Aquarius Moon Sign – The Moon in Aquarius

moon in aquarius

Moon in Aquarius:

The Moon can feel a little uneasy in Aquarius because it tends to be a little impersonal. As an air sign, Aquarius is more concerned with intellectual ideals than with warmth and feelings. You may try to satisfy your need for love and security in a larger group of people instead a deeper relationship with a single person. Do not exaggerate your participation in various activities, it could merely be a diversion you designed to protect yourself from letting people to get too close. You are probably afraid that friendship might result in giving up your freedom or having to make compromises.

In spite of this you never lose interest in getting to know people and exchanging ideas with them. You set high standards for friendship for yourself and are able to demonstrate extraordinary solidarity with your friends. In your attempt to melt into a group and sacrifice yourself for a higher cause, you will probably find that you rise above the rest. This realization will soon make you proud. During your childhood you were probably intellectually stimulated by humanitarian ideals. You were allowed to show your individuality although on the other hand you had to share your parents with a lot of other people and rarely had the feeling that they were there for you.

Aquarius Moon Compatibility

Your Aquarius Moon would be most in harmony with:

An Aquarian Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Aquarian Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Aquarius as your Moon or close – this produces a very strong bond.. 
Gemini Moon

both in Air signs


 Libra Moonboth in Air signs

Your Aquarius Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:

Leo ScorpioTaurus

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Jen London


Moon in Aquarius:

With this placement, you will be able to easily empathize with the problems of others and of humanity in general. You are likely to like many people, and have a good many friends. Most of all, you love to have emotional freedom. Your relationships may be considered unusual, as you not only attract unusual people to you, but you like to be different than the status quo. This reflects in your relationships because of your driving need for freedom. Some people with this placement may actually steer clear from emotional involvement, not because of lack of emotion (which is sometimes incorrectly said of this placement), but out of fear for the amount of personal freedom lost in a relationship. The other side of this placement is that you can become so involved with an issue or cause, or the bigger picture, that you can accidentally emotionally neglect the people closet to you.


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  1. I have an Aquarian Moon with Virgo Sun and Libra AC. I had to learn the art of complimenting from my husband. Now, the parts I compliment him on are his Aquarian things, or his Mars stuff (cause his Mars is conjunct my AC), or Mercurial things…which really goes back to his Aqua cause that’s what his Mercury is in and it’s conjunct my Moon.

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