1. I have a LibraAsc with Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio in the 1st. Venus is conjunct my Asc (from the 12th house).

    I walk differently in different situations. I remember when I was younger, I used to really swing my arms and I would bounce when I would walk. My step-dad made fun of my for my bouncy walk and I toned it down ever since.

    These days, if I’m feeling extroverted, I enjoy gazing out in front of me, noticing my surroundings, smiling at people, walking at a medium pace. When I’m feeling introverted, I look down, sometimes hum to myself, kick things on the ground, or I will just look like I’m on a mission.

    I have been told that I’m easy to approach.. but I also feel like my intensity can make others uncomfortable. I handle awkward situations well. I smile a lot… I can say a lot with just my eyes.

    I enjoy talking, conversing, relating, and connecting with people.. also delving into who others are, but I am also a very good listener. I think I always have been.. but I have also worked very hard at the art of communication Smiley I’m not someone who can fake a mood or fake my appearance very easily…

    This is interesting to explore.. and interesting to read other’s input and self observations.

  2. Oh.. I have Aries ASC..

    When other people are introduced to me, they think I’m a monster. Some of them are honest enough to say it in my face

    What can I say? Aries are never quite as balance and nice as Libra, and I can’t seem to do anything about it? We’re always going to be self-centered.. (Can you notice the irony/satire in there Grin)

    Aries don’t lie (I don’t think they do much at least, of course you have to lie SOMETIMES, it’s just less than others) and take their things forward. I don’t see that as a bad point..

    I’ve got MoonconjunctASC (With it in 12th house); I do this thing where I’m all intimate with someone (friend-wise) then I just completely change around. I’m not sure I do this, but my friends say I do. I think this is more Aquarian Sun thing..

    Though I am how I feel, I’m an open book. People see through my emotions easier than me seeing myself. I’ve got Aries Moon BTW..

    My Ruler is in LeoMars in 5th house, my Aries ASC decante is in Leo as well. I love this aspect quite a bit, it’s a good one to me!

    Talking about attractiveness (Since it’s the first house and all), I wasn’t blessed with looks. Wasn’t blessed with any Libra aspects, I’ve got bad aspects to Venus as well. (Oh yea, I’m kinda wanting of Libra people, I think they’re my ideal partner/s. People with Libra or act Libraish are attractive to me Smiley) But then again, you gotta have the ugly ones for people to see the attractive ones. Attractive ones can’t survive without unattractive ones Cheesy

    I’m only 14, so my body haven’t developed yet. Though I can’t see the Aries body anywhere. No broad shoulders, etc. Strong Jaw though. People say I look too intense when I don’t smile. They say that I look like I want to kill someone? It’s not my fault you know…

  3. PlutoCazimi says:

    My Rising sign is Libra conjunctSunLibraPlutoMercurySaturnJupiter, but I have Mercury in 1st house.

    MoonGemini. Also my LibraSun is in the Gemini decante. I have VenusSagittarius, MarsLeo

    Its funny to analyse peoples’ reactions to me vis-a-vis my chart. I have Leo MC, but at work and with those who do not know me well, I have been told I am very pleasant, well-mannered, and soft-spoken. At school, when younger I was always called quiet. And I was definitely shy. I always surprise people because apparently I am so quiet that when I show up next to them all of sudden they just about have a heart attack.

    In an astrology book once, I think by Sylvia Browne, she described Libra as being very loud in approaching….a petite woman sounding like 300 pound man or 300 ton truck or something…I think I walk nicely. I trained myself when I was younger to walk very straight because I didn’t want to be seductive. I think my walk is slightly seductive, sometimes springy. I have very clumsy moments as I lose my balance easily. My Capricorn friend told I run funny, but my Pisces sister she doesn’t know what she’s talking about…I hope I don’t embarrassed

    My friends would tell you that I am very funny, and they have told me they can’t tell when I am joking sometime because I look serious, but when they get used to my sense of humour that’s what they start to love. When I am tired I start to talk differently..sometimes I get a drawl to my accent, sometimes I end up sounding Spanish (I am not)…it’s like a different persona comes and takes over for me while I take a break hehe Grin I look smaller than my weight. I don’t put on weight (as Libra are supposed to). I’m dark to some, light to others….I have the Libra hourglass shape and balanced facial features.

    And lastly, with the increasing use of internet there a few people I have talked to over phone before they ever see me face to face. I find it interesting that online (before they hear my voice) they expect me to be bold and in your face. The they hear me and they are wowed by how soft I speak…saying they expected someone louder. I got that more than once. And when they see me…well I hope it comes together but I don’t know. I look different all the time too. But I always must smell good.

