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  1. Jen London says:

    Moon in Cancer:

    The Moon is in the sign it rules here, showing a great intensity of emotion and intuition. The home, family, and children are of great importance to you if you have this placement. Your ability to nurture is great, and you find your greatest happiness in taking care and mothering those you love. You will tend to be quite aware of the moods of folks around you in an almost psychic way. Because of the depth of emotion with this placement, many Moon Cancer folks have a hard time letting their feelings show. If you are one of them, you know that the Cancer Moon feels that the more opening up and revealing you do, the more chance you have to be hurt. Even the slightest imagined insult can bruise you emotionally, as you are quite sensitive. There are two things to look out for with Cancer Moon. The first is the tendency to sidestep issues rather than dealing with them if they are uncomfortable topics for you, and the second is the possibility of nurturing folks “right out the door” by smothering those you love with too much doting and protection.

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