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6th House In Astrology


Considered one of the most elusive areas of the chart, the 6th house relates to your daily habits, routines, and responsibilities. It is the house of work, health, service, pets, and the ability to make adjustments. This area may indicate the kind of work you do well. Virgo rules this house.

The sixth house reveals health issues and the kinds of illnesses to which you are prone. It also gives you clues to the kind of career that suits you. This house is the life pattern you establish for yourself. It signifies a starting point for your career and how you cope with work-related issues.

Planets in the 6th Houses


Sun in 6th House:


The sun in the sixth house is an important placing for health, and should be carefully studied. Generally, an individual’s health will be quite robust, but special attention should be given to the body parts ruled by the sun sign. The individual’s attitude towards work and routine will also be expressed through the manner of the sun sign.

Good Aspects

  • Takes sensible measures to keep healthy.
  • Keen interest in health and hygiene.
  • May rise to a position of authority.
  • Relationships with co-workers ought to be good.
  • Technician or craftsman.
  • Conscientious
  • Hard working, takes pride in achievements.

Bad Aspects

    • May be obsessive about health and hygiene.
    • Health below par, runs risk of running it down through worry and overwork.
    • Assumes services are invaluable.
    • Workaholic
    • Generally unappreciated or used by others.
    • Periods of unemployment possible.
    • Work conditions far from adequate
    • Work a constant source of worry or conflict,
    • something of an uphill struggle
    • Throws caution to the wind in pursuit of pleasure



This placing has an important effect on health and well-being. The health influence will be especially strong if the moon is in opposition to the Ascendant. It is important that this subject develops good, steady habits, and overcomes weaknesses such as alcohol or smoking. A steady work routine should also be maintained, along with a careful diet. Moderation in all things. This is a placing where a little bit of what you fancy does you good – provided it doesn’t become a habit. Nervous tension needs to be dissipated, but subjects should guard against chaos by trying to find a daily routine that suits them.

Good Aspects

  • Natural feel for work.
  • Can work successfully at home or in homely environment.
  • Skilled with technical abilities.
  • Hard working and conscientious.
  • Good relationships with co-workers.
  • Keen interests in health and hygiene.

Bad Aspects

  • Workaholic.
  • May assume services are invaluable.
  • Unappreciated and used by people.
  • Perfectionism and worry.
  • Danger of overwork running down health.
  • Obsessive about health.
  • Work could be a constant source of worry or conflict.
  • There may be periods of unemployment or health problems may prevent work. Conditions may be far from adequate and less than desirable.
  • Can be something of an uphill struggle.



Mercury’s influence here is considerably strengthened since this is the Virgo house, and Mercury is that sign’s ruler. Diet may be of particular interest, and there may be a sympathy for vegetarian or wholefood products. However, faddiness can occur in the eating habits of children with this placing. If worry is suggested by the Mercury sign or other areas of the chart, this placing will exacerbate this, often resulting in bowel or stomach problems. People with this placing usually respond very well to homeopathic and holistic medicine. There is a wish to be of service in this placing, and the subject usually goes out of his or her way to be helpful. A sharp, critical tongue is common.

Good Aspects

  • Mind focused on work.
  • Naturally busy and industrious. Eye for detail.
  • Good at planning and organizing.
  • Practical skills.
  • Clever.
  • Health and hygiene likely to be of interest.

Bad Aspects

  • Overwork, mistaken sense of duty.
  • Co-workers likely to be unreliable or not trustworthy.
  • Worry, or perfectionism is a problem.
  • Nervous problems likely.
  • You may be overly concerned about your health (health fads) or too concerned with hygiene.
  • Needs to rest more.



This placing indicates a great love of food, but a dislike of strenuous activity – obviously, then, weight problems can occur here. These problems may also be thyroid related, since Venus rules the thyroid gland. This individual is not very good at following a set routine, and tends to procrastinate over even routine jobs. A dislike of working in dirty or uncomfortable conditions is usually present, although this could be overcome if the end result is deemed aesthetically pleasing – for instance, pottery or horticulture may attract this type of person. Good manners are important to this individual, and he will be keen to set a good example to others, but also quick to criticise their slightest lapse.

