense feelings because they can have and more than likely will have explosive tendencies. As life goes on and you become older and wiser, you’ll find that you be able to control these emotions and not give into every temptation that is put before you.

The one thing that you have is an active love life as every Scorpio has that fire inside of them. You also like to live out all of your life’s passions. You’re always ready for the next adventure and are open to new experiences. You feel the need to push the boundaries and bend the rules. This attribute is one that some people will not approve of and you may not be very well loved by them but these same people appreciate you for making things happen around them. When it comes to love itself you a tendency of being able to recover quickly from wounds that your significant other has caused.

Even though you find yourself being a loner type and that you avoid associating yourself with a larger social group do not take liberties with your friends. Always appreciate the importance that they have in your life. Don’t push friends and family away as even though you do like the loner type lifestyle you may find yourself all alone someday. Don’t ignore the pain you may cause other people because this could be the catalyst to losing them.  Cherish all those around you.

Scorpio Moon Compatibility

Your Scorpio Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Scorpio Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Scorpio Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Scorpio as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond, although both of you will be extremely sensitive and you should look for an harmonious Sun pairing.
Cancer MoonPisces Moon

Your Scorpio Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:


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Astro Bella


People with moon in Scorpio have great strength of character. However, the moon is in her fall in this sign, therefore, it is not a good position for the moon. The sexual inclinations and impulses are strong and vicious. Arising from the very roots of the being, the native is victim to these impulses from earliest youth and throughout the life. These inclinations are accompanied by other indulgences such as drinking and ceaseless drive of emotional debauch. Long periods of self-abnegation and penance follow these debauches for the subject is fully aware of how low he has fallen. There is danger of one kind or another that threaten the health and the career throughout their life.

They do however have strength and dependability. They are talented and pursue their work with the same intensity that they bring to their vices. A good deal of determination goes with this position, and despite the unpleasant characteristics already mentioned, the native has resourcefulness and a sense of responsibility to himself. He is always determined to survive.

Both men and women, single or married, suffer a great deal due to their intense need for satisfaction. Scandals are common to these natives. The married ones often seek outside satisfaction which results in troubles for the marriage.

Professionally there is a good deal of success for both sexes in the right occupation. They make good doctors and surgeons, chemists, research scientists and dentists. They often choose embalming or any science connected with death. They become good teachers of the occult and religion. Also, the secret service, trial law and criminal investigation are good occupations for this group.

The health is likely to suffer from the outbursts of angry passion and the possible losses and defeats of the past. Brooding and mental depression deplete their vitality. Their physical body falls prey to the violence of their emotions. An afflicted moon brings the possibility of venereal diseases (due to sexual excesses), infections, rectal problems, and internal colds causing various kinds of inflammations.

It must be remembered that this position brings an exaggerated taste for alcoholic liquors and leanings toward drugs. Whatever can be mastered by will power, should be done at all cost since this configuration is already surrounded by evil intentions.

The women with whom the native is associated are apt to be very strongly sexed, self-willed, and somewhat unscrupulous in attaining their ends. Men are utterly ruined by women and some will pass through life almost entirely uninfluenced by them.

The native with moon in Scorpio will get along with a person who has either a Sun or a Venus in the sign of Scorpio.


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. The vice and drugs, should not be so assured. I’m an Aquarius Scorpio Moon and never been addicted. You would think with Mercury in Pisces that would make it even more so… Mercury rules skin and Pisces being a sign of proursness, I can barely drink coffee without a strong reaction. There is no way I can even smoke weed. E I have done occasionally, and Aquarian scientifically tried some things, but it’s not ever been addictive. 3beers – I can get to the same state as E with and has less of comedown as your not using serotonin. But constantly communing with the etheric realms is not MY thing, just by having Scorpio Moon, and Pisces’s Aquarius placements, I do that pretty naturally sober. The Aquarius Sun makes me very cautious aware of loosing my freedom or independence to dependency. Never make
    such sweeping statements about a
    placement being a addict. Aside from that, great article.

    1. Funny, I’m Aquarius Scorpio moon With Mercury in Pisces too and that’s spot on! I could’ve written that. I wonder if we have the sameness birthday? Respond and I will email you. I’m Aries rising btw. Oh and my husband is a Taurus with a Leo moon. According to the article and most others – I don’t know how we do it, but that just goes to show?!

  2. Jen London says:

    Moon in Scorpio:

    In Scorpio, the Moon is in its fall. This means that often the person with Scorpio Moon spends a great deal of time in concern with their emotional life. On the one hand, this is a very intense placement, very intuitive and profound. Other folks are not likely to forget the impressions you make on them. You always have a reason behind the choices you make, and are willing to give up whatever you must to reach a goal. On the other hand, be careful to not get trapped in seriousness and brooding. This placement can, if you allow your heart to overrule your head, become jealous, stubborn, or even vindictive, as the emotions run so deep.

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