11th house In Astrology: Friendships and Vision

11th house Astrology

11th house In Astrology


The eleventh house is one of the most elusive areas of the horoscope. This house describes your unique or spontaneous relationships, social interactions, and group involvement. The eleventh house may also indicate the fellow members of an organization in which you are involved.

The sign and ruler of this house indicate your social connections. This is the house of shared visions, social reform, and associations with people who will help you attain your goals. Aquarius, the sign of idealism, humanitarianism, and future plans, is the natural ruler of this house.

The Planets in the 11th House


Sun in 11th House:


With the sun in the eleventh house, it is at its most sociable. Group activities are very important to this individual, who expresses himself best in this way. However, this individual needs to be careful not to neglect those closest to him in his rush to communicate with the outside world.

Good Aspects

  • Humanitarian.
  • Doesn’t like to be tied down.
  • May rise to a position of strength in group activities.
  • Well liked and popular. Influential friends
  • Knows a lot of people.
  • Needs to be among people making contacts and enjoying the company of like minded souls

Bad Aspects

  • Children may become involved with groups of people with dubious ideals and motives.
  • Confidence may fail or opportunities may be missed.
  • Likes the idea of being a leading light but may come on too strongly.
  • May be used by people and taken advantage of. Must choose friends carefully.
  • Tends to surround self with people, more as an escape than for purely practical reasons.
  • Over attracted to the idea of freedom.



Here the instincts of the Moon are expressed towards groups, as though the individual will always want to ‘belong’, whatever that means to him or her. It is important that these people do not try to buy love or acceptance, and that they develop the self-assurance to stand on their own two feet. Friendships are usually deep and good, but this person is in danger of losing their own identity at times. Also an essentially private person, he or she is difficult to get to know well, probably out of a sense of self-protection. Alternatively, they may cry out to be loved, and be so open to others that they put off the very people whose friendship and companionship they seek. They need to stop trying to so hard to be liked, and just allow themselves to be liked for who and what they are.

Good Aspects

  • Changeable, needs a variety of interests.
  • Friendly, likes to get on with people and be involved with them. Will know a lot of people.
  • Highly regarded and popular.
  • Doesn’t like to get too close, though.
  • Home is were friends are.
  • Spends time socializing and visiting.

Bad Aspects

  • Relationship with people unstable and subject to ups and downs.
  • Conflicts and unpopularity.
  • Unreliable or hostile people.
  • Public image may suffer through questionable associations




This subject needs to have a great deal of acquaintances, although none of them need necessarily be close friends. Social gatherings are important, especially ones which permit lively debate and exchange of ideas. Unless Mercury is restricted by a square or opposition from Saturn, there is considerable self-confidence, and the initiation of discussion will be easy. Spare time will be used to the full, perhaps with a certain amount of time given over to humanitarian causes. The ‘group’ will be important, but if the Sun is to be found next door in the 12th house, this will cause conflict between the need to be part of a group and the need for quiet introspection and peace.

Good Aspects

  • Likes social contact. Intelligent and intellectual friends.
  • Communication skills put to good use in dealing with people. Favour and popularity.
  • Seeks out of the ordinary experiences.
  • Science, technology, metaphysics, or even new age thinking may appeal.
  • Unusual thinking.
  • Intuitive.

Bad Aspects

  • Always on the go trying to keep up with social commitments.
  • Social life and commitments are too great and get in the way of other equally important aspects of life. Friends can be unreliable, deceitful, or may be inclined to gossip.
  • Nervous stress, difficult to relax.



Here the social life is important. It will be very much enjoyed, and this individual will have a great many friends and a large number of acquaintances. Committee work will be sincerely enjoyed, as will furthering the aims of specific groups who represent the subject’s interest. There is also a genuine desire to please with this placing, and a flair for organising entertaiments or social events, especially if they not only give pleasure but also raise cash for charitable or humanitarian purposes.

Good Aspects

  • Enjoys being with people and socializing.
  • Many friends and contacts, some of whom could be cultured or artistic.
  • Likes group activities and tries to ensure the smooth running of such matters.
  • Artistic or diplomatic skills put to good use.
  • Financial gains through friends and contacts.

Bad Aspects

  • Finds it hard to settle into a pattern without other people.
  • Social butterfly trying to find the ‘right’ crowd.
  • Unreliable friends.
  • May subjugate own feelings and compromise position trying to keep up with the crowd.
  • Money wasted on social commitments, opportunities lost through dealing with the wrong people.



The pioneering spirit of Mars placed here makes its influence felt in the subject’s social life. Here is the pack leader amongst a group of friends, spurring them into action and injecting them with energy and enthusiasm. Friendship is of high importance to this person, but the aggressive and argumentative side of Mars means that many friendships will go through regular rocky patches. The humanitarian side of the 11th house is very prominent, and this person is very easily moved by suffering – and prompted to do something positive about it. The emotional level of Mars, so fervently expressed towards the individual’s beliefs and hobbies, could be a little on the cool side to loved ones. This is because the need for independence adds a certain detachment to this person, damping down the warm expression of feelings that do exist.

Good Aspects

  • Keen to get on with people and make friends.
  • Likes to be prominent in any group.
  • Seeks to inspire and lead.

Bad Aspects

  • Risk of conflicts and arguments with people.
  • May expect too much or push too hard.

Jupiter in 11th House:


Here is someone who is a great socializer, and who contributes much to his or her own social group, or to any group interest. This is also the placing of the born committee enthusiast! The humanitarian side of this house is emphasized, and makes for an excellent fund-raiser or charitable worker. A wonderful friend, this person is always encouraging others to develop their potential. Many people with this placing view family and lovers as friends first and foremost.

