1. My son has a Virgo Moon (he’s only 8) but he compliments me all the time. Seriously, he thinks I’m the cutest most beautiful thing and tells me a hundred times a day easily! I feel his Virgoness though when he says things like, “Is it your cheat meal right now”? “Did you do you workout”? “Mom you went over the yellow line when it wasn’t your time to pass”. He’s so worried about my health and safety

  2. Jen London says:

    Moon in Virgo:

    If you have the Moon in Virgo, you will be happiest with your emotional life when you are helping others. You will most likely find work to be very fulfilling, and to see the smile on someone’s face when you have done something for them is what fills you up. You will enjoy your ability to get a job done right, and your excellent eye for detail. The Virgo Moon tends to be a case of still waters running deep, as while you do not openly express emotion, you feel things very deeply. You would rather be fixing other people’s emotional problems than sharing your own. The hard part to this placement is that you have to be careful that you do not come off hyper-critical when incensed, and also that you don’t alienate others with your ability to seem casually independent. You must always be careful not to internalize emotion, or you can become ill.

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