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moon in gemini

Gemini Moon :Gemini is depicted by twins which in some cases can get along as well as have opposing opinions. The moon in Gemini in this case can vary. You can find yourself in a situation where you are faced with two different options and personally have the ability to understand the emotional and insightful implications of both outcomes. You find that you often avoid moments of opening yourself up to other people due to the fact that you don’t want to be trapped within a situation. Even though you personally do crave the ability to communicate and contact with others. At present you might not find too much peace within yourself, but this is something that you’ll learn to find in your later years.

You are sensitive and you use this in your daily communications with people, which is also a mechanism that you use to stop arguments that you may be having with others. You find that your friends have no problems coming to you with their issues in life, because they always look to you as a person that has open arms and a shoulder to cry on. One thing that you should take away is that sometimes things that you wouldn’t rather like to know about are things that you should pay close attention to.

When it comes to doing projects you find that you are easily distracted for completing tasks in a quick and sufficient manner. This may lead you into believing that you have no real accomplishments to show for your actions. You have a curiosity that leads you in the direction of new experiences, but at the same time your ability to distract yourself makes it so you can’t really digest these experiences fully. Take the time to stop and smell the roses, and soak up what these experiences are. The two things in life that make you the happiest are making sure that people understand you and who you are, and learning something new in life. You have a great imagination and an eloquence to you, and this is something that impresses people. You are also a person that believes in showing the hard facts. You are a proud person and this to others can portray that you do talk a lot about yourself and your accomplishments.

When it comes to secrets you have the ability to know when somebody’s holding one back from you, especially one that you need to know about.

In your childhood life you faced a lot of influences that changed. These influences at times cause turbulent situations which challenged your mental intellect, but did not make you feel secure in your daily life.

Gemini Moon Compatibility

Your Gemini  Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Gemini Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Gemini Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Gemini as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Libra MoonAquarius Moon

Your Gemini Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:


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Gemini, being an Air sign makes this moon less stable and if afflicted , makes the person frivolous, fickle and overly talkative. They pick up sense impressions quickly and accurately, but are only fleetingly affected by the sensations that impel them to and fro. The judgments, however, are apt to be superficial as they constantly change their mind. T

The need of the person with this moon, is to be thought of as diverse, knowledgeable, and intelligent. These qualities were missing in his childhood environment and he also felt the deprivation of them.

The planet Mercury rules Gemini. So these lunar natives are quick to reflect a variety of viewpoints without committing themselves to one in particular. They are natural mimics, who can easily adapt to new circumstances. This moon gives the person a keenly developed imagination and a ready wit. This person could be a jack-of-all trades, but he his particularly adapted to be a writer, since he has an instinctive feeling for language and grammar. He is never at a loss for words.

The lunar Geminian has a wonderful talent for making life interesting for himself and his companions. He needs to cultivate fixity of purpose in order to focus his diverse abilities on some worthwhile goal. Versatile, shrewd, and critical, he is a restless person in search of truth. He is torn apart by changing feelings which reflect in their nervous system. People with this moon are often restless and on the move all the time both physically and mentally

Lunar Geminians are at home in the field where they deal with abstractions rather than one where human emotions and sympathies are involved. They have an avid thirst for knowledge They learn rapidly and teach what they have learned to others. They do not, however, study their interests deeply enough to really digest the subjects. The intellect is very active though somewhat unsympathetic, loving knowledge impersonally and devouring it with an avid mental curiosity.

If these people are callous, rather shallow, and cold, the person involved in the exchange is seldom aware of it and only enjoys the agreeable society offered by the chance meeting.

These lunar people tend to be high-strung and nervous. Their nervous system is highly delicate and must not be subjected to too great a strain. The mental state is highly nervous, from the heights of joys they drop to the depths of gloom. These descents into bogs of mental depression leave the person a complete wreck. Travel is beneficial to them and they thrive best on a frequent change of scene. Actually, moon posited in Gemini is a weak position, in that the moon’s influence throws off all restraint, and becomes so reflective a body that every vagrant whim of this mercurial sign is dispersed into the disposition of the person.

Women are usually extremely pleasure loving, light minded, shallow and gossiping. This leaning toward gossip can be very dangerous. They seem never to know when to stop talking and frequently talks themselves into trouble. They also lack the domestic sense. Women with this moon would be inclined to prefer a career of a mental nature to a purely domestic role in life.

Men fare a little better as they are often successful as newspaper men, advertising agency writers, authors, humorists and musical comedy dramatists.

Both sexes dislike quarreling and warfare. Through lack of caution, discretion or prudence, they are apt to be drawn into embarrassing or difficult situations.

Lunar Geminians should take care of their lungs and chest as these two areas are very sensitive. Moderate exercise, walking outdoors ,and eating light nourishing, wholesome foods will do wonders in keeping them healthy.

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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Gemini:

    You may often find yourself on an emotional roller coaster ride, or alternatively you might be rationalizing your feelings to the point of wondering if you have any at all. If you have Moon in Gemini, chances are it is a little of both. This is a great placement when it comes to being able to communicate your feelings. No one would ever accuse you of being tight lipped about how you feel. New ideas and experiences will be very exciting, even if the adventure loses its spice as quickly as it came. Moon in Gemini can make you subject to perpetual boredom and sometimes even frustration with everyday life if there is not enough variety. This adds a charm to Moon in Gemini, as this placement would drive you to find new excitement in the most common things. The things to look out for in yourself when born with a Gemini Moon is the tendency to lose track of your emotions by thinking about them too much, and changing your mind about how you feel too often to the point of superficiality.

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