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4th House Astrology

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4th House In Astrology


The fourth house explains your early home life, parents, heredity, origin, and your background. This house refers to the more nurturing parent, most often the mother.

The fourth house characterizes the type of family you come from and your need to establish roots. This house also shows what kind of surroundings make you feel comfortable. This house not only suggests your birth or entry into the world, but it also describes your state at the end of your life. The Moon is the natural ruler of the forth house.

Planets in the 4th House


Sun in 4th House:


With the sun in the fourth house, the individual is able to express their vitality and self-worth through the creation of a happy home and family. Parenthood is also important, as is a need for emotional security.

Good Aspects

  • Success allied with domestic situation, so may work from home or in a close ‘homely’ environment profitably
  • Parents may be a real source of stability and support.
  • Strong need for personal security
  • Home and family important.
  • Enthusiastic homemaker.
  • Interests in the past.

Bad Aspects

  • May allow others to dominate domestic situation.
  • May try too hard to control home and domestic affairs.
  •  Non supportive parents, or possibility of too much control being exercised.
  • Domestic problems and worries.

Moon in 4th House:


The Moon works well and powerfully from this house, and there can be a very vital urge to create a home and a family. The domestic life is very important, and when there are tensions at home, the subject finds all other aspects of his life difficult too. In building a secure home for himself, the subject must realize that his security can be someone else’s suffocation; he must try to avoid creating claustrophobic atmospheres for loved ones. The caring, protective qualities of this placement can turn inwards, so that over-protecting the self leads to introversion and a fear of the unknown. If there are already indications of shyness elsewhere in the chart, this could be cause for concern.

Good Aspects

  • Home and domestic life important. Natural homemaker.
  • May move several times.
  • More active as life progresses.
  • Comfortable living conditions in later life.
  • Possible public recognition.

Bad Aspects

  • Restless and changeable, hard to settle down.
  • Life full of ups and downs, constantly going through phases.
  • Unrewarding home and domestic life.
  • Too many changes, some enforced.
  • Problems with parents, may be estranged or too dependent.
  • Chance of a broken home in early life.

Mercury in 4th House:


The home and family will be of above average importance for this subject, whose mental attitude towards them will be shown by the sign in which Mercury is placed. A constant need to change the place of residence, or at least the interior decor, may be very evident. This individual often greatly enjoys researching family history.

Good Aspects

  • Thoughts dwell on security.
  • Success may be allied to domestic situation.
  • Interest in the past.
  • Many changes in home, may move several times.

Bad Aspects

  • Too many changes in home.
  • Need for seclusion overdone.
  • Hard to settle down. May move several times during life.
  • Problems with siblings or neighbours.

Venus in 4th House:


Great pride is taken in the home with this placing, and the subject is usually very keen to make home a place of beauty, comfort and security. Relations with the family are usually very close, although this can cause a problem, particularly for women with this placing, when grown up children leave home. There may also be a tendency to spoil children, and to lavish expensive presents on them.

Good Aspects

  • Harmonious home life.
  • Takes pleasure in creating an attractive home.
  • Can make money from property or earn money at home.
  • Later life will be in pleasant and comfortable circumstances.

Bad Aspects

  • Difficult or inharmonious domestic conditions.
  • Oversensitive to environment, perhaps seeking a type of perfection which is unattainable.
  • Too much spent on home improvements which ultimately prove unsatisfactory.

Mars in 4th House


A great deal of Martian energy here is spent on improving and decorating the home. Some people with this placing periodically become bored with their home, and enjoy moving many times. Family life is full of enthusiasm with this placing, and parenthood is usually welcomed. The home is seen as a place of security, and much time will be spent just enjoying being there. This person is often very protective of their parents and the older generation.

Good Aspects

  • Very keen to put personal stamp on home.
  • Energetic homemaker.
  • Need for independence may not be conducive to sharing home.
  • Invigorating relationship with parents.

Bad Aspects

  • Possibility of harsh domestic conditions during early life. Possibility of domestic squabbles.
  • Home improvements subject to difficulties, jobs may be rushed or left unfinished.
  • Changing homes is fraught with problems.
  • Relationship with parents likely to be tense and uncompromising.
  • Highly strung emotions.
  • Frustration leads to urge to dominate surroundings.

Jupiter in the 4th House:


This person tends to build a marvellous home atmosphere, especially for children. Here is someone who is considerate and philosophical towards the family, and who has a great deal of fun just being a lover or a parent. Money is not of prime importance – this is the placing that confers the ability to have a great time no matter what the standard of living. Investments in property, both emotional and financial, will pay dividends.

Good Aspects

  • Wide, compassionate feelings, helpful and generous.
  • Comfortable domestic circumstances.
  • Relationship with parents ought to be beneficial.
  • May make home far away from place of birth and do quite well there.
  • May move home several times, each change being a step up the ladder.
  • Fortune could lie in property or working from home.

Bad Aspects

  • May spend a great deal of time moving from one place to the next looking for the ‘ideal’ home.
  • Very restless and changeable, unable to settle into a pattern.
  • Relationship with parents may suffer from excess, perhaps being given too much.

Saturn in 4th House:


This is the house of the family, and here we find that Saturn does have a rather restrictive influence, with this person being perhaps a stickler for discipline and placing an over-emphasis on achievement of family members. At its best, this placing encourages a stable, enduring family background. At its worst, it could indicate a cold, unemotional household.

Good Aspects

  • Not easy to express feelings.
  • Takes time getting