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Moon In libra

Libra Moon: One of your greatest desires is to be able to live in a state of harmony with your feelings. You are prepared to do anything that it takes to work with your partner to make balance and peace within your lives. You have a true need to be loved. You find that you get depressed and nervous quite easily and are sensitive to negative energy and conflicts that may arise. One thing that you risk is becoming to dependent on what other people tend to think about you and you can form your self image based on their acceptance. The one thing that you need to do is learn how to love yourself and find emotional stability with in that. Don’t let other people tell you how you should be or live your life.

You usually get along with all people and you find that you want and crave harmony amongst everyone. You find that it’s more important for you to stay clear of conflicts then to be actively in one. One quality that people look up to in you is that you are willing to go above and beyond for other people even if disadvantageous to your goals. You are skilled in the art of compromise and are quite open to ideas that other people put forth. This quality shows that you are able to work in teams and people like that about you. You have a great sense of style and good taste and things. You are attracted to all things that are beautiful. And within your childhood you are encouraged to develop your artistic side. You like art in all its forms.

Even though you enjoy peace and harmony it’s important that you take a firm position in what you truly believe it. Even if this could possibly disrupt that harmony that you so love. You have to let go of the need to feel like you have to be perfect. Increase your self-esteem and realize that perfection in humanity does not exist. God did not make us as a perfect specimen. If you find that your interests are being trampled upon take the time to allow yourself to initiate a conflict. Use this time to protect yourself and fight for what you believe in.

Libra Moon Compatibility

Your Libra Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Libra Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Libra Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Libra as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Gemini MoonAquarius Moon

Your Libra Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:


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Moon in the sign of Libra gives many indications of talent and a fine intellectual capacity. The senses reports to the mind with unusual accuracy, and facts are criticized with great acumen. The native remains in contemplation of knowledge without turning it to immediate account. He builds great ideas but finds it difficult to execute them.

The emotional range is fluid, rich in range with a variety of emotional response.

The judicial capacity is highly developed but there is no ability to carry out what is formulated or expressed. These people can think very clearly, with calm open minds, but they are not equipped to order an active and progressive existence, particularly in the modern business world.

The artistic talents of this group are in the field of interior decorating, designing, architecture, theatre, costume design and dramatics. Some of them lean toward mental degrees such as law, governmental diplomacy, university instructions, higher mathematics or the luxury trades.

People having this moon are often morally weak. There is little backbone in this group and they can never say no to themselves. It is hard for them to say yes too. Making decisions is quite difficult for them. Both sides of a question always appear to have so much merit.

The women in this group are not domestic in the accepted sense of the word, but they naturally adore love and marriage. Usually they are pretty and have so much charm, that marriage is a foregone conclusion. However, the instability and weaknesses of the figure sometimes leads to a fatalistic ending to even this ambition.

For men, this moon position makes them too changeable, too soft and too indeterminate. They are not sufficiently masculine or ruthless to insure success.

When the rest of the chart is well balanced, the moon in Libra usually denotes great success in all partnerships. This person is well-bred and well-balanced and lives a smoothly ordered existence.

With both sexes the tendency toward erotic experience and perverted adventure is so strong that the person is caught in events and practices so extreme that the end is tragic.

The Moon in Libra natives do make money. They engage in highly paid professions and when they are dependents, it is usually where money is plentiful. Their nature is so demanding of luxury and self-indulgence that they would seek to fulfill this craving with every effort that they can muster.


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Libra:

    You seek to have emotional balance. There is nothing that makes you more upset than not being able to change things that are unfair. You are wonderful in a social setting, really craving company and attention from those around you. With Libra as the sign your Moon is in, you cannot remain in a relationship that doesn’t meet your standards, and to be put in an uncomfortable situation in any partnership will make you want to bring it to a quick end. You cherish things that are beautiful. You need to be careful with this placement that you don’t give up on something too quickly just because it is not going right. Also, beware of getting trapped between two friends in an argument, often the Libra Moon folks get involved where they shouldn’t out of a sense of trying to make peace.

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