6th House Astrology

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6th House Astrology

6th House Astrology

Considered one of the most elusive areas of the chart, the 6th house relates to your daily habits, routines, and responsibilities. It is the house of work, health, service, pets, and the ability to make adjustments. This area may indicate the kind of work you do well. Virgo rules this house.

The sixth house reveals health issues and the kinds of illnesses to which you are prone. It also gives you clues to the kind of career that suits you. This house is the life pattern you establish for yourself. It signifies a starting point for your career and how you cope with work-related issues..

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what are your thoughts on this house?


Astro Bella


The sixth house is the natural home of the sign Virgo, and like Virgo it is ruled by the planet Mercury. this house shares the same “element” as Virgo–Earth. And it is the second “cadent” house we have considered so far.

The basic keywords I use for this house are “work” and “health.” It relates to our day-to-day work environment and activities (as opposed to “career” which we will discuss in the tenth house), and our physical health.

The sign located on the cusp of the sixth house, and the placement of that sign’s ruler in your chart, reflect the type of work we do and our attitude towards it. Planets located in the sixth house can indicate both specific aspects of our work, and even the type of people we find ourselves working with (but bosses are more likely found in the tenth). The qualities of the sixth house will also reflect our health, and our attitude towards maintaining our health. Planets in the sixth sometimes have a “Virgoan” flavor, even if they are not in Virgo.

I have Aries on the cusp, but no planets there. I do have a fairly “Arian” approach to work. I am a pretty good self-starter. The ruler of my sixth house, Mars, is in Pisces in the fifth. When I’m working, I tend to put my blinders on and get so focused on the task at hand that I lose myself in it, Piscean style. I am most motivated (Aries) when working (6th house) on either spiritual endeavors, creative projects, or child-related activities (Mars in Pisces in the 5th).

How does this house reflect how you approach your daily work tasks, or your health?

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