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Moon In Leo

Leo Moon: With the moon in Leo you tend to be a pretty emotional person. Within romantic relationships you probably find yourself falling in love more often than not. This isn’t a knock against your personality but you tend to fall apart if you don’t get to spend time with people and you do not get the attention that you seek. You’re pretty dependent on other people’s feelings and their thoughts towards you. Even though you bring forth an impression of liking yourself, take the time to actually begin to like yourself. Make it more than an impression but a way of life. You have lots of love in your heart even though your emotions can be quite complex. You’re not one to make it a secret about how you’re feeling and what your thoughts are, and everyone around you is quite aware of what you’re going through. In life when you face rejection you find it quite confusing to you. You ponder within yourself what is it that put these other people off of you. Your strong resolution and the self-confidence that you radiate sometimes can make other people fear being around you. Not that they fear you as a person but that they feel as though they cannot hold up to you.

Your childhood was not lacking. Whether this be in the emotional sense or in the materialistic sense. Your parents whether knowingly or unknowingly to themselves raised you as either a prince or princess.

Leo energy can also have another side to its power. If your childhood was oppressed or you found yourself being bullied then more than likely today you lack the self-confidence that you desire. The one thing that you could do that would be the best for yourself is to accept who you are with all of your faults included. All of this while making sure that you do this is an individual and not personally waiting for the reaction of an audience to see your transformation. Once you gain this you will find that you are willing to help others in need.

Leo Moon Compatiblity

Your Leo Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Leo Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Leo Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Leo as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Sagittarius MoonAries Moon

Your Leo Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:



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LeAnne Brower
The Leo Moon has a reigning need to be dramatically ego important. The performance of the identity is believed to have been ignored. It has a subconscious need to “shine”. It wants to be the center of attraction. Their is also a subconscious (hidden) desire to be someone in authority. They are very ambitious and their drive for security is very strong too. This is one of the most advantageous position in a birth horoscope for the natal moon. It is a very stable moon.

Moon in Leo produces tendency to extroversion-symbolically like a “full moon”. There is an increased awareness of the external world. In Leo, the Moon reveals herself completely. Many lunar Leonians can light up dark places with the magic of their glamorous presence.

Moon in Leo people have a keen and enthusiastic interest in life. This Moon gives a free-hearted nature with a love for pleasure, music, art, and sports. These people enjoy children, romance, gaiety, parties, games and celebrations and do their best to see that everyone has a good time.

Sight is the most developed sense. The first appeal must be made to their heart rather than their head.. What they believe in is tied or linked with their affections. They are very independent and love their freedom. Often they are so egotistical that they do not take other people’s feelings and reactions into consideration and they are impervious to outside influences when they should be taking them into account.

Mothers of these Leo Moon people may have tried to decide everything for them, but would have considered that the best was none too good for their children. They would have been very interested in their mental and moral training even though they would not have been very interested in their physical needs or in taking care of them physically.

The personal appearance of these people is outstanding. They are usually very good looking and dress with great care and taste. Grooming means a lot to them, and this might be one of the reasons why they always “get their women”.

This is almost the only moon position that has a purely romantic, high-minded and spotless conception of love. Their is no inclination toward any form of sexual perversity or irregularities. The passions are primitive but straight.

With the Moon in Leo, self-sacrifice is part of the nature. These people give much of themselves that they make complete dependents of those that they love. There is so much heart and passion behind everything that they do, that the objects of their devotion must be fine indeed t live up to the heights upon which they are placed. Dangers of this position are jealousy, vengeance, and self-sacrifice. These people are so jealous that they will go to any lengths to protect their affections and possessions from trespassers. They are equally terrible in revenge. There is nothing subtle about their attack. Their responses to both of these passions (jealousy and revenge) are intense, primitive and direct.

Women with this Moon are apt to be domineering and high-minded. She often chooses a weaker man. The possibilities are that her mate will be smothered with love and care, but he may be henpecked and bossed. However, in the business world, they do quite well and are very competent.

A man with this Moon usually is very lucky in his choice of a sweetheart or wife. He is clear-sighted and able to judge character.

The weakness of this position is extravagance particularly in the realm of the emotions. Feelings are easily stimulated and some form of creative self-expression is needed to let off steam. They must learn to govern their emotions as they can get extreme.

Moon in Leo give a desire for recognition regardless of what has been done to merit the admiration sought. There is a weakness for gambling and speculation. The negative types could become intolerable egotist while your “higher” ones could lead a life of inspired achievement.

Physically, this moon give great strength and vitality. The heart, however, cannot stand the amount of strain it is subjected to. The disposition is to overwork. They need a good deal of rest and sleep and a simpler living habits than they by nature select. They are inclined to eat too much and their choices of food are too elaborate for their constitution. They are also inclined to drink too much. With an afflicted moon, there are tendencies to heartburn, palpitation, angina pectoris or any cardiac illnesses. Illnesses that attack this lunation can be avoided by temperate health habits.


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Melissa Martinez

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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Leo:

    If this is the placement is in your chart, chances are you area an emotionally warm, loving, and loyal person. You are fond of children, theater, displays of creativity, and are probably quite creative or an entertainer of sorts yourself in either personal or professional life. With the Moon in Leo, you are in love with love itself, and usually want nothing more than to love and to be loved. You are often found being dramatic and interesting. You have a charming way of always searching to improve yourself and your relationships. You will desire acceptance by those around you, even if this is not something you consciously admit to yourself. It is important to be aware of the fact that when in emotional crisis, you often may do or say things in a selfish manner without realizing it. This can make you feel terrible later, as you dislike hurting those you love or being unpleasant.

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