10th House Astrology

10th House Astrology : Career & Public Status

10th House Astrology

10th House Astrology

The sign of the tenth house is known as the Midheaven of your chart, or the highest point in the horoscope. This house identifies your public life, your profession, your status and reputation, as well as the influence you have upon others. In this area of your life, you can define who you will become as a mature adult.

The tenth house indicates your potential to achieve. It is the house of career, as opposed to the sixth house, which describes the kind of work you perform. The rewards you receive in your life, your achievements, and your ambitions are shown in the tenth house. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and discipline, is the natural ruler of this house.

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With the tenth house we move into the last quadrant of the horoscope. This is the least personal quadrant of the chart–relating to our careers and dealings with the public (10th); groups, associations and societal issues (11th), and altered states of consciousness, dreams and spirituality (12th).

The tenth house is the home of Capricorn, and like Capricorn it is ruled by Saturn. It is the last “angular” house, and its element is earth. The primary keywords I use for the tenth house are “profession” and “career.” But I also think of it in terms of “dharma”–the real work we are here to do in this world, regardless of whether it involves monetary compensation. The sign located on the cusp of the tenth house, the planet ruling that sign, and any planets located in the tenth house, indicate the nature and quality of our careers, our interactions with the general public, and the kinds of activities that bring us into the public eye. It can also indicate how we view and react to authority figures in our lives.

I have Leo on the cusp of the tenth house, with Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto all residing therein–an interesting mix! Uranus is conjunct the MC within minutes, and indicates that my career path is somewhat unusual and changeable. I periodically go through radical career changes. I started out working with children in the mental health field (my Moon in the tenth is almost exactly quincunx my Mars in Pisces (institutions) in the fifth house (children)). Then I went to law school, and landed a good job with a large law firm (my MC/Uranus is trine Saturn in Sagittarius (law) in the second house (money)). Then I had my own practice for four years (the ruler of my tenth is my Sun, which is conjunct the ascendant in Scorpio and squares the MC/Uranus).

How about you? How does the tenth house reflect your career and/or dharma in this life?

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