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  1. Astro Bella says:

    The third house is the natural home for the sign Gemini, and like Gemini it is ruled by the planet Mercury. It shares the same “element” as Gemini — Air. The third house is in a “cadent” position. Each house following a “succedent” house, and preceding the next “angular” house is called “cadent.” All the cadent houses correspond to the mutable signs–in this case Gemini.

    The basic keywords I use for this are “communication” and “ideas.” It relates to our desire to connect with others on a mental level, to share our ideas, and to learn about others and the world around us. It is known for pure “curiosity”–a desire to acquire information for its own sake (rather than for a specific purpose or to meet a practical need).

    On another level, It also relates to transportation, short distance travel, neighbors, and siblings, too. Like Gemini, It encompasses a lot of variety and versatility–lots of different things going on at one time.

    The sign located on the cusp of the third house and the planetary ruler of that sign, indicate how we communicate our ideas. Planets located in the Third house can indicate where we will focus most of our communications and possibly what subjects will most interest us. Planets in the 3rd house can also represent our siblings and neighbors or our relationships with them. The natural qualities of this placement will also affect our manifestation of the planets located there. Regardless of which sign they are in, Planets in the third will have a slightly “Gemini” flavor.

    I have Capricorn on the cusp of the 3rd, and Chiron in Aquarius in the third (although it is closely conjunct the cusp of the fourth). The ruler of my 3rd, Saturn, is in Sagittarius in the second house. Capricorn on the third indicates a certain amount of ability to organize my thoughts and communicate in a structured way. (Although this is sometimes countered a bit by emotional outbursts from my firey Leo Moon.) With Chiron in Aquarius in the third, I have some “wounding” (Chiron) around thinking and speaking. As a child I had an actual speech impediment — I couldn’t pronounce the letter “r,” it came out as “w.” As I grew up I corrected the speech impediment, but have encountered a fair amount of criticism for my “unusual” (Aquarius) ideas (3rd house).

    Take a look at your chart, what does the third house say about how you communicate?

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