    So I guess my 1st house is a mix and that’s what comes out.

  4. kellbell88 says:

    I’m a Sun Gemini Virgo Moon and Aquarius rising.

    I’m a fast talker, walker and thinker. I can’t tell you how often I have to stop myself and think something through in my head before I say it out loud and look like an idiot.

    I attribute a lot of that to impatience though. I can’t stand walking behind slow people or driving behind slow cars. I also tend to finish people’s sentences most because I want them to get to the point already haha. Fortunately others take it as I have a good sense of understanding them…

    My first house contains Mars and Lunar Node. I have no planets in Aries.

  5. “I have read that the first house is all about the self: the way we come across to the others. I have read a lot about the rising sign and their appearances, and their personality. Does the personality include the ‘physical personality’ too? as in the way the person walks, stands, sits…general body language?
    If so, does each rising sign have a specific body language? ”

    I am Aries rising: I walk fast and i also talk real fast. If someone is talking slow..i lose my patience( i don’t pay attention such people simply because i don’t have the patience to listen to them) and sometimes i get annoyed.

    What is your rising sign and body language?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA Yeah that’s me too. Aries rising with venus mars and mercury in 1st…nothing is going fast enough for me…I want it NOW…so I act fast, I talk fast, and shortly to get to the point fast, I don’t like telling a story of what happened to someone, because it takes to long and I cut details so it’s not interesting, so I avoid it. If it takes more than 2 sentences to tell it…I forget about it Wink I walk fast, I’m always too early to everywhere I go…I eat fast…I think fast.

    My boyfriend is sag rising, when he tells a story, it never ends because there’s so much details we don’t really need…I lose my patience…sometimes I want to yell at him “get to the point” but It’s nothing wrong…he feels the details are important to understand the story…and may be they are…but sometimes….

  6. Pistachio says:

    Sagittarius rising conjunct Saturn Uranus and Neptune in 1st house

    I walk fast too, so much that I have to always look back now and then to see my friends/family a mile away from where I’m standing. and I have to yell to remind them how slow they are. LOL but it’s also my mars in aries I think.

    Also when I’m explaining or talking, I use my hands a lot mimicking the motion…

    I am always tapping my finger/foot or looking around everywhere with my eyes or something. I can never sit still for a miniute, my body starts itching if i sit still. Cheesy

    Oh, i wonder if it’s my neptune in 1st house but whatever music is on, I have to move some part of body i can never sit still and listen. once I was in a mall packed with people, and this music came on i unconsciously
    started to dance and walk together my sister was so embarrassed of me and when i realized what i was doing i was sooo embarrassed.

  7. some things that are expressed in my outer appearance:

    my Mars square ascendant & square Venus, Sun. I tend to come across as very irritable.
    Mercury ruled asc .MercuryCancer when my mood changes so does my face.sometimes I don’t even realising i’m frowning or giving someone a moody look.
    Neptune opposition asc, I tend to look like im daydreaming half the time.

  8. My rising sign is Cancer. I have always been told I come across as shy until people really get to know me. My walk is a little awkward but more like a duck…lol…feet face outward Grin My ascendant has progressed into the first few degrees of Leo and I am a lot more outgoing and more assertive looking than I used to be… so I do believe there is something to the progressed ascendant.

  9. Sag Rising says:

    My rising is in Sagittarius at 2 degrees with moon and neptune conjunct in Sagittarius in the 1st house at 11 degrees.

    As I’ve gotten older, people always approach me and think that I look like I’m 18. I’m currently 33 and this has baffled me my whole life. Since I was growing up I’ve ALWAYS wanted to look older and somehow I got the opposite. Don’t know if this is genetics or if it’s my 1st house placements? Just the other day at work an older woman came up to me and asked me where I had just graduated from college. I said I had graduated 9 years ago. She had a stumped look on her face. I seem to get this all of the time where people judge me and think I’m a highschool or college student without even knowing me. It used to really bother me for years and now I don’t care anymore..lol Roll Eyes I’m average height and thin and have been told I have a baby face (moon in 1st?)

    My progressed ascendant has just moved into capricorn. Does anyone know if our progressed placements have an effect on our appearances or if it’s only natal? I sure wouldn’t want to turn into a “stonewall, emotionless” capricorn now! Just kidding capricorns!

  10. I am not even sure if body language is the first house. Is it really a first house thing?
    I took it to be first because, the first house is the way we come across/the way we express, this includes body language. I maybe completely wrong, perhaps it the 3rd house, or mercury or moon sign or all planets included/the entire chart.

    Natal neptune makes a trine to my ascendant. My moon sign is scorpio. mercury and sun in cancer.

  11. Well,the Moon also plays a big role into one’s mannerisms…the Moon does usually come out very naturally,sort of ‘flowing’ through one’s looks,mannerisms,appearance…

    I have an Aries Moon…as a matter of fact,I have three Aries planets!This have a lot of weight in my mannerisms too.

  12. Dimension says:

    I would also look to the Moon and maybe even Mercury signs (Gross Motor Skills) for the body language, I am guessing body language can be emotion based and can work with the Rising to give a general way you want to express yourself. But I could be wrong on this.

    What sign is your Moon and Mercury in, does your Moon or Mercury make any aspects to your ASC or in 1st house?

  13. Hi Lissa, i thought the fast talking and walking was an aries thing. I’m surprised that a capricorn rising talks and walks fast. Do you think that the planets squaring the ascendant from aries could be playing a part in your chart?
    I dont have any planets in the first though. my first house is empty.
    I actually posted a horary today in the horary board asking if my body language is fine or awkward. just a fun horary, but interestingly the horary shows gemini rising and mars in the first house!!

  14. Let’s not forget planets in the 1st and/or planets conjunct the AC also affect one’s mannerisms and looks…Ohh,and aspects to the ascendant too…

    I have a Capricorn Ascendant…Uranus,Neptune and North Node in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius,all in the 1st.Moon/Mercury in Aries square Ascendant…Venus in late Aries in an out of sign trine to it.

    I walk fast…and talk super fast too.Just like you I also lose my patience when someone is being slow…when someone talks slowly,or moves slowly…I get very annoyed with this type of people.

    When I’m comfortable with the person I’m talking to,I like to touch them…friendly punching them in the arms or push them around..

    I have this habit of walking with my head down…always staring at my feet…

  15. I have read that the first house is all about the self: the way we come across to the others. I have read a lot about the rising sign and their appearances, and their personality. Does the personality include the ‘physical personality’ too? as in the way the person walks, stands, sits…general body language?
    If so, does each rising sign have a specific body language?

    I am Aries rising: I walk fast and i also talk real fast. If someone is talking slow..i lose my patience( i don’t pay attention such people simply because i don’t have the patience to listen to them) and sometimes i get annoyed.

    What is your rising sign and body language?

  16. Astro Bella says:

    The first house one of the four “angles.” The cusps of the angular houses are the points where the vertical and horizontal lines intersect the circle. Each of the angular houses corresponds to one of the cardinal signs–Aries in this case. Like Aries, the first house is ruled by the planet Mars. It also shares the same element as Aries–fire. Since the cusp of the first house is the eastern horizon, the sign on that cusp and any planets close by are said to be “rising” just as the sun “rises” on the eastern horizon each morning. Thus, in some respects the first house represents new beginnings, like the dawn of each new day.

    The basic keywords I use for the first house are “persona” and “ego.” It relates to how we project ourselves to the world (our persona) and how we experience our “self” (our ego). Howard Sasportas likened the first house to the moment when we leave the undifferentiated experience in our mothers’ wombs, and first emerge into the world as an individual human being.

    The sign located on the cusp of the first house will color how we see ourselves (and how others see us–especially initial impressions). Any planets located in the first house also have an impact on our identities and sense of “self.” By the same token, the natural qualities of the first house will be reflected in the planets located there. In interpreting a planet in the first, look first at how that planet functions in whatever sign it’s in, but then consider also that–because it is in the first house–it will be tinged with an Aries flavor as well. Thus, for example, someone with Sun in Scorpio in the first house (like me) will be a more direct and outgoing (like an Aries) than is characteristic of secretive Scorpio.

    I have Scorpio on the cusp of the first house, with Sun in the first conjunct the ascendant by about 3 degrees. This indicates a sunny disposition, and I am generally cheerful and optimistic. Some people use to call me “Smiley” because I always smiled so much. The ruler of my first house, Pluto, is in Virgo in the 10th. Having Scorpio on the first indicates an intense personality and ego to begin with. Having the ruler in the 10th, I think, gives me even more of a public “presence,” even when I’m not particularly doing anything. For example, when I went to my 20 year high school reunion a few years ago, it seemed like most people remembered me even though they weren’t anyone I’d had any interactions with, and even though I didn’t participate in any school activities other than art staff. This sort of thing has happened to me throughout my life.

    What is your first house like? Be sure to check the sign on the cusp, any planets in the first, and the planet that rules the sign on the cusp!

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