1. The vice and drugs, should not be so assured. I’m an Aquarius Scorpio Moon and never been addicted. You would think with Mercury in Pisces that would make it even more so… Mercury rules skin and Pisces being a sign of proursness, I can barely drink coffee without a strong reaction. There is no way I can even smoke weed. E I have done occasionally, and Aquarian scientifically tried some things, but it’s not ever been addictive. 3beers – I can get to the same state as E with and has less of comedown as your not using serotonin. But constantly communing with the etheric realms is not MY thing, just by having Scorpio Moon, and Pisces’s Aquarius placements, I do that pretty naturally sober. The Aquarius Sun makes me very cautious aware of loosing my freedom or independence to dependency. Never make
    such sweeping statements about a
    placement being a addict. Aside from that, great article.

    1. Funny, I’m Aquarius Scorpio moon With Mercury in Pisces too and that’s spot on! I could’ve written that. I wonder if we have the sameness birthday? Respond and I will email you. I’m Aries rising btw. Oh and my husband is a Taurus with a Leo moon. According to the article and most others – I don’t know how we do it, but that just goes to show?!

  2. Jen London says:

    Moon in Scorpio:

    In Scorpio, the Moon is in its fall. This means that often the person with Scorpio Moon spends a great deal of time in concern with their emotional life. On the one hand, this is a very intense placement, very intuitive and profound. Other folks are not likely to forget the impressions you make on them. You always have a reason behind the choices you make, and are willing to give up whatever you must to reach a goal. On the other hand, be careful to not get trapped in seriousness and brooding. This placement can, if you allow your heart to overrule your head, become jealous, stubborn, or even vindictive, as the emotions run so deep.

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