Good Aspects

  • Great liking for work.
  • Can combine an artistic eye with precision.
  • Capable of fighting for rights despite genial outward appearance.
  • Happy and harmonious work conditions. Co-workers helpful and co-operative.
  • May find partner during course of work. Both likely to share same aims.

Bad Aspects

  • Disliking of work conditions, may try to avoid work altogether.
  • Expectations are too high, may feel unappreciated and underpaid.
  • Difficult people cause problems.



If there is no indication of nervous tension anywhere else in the chart, and Mars is free from negative aspects from the Moon and Uranus, then this placing can help to invigorate the nervous system and gives a sharply critical, incisive attitude. On a more physical level, this person could suffer from skin complains brought on by stress or nervous tension. Here is someone who is one of the world’s workers, and whilst there is little patience with dreary routine, he or she is energetically disciplined and aims to carry out the daily round of work with military precision. The assertive side of Mars is not so noticeable here, but a willingness to serve and to be helpful will be. There is a tendency to nag when annoyed.

Good Aspects

  • Likes to be busy. Very energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Works hard.
  • Good at instigating projects then pushing them through to completion.
  • Almost unlimited supply of energy.
  • Can inspire others to greater effort.
  • Efficient and businesslike.
  • May have mechanical skills or ability to work with hands.
  • May have a strong interest in health and fitness.

Bad Aspects

  • Works too hard.
  • Scatters energies and runs down energies. Unable to rest or relax.
  • Makes mistakes through impatience.
  • Relationships with co-workers likely to be stressful with the risk of conflicts and arguments.
  • Accidents possible through impulsiveness or careless actions.

Jupiter in 6th House:


The Jupiter ‘expansion’ can have physical effects here, manifesting in weight problems and/or a slow metabolism. Being of help comes naturally to these people, who will always hurry to someone’s aid. Generosity is greatly enhanced, and they give freely of their time, money and compassion.

Good Aspects

  • Good fortune through work and being of service to others.
  • Enthusiastic about work, derives a lot of pleasure from this.
  • Plentiful work with good opportunities. Favored by employees and co-workers.
  • Precise thinking with specialized skills.

Bad Aspects

  • Overindulgence in work with lack of efficiency and mistakes.
  • Need for perfection overdone.
  • May be critical of others.
  • Some habits are overindulgent and are likely to affect health adversely.

Saturn in 6th House:


While there is an ability to work very hard here, an obsessive adherence to routine is also present, together with a tendency to grumble constantly about one’s lot in life. The daily job being done may be very far from what the individual would actually like to do, leading to restlessness and dissatisfaction. A reluctance to change is also here, the feeling being that better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. This is the house of health, so Saturn’s placement here indicates potential weakspots in the bones and teeth, with rheumatism or arthritis being of especial concern.

Good Aspects

  • Natural sense of order and a liking form.
  • Ability to deal with facts and figures and make detailed plans.
  • Good practical skills.
  • Neat and tidy.
  • Methodical and meticulous application to work. Very industrious.
  • Great loyalty to co-workers.
  • Long term goals, doesn’t mind making sacrifices along the way.
  • Precise thinking, can deal with complexity.
  • Technical ability.

Bad Aspects

  • Obsessed with detail.
  • Hard to separate real from unreal or essential from nonessential.
  • Worries and muddles.
  • Inflexible and dogmatic.
  • Unable to trust people, tend to watch every move.
  • May seek to enforce rigid plans and ideas.
  • Worries about health.

Uranus in 6th House:


The subject with this placing is intellectual and innovative, but their health may not be especially strong – this person is often laid low by a minor infection, or may just permanently feel ‘out of sorts’. The real reasons for this ill health are often nervous tension, over-worry and an inability to relax. The attitude towards routine work is complex – the 6th house needs and likes a steady routine, but Uranus, of course, neither needs one nor wants one. This influence is disruptive, often causing the individual to quickly become impatient with many tasks, even against their better judgement.

Good Aspects

  • Needs work that will allow expression of originality.
  • Needs to be free to act alone.
  • Likes something different or unusual, or science and technology.
  • Natural skills which suddenly come to light.
  • Needs contact with people during course of work. Has the ability to get on with co-workers.
  • Changes in occupation likely to occur quite suddenly, out of the blue, when least expected.

Bad Aspects

  • Need for freedom makes it difficult to stay on course or stay in occupation for long.
  • Doesn’t like routine and insists on working to own standards in own way.
  • Will resist attempts at being forced to do something.
  • Can be disruptive.
  • Health is likely to suffer from nervous complaints.

Neptune in 6th House:


This placing has a big impact on the health of the subject, often bringing mysterious allergies and aches. Mind you, the imagination works overtime too, so there is a distinct possibility of hypochondria. A low threshold of tolerance for drugs (both medial and recreational) is indicated, and the subject needs to take extra care in this area. Homeopathy and natural remedies are ideally suited to this person. With a lack of self-discipline, this subject also finds it difficult to settle into any kind of organised daily routine.

Good Aspects

  • Idealistic approach to work.
  • Helpful and co-operative, may sacrifice own interests.
  • Good use of imagination in work.
  • Could do well where compassion is needed or, equally, in the arts.

Bad Aspects

  • Unable to stand up for own rights.
  • Over idealistic and so easily used. Muddled ideas.
  • May put in a great deal of time and effort for little reward.
  • Used by unscrupulous people to profit themselves. Unreliable or treacherous co-workers.
  • Over sensitive.
  • Prone to worry and get into a muddle.
  • Perfectionism gets in the way of success.
  • Lets things slide, leaves projects unfinished. Hides from reality.
  • Hard to diagnose health problems.
  • Adverse reactions to drugs or alcohol.

Pluto in 6th House:


This person is a great stickler for routine and order, especially if Virgo is a strong sign in the chart. However, if this can be made to work in a positive way, then this person’s powers of concentration are second to none. A negative effect on health may be felt though, especially through constipation, comfort-eating and nerves.

Good Aspects

  • Has the power to breathe new life into an established work routine, inspiring others to do better in the process.
  • Would make a good employer or, equally, a good employee due to your dynamic and often intense need to get the best out of things.
  • Very thorough.
  • Ability to generate resources or improve the finances of a company ought to be excellent.
  • Good leader.
  • Major changes in work, or completely new phases will occur from time to time.
  • Health problems should be easily overcome due to excellent recuperative powers.

Bad Aspects

  • Puts too much effort and energy into work, perfectionist.
  • Some projects may be left uncompleted or fall apart all by themselves. May have a one-pointed, inflexible attitude, or be dictatorial.
  • Secret enemies try to undermine position, perhaps stealing ideas.
  • May be forced to accept terms which are disadvantageous by people who have an eye for their own interests.
  • Fears about security may cause acceptance of what is normally unacceptable.
  • May seek to redress the balance by leaving in a dramatic way.
  • Major changes in work will force job changes or having to adapt to new routines which are not to your advantage.
  • Health may suffer though constant draining of energies.

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what are your thoughts on this house?

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Astro Bella


The sixth house is the natural home of the sign Virgo, and like Virgo it is ruled by the planet Mercury. this house shares the same “element” as Virgo–Earth. And it is the second “cadent” house we have considered so far.

The basic keywords I use for this house are “work” and “health.” It relates to our day-to-day work environment and activities (as opposed to “career” which we will discuss in the tenth house), and our physical health.

The sign located on the cusp of the sixth house, and the placement of that sign’s ruler in your chart, reflect the type of work we do and our attitude towards it. Planets located in the sixth house can indicate both specific aspects of our work, and even the type of people we find ourselves working with (but bosses are more likely found in the tenth). The qualities of the sixth house will also reflect our health, and our attitude towards maintaining our health. Planets in the sixth sometimes have a “Virgoan” flavor, even if they are not in Virgo.

I have Aries on the cusp, but no planets there. I do have a fairly “Arian” approach to work. I am a pretty good self-starter. The ruler of my sixth house, Mars, is in Pisces in the fifth. When I’m working, I tend to put my blinders on and get so focused on the task at hand that I lose myself in it, Piscean style. I am most motivated (Aries) when working (6th house) on either spiritual endeavors, creative projects, or child-related activities (Mars in Pisces in the 5th).

How does this house reflect how you approach your daily work tasks, or your health?


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