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moon in cancer

Cancer Moon : The moon rules in cancer where it can be found, making this sign a pretty strong influence within your horoscope. Depending on your emotions at the time, it has the ability to express itself differently. You have a strong attachment to your family and your childhood more so than most people which your emotions depend on. If your parents as you were growing up where controlling and overprotective you might find that you will never become independent as a person and may rely on tricks that children play to get what you want. In the same childhood you never learned the important lesson of sharing which shows in your ability to be defiant and always insisting on getting your way. They say that in life things go in circles unless you break them, and in this case it’s true as you may find yourself making the same mistakes your mother or father had made previously in life. You sometimes have the ability to smother people in a relationship due to the fact that you do have true feelings towards them and it comes out in a slightly obsessive manner. What is meant by this is that you like to have the ability to have somebody to depend on you, and if you don’t have this you kind of feel useless to a degree.

That’s not to say that everything within this sign is a detriment, they are a few things that can be pleasant in nature. When you’re on top of your game and your feeling an inner happiness that completes you, you give attention and love to a person that nobody else can touch. You are a very reliable person and your partners in your relationships through out life understand this. They enjoy that you like to create an environment that is very protective. You like to go all out in helping people and use your sensitivity that is one of your strengths to find out what’s going on within them even if you have to break down the walls to do it. You have a strong self-confidence that comes from the deepest part of your heart and this is a strength that nobody else can take away.

Emotionally you are well-balanced and have a steadfast attitude without having to prove anything to other people. Your love and commitment to others shines through the most when everyone around you is doing well. This is the point that you are the happiest in life

Cancer Moon Compatibility

Your Cancer Moon would be most in harmony with:

A Cancer Sun
 (a classic indicator of compatibility and/or marriage)
Another Cancer Moon
particularly with the same number of degrees of Cancer as your Moon or close – this produces a strong bond.. 
Scorpio MoonPisces Moon

Your Cancer Moon will also be harmonious with a Moon in:


Avoid, if possible, a Moon in the signs below as emotional and domestic differences will be likely:


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In Cancer the Moon which rules the sea, is in its own watery element and therefore very powerful in a passive way. The reigning need for a Cancer Moon is security itself. With this moon there is a possibility of loss of the mother at an early age if the moon is afflicted. The mother was exceedingly important in the person’s development and sometimes a person with this moon develops what we call “a mother complex”.

The mold into which they have been cast in the early years of life often stamps lunar people for life. They tend to brood over old injustices and disappointments. Moon-children are profoundly aware of the hidden currents that swirl below the surface of events. They have to be careful that they do not become caught in the undertows of emotion that seep them beyond their depth. Their mind is so receptive and sensitive that they become extremely psychic. They need peace and quiet for their minds to operate. Any disturbance interferes with their acute sensibilities.

They sense impressions with great perfections and delicacy. These people are placid and serene, content to contemplate the information they receive rather than act on it immediately. Sometimes they are too timid to take action and usually take the line of least resistance in order to conserve their energies for more important work. They are so satisfied with what comes to them without effort, that they have a tendency to be too passive for their own best interests.

Unless the Moon is afflicted by other planets, moon-children have excellent memory and can recall every detail of a past experience. They dislike being urged on mentally and prefer acting at their own pace.

Moon in Cancer people of both sexes are very domesticated and attached to their homes, parents and children. They make loving spouses and parents as they are gentle, romantic and very affectionate in disposition. Women with this Moon tend to be so passive that they are unduly influenced by others, especially by the men in their lives. The men with this lunation attract women who are warm, romantic, sympathetic, and loving them sometimes like a mother, sometimes like a sweetheart or wife. If the moon is afflicted, women can be a disaster in their lives.

The mother has played a huge role in moon-children’s lives. The mother was so very devoted and maternal toward them that they became very dependent on her and formed a very strong attachment to her also. As the result, some of these children never want to leave home and sometimes as adults, they choose not to marry till their mother dies.

In disposition Moon in Cancer people are kind, agreeable, sympathetic and humane to all. They allow imposition without an act of resentment. They express themselves through the emotions. They have a deep love for the standard traditional loyalties such as home, mother, country or church. They melt with tears, and boil with rage, or burn with passion according to the need of the moment. They are sentimental, affectionate people with a gentle, loving attitude toward their intimates, and a warm sympathetic feeling for humanity in general.

There is a great deal of universal devotion in their attitude toward life, as if they held themselves personally responsible for all the ills of mankind and sorrowered for every error. However, the emotions of these people are too personal for universal weal, but they do make ideal sons and daughters, loving parents, devoted servants and faithful friends.

The hard reality of the business world is not a fit for sympathetic background for the Moon in Cancer temperament. Women highly gifted in the artistic fields of poetry or the drama will find this temperament an inspiration to their work. Others who are more domesticated, look forward to domestic responsibilities and take pleasure in serving their loved ones. Some of these moon-children decide to enter religious covenants and take very strict religious vows. It is an outpouring of the same energy toward a different goal.

The men with this lunation also have this inherent softness in their nature and sometimes find it difficult to carve a successful future in the work place. They are successful as clergymen or in some branch of public service. Sometimes they can also succeed in politics and on a lecture platform. They supply the emotional appeal that is so necessary when financial help depends on the response of the public.

Moon in Cancer people are too sensitive and should not react to feelings of those around them as they are subject to moods. The need to mother others is very strong. Everything that they experience is held in feeling memory.

Moon-children are fond of the occult, antique and curious things, family history, and history in general, patriotism and cooking. There is some ability for acting and expressing thoughts or emotions of others and usually for poetry and music.

The stomach is one of their principal weaknesses-is affected by not only what they ear but by events. If the pace is exciting, it upsets them, and if life is disappointing, indigestion results. All of the complications of a weak stomach belong to this type of lunation.


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Melissa Martinez

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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Cancer:

    The Moon is in the sign it rules here, showing a great intensity of emotion and intuition. The home, family, and children are of great importance to you if you have this placement. Your ability to nurture is great, and you find your greatest happiness in taking care and mothering those you love. You will tend to be quite aware of the moods of folks around you in an almost psychic way. Because of the depth of emotion with this placement, many Moon Cancer folks have a hard time letting their feelings show. If you are one of them, you know that the Cancer Moon feels that the more opening up and revealing you do, the more chance you have to be hurt. Even the slightest imagined insult can bruise you emotionally, as you are quite sensitive. There are two things to look out for with Cancer Moon. The first is the tendency to sidestep issues rather than dealing with them if they are uncomfortable topics for you, and the second is the possibility of nurturing folks “right out the door” by smothering those you love with too much doting and protection.

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