Good Aspects

  • Knows lots of people and enjoys socializing.
  • May make contacts far away.
  • Popular.
  • Helpful friends.
  • Expansive and intellectual mind. Interests in the unusual or in science and technology.

Bad Aspects

  • Excessive social life, find it hard to be alone.
  • sporadic popularity.
  • Unreliable people with their own agenda.
  • May be used.
  • Money easily be squandered away through overindulgence.

Saturn in 11th House:


Saturn is well placed here because it has a good relationship with Aquarius. However the subject may be socially shy,and have few close friends. Often friends are considerably older than the subject themselves,which is of course especially noticeable in younger people. Social hours are enjoyed, but there is little time for anything deemed flippant – this person takes their leisure hours very seriously. Interests last a lifetime. A powerful humanitarian streak is very evident, and this person will do whatever they can – although through conventional and lawful measures – to right the wrongs they see in the world.

Good Aspects

  • Has the ability to take advantage of social conditions.
  • Friends and contacts valued for their contribution to success.
  • Associates with serious minded or older people
  • Strategist.
  • Scientific thinking.
  • Rational and logical.
  • Likes to think in own way.
  • Disinclined to change opinions.

Bad Aspects

  • Not easy to fit into the social scene, tend to be solitary.
  • Treads a lonely path with fellow idealists.
  • People may be burdensome.
  • Inflexible with inability to see reason in the aims of others.
  • Difficult to adapt to changes in public opinion.
  • May seek to impose ideas on others.

Uranus in 11th House:


Uranus is very much at home in the 11th house, because this is also the natural Aquarius house, of which Uranus is the ruler. It’s influence is therefore strengthened from this house. This individual can be extremely friendly, but at the same time aloof and private. The social life is often more important that either the profession or the family. However, Uranus is at its unpredictable best or worst here, and friendships and affiliations are broken off at a whim, only to be resumed later with no apology or explanation. Sometimes, this person is disruptive deliberately, for effect or for attention.

Good Aspects

  • Independent and freedom loving.
  • Makes friends easily, likes socializing.
  • Good leadership qualities.
  • Popular.

Bad Aspects

  • Objectives not well defined, drifts through life not wanting to be tied down.
  • Too wilful to conform.
  • Activities involve wayward or eccentric people.
  • Sudden friendship, sudden partings. ever changing nature needs constant stimulation.
  • Social butterfly.

Neptune in 11th House:


With this placing, the subject usually enjoys a good social life and has a wide circle of friends – but is often all too easily taken in by fair weather friends and exploited by societies and groups. However, this person has a charitable heart and will greatly enjoy doing their bit for mankind through altruistic activities. However, there may be a dislike of responsibility, especially in career matters.

Good Aspects

  • Altruistic and kindly.
  • Well liked.
  • Artistic or mystically minded friends.
  • Keeps some aspects of life hidden from view.
  • Could me misunderstood.
  • Highly intuitive with accurate hunches.

Bad Aspects

  • Used by the unscrupulous.
  • Kindness not returned.
  • Gossips may cause problems, needs to beware of people worming their way into life.
  • Highly susceptible to the social scene.
  • Fad and fashion may rule life.
  • May see self as leader but is in fact a victim.
  • Advised to stay away from escapism.

Pluto in 11th House:


This is not a very powerful placing for Pluto, but it does encourage the individual to become rather over-concerned with the attitude of friends and acquaintances. A ‘what will the neighbours think?’ attitude is likely, and this can lead to frustration and bitterness if the subject repressed his or her natural wishes.

Good Aspects

  • Has a keen interest in mixing with people, socializing, and getting involved in group activities were people come together for a common cause or purpose.
  • Real need is to be a leader rather than a follower or, at the very least, someone who is prominent and recognized for your abilities and contributions.
  • Can weigh up people very quickly, spotting their strengths and weaknesses and then putting them into categories.
  • May meet powerful or resourceful people during life.
  • Some associations are very likely to have a transforming effect, changing perspective.

Bad Aspects

  • Need for control and have own way could result in problems.
  • May suddenly sever all contacts with a group usually with a dramatic exit.
  • People you meet are not all they seem to be, and there may be underhand dealings or even treachery.
  • Sudden losses of friends could be disturbing or even traumatic.

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what are your thoughts on this house?

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Astro Bella


The eleventh house is the home of Aquarius. Uranus is the planetary ruler for both Aquarius and this house. This is the last of the Air houses, and the last succedent house. It has always been the hardest one for me to pick basic keywords for. The ones that come most easily to mind are “friends,” “groups” and “society.” Someone once mentioned “aspirations” in connection with the Eleventh, and I like that one, too–not in the sense of career goals, but more in the sense of wanting to make a difference in the world–perhaps through activism or social movements. The eleventh house deals with our relationship with society as a whole. Here we deal with the public in a much broader sense than we do in the tenth house… we go beyond our daily dealings with the public and get in touch with our common humanity.

The sign located on the cusp of the eleventh house, the planet ruling that sign, and any planets in the eleventh house, relate to how we socialize, and to our involvement with groups and associations. They also reflect our involvement with humanitarian and societal issues.

I have Virgo on the cusp of the eleventh with Venus conjunct Jupiter in Virgo residing therein. Also, Pluto in Virgo conjuncts the cusp of the eleventh from the tenth house side. One manifestation of these placements is an abundance (Jupiter) of female (Venus) friends (11th). Another is a great desire (Venus) to serve (Virgo) both my friends and humanity (eleventh). With my Virgo Pluto affecting both the tenth and eleventh, I manifest my generation’s urge to transform (Pluto) through service (Virgo) in both my career (tenth) and social groups and organizations (eleventh house).

What does your 11th say about your interaction with friends, groups and society?


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