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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Gemini:

    You may often find yourself on an emotional roller coaster ride, or alternatively you might be rationalizing your feelings to the point of wondering if you have any at all. If you have Moon in Gemini, chances are it is a little of both. This is a great placement when it comes to being able to communicate your feelings. No one would ever accuse you of being tight lipped about how you feel. New ideas and experiences will be very exciting, even if the adventure loses its spice as quickly as it came. Moon in Gemini can make you subject to perpetual boredom and sometimes even frustration with everyday life if there is not enough variety. This adds a charm to Moon in Gemini, as this placement would drive you to find new excitement in the most common things. The things to look out for in yourself when born with a Gemini Moon is the tendency to lose track of your emotions by thinking about them too much, and changing your mind about how you feel too often to the point of superficiality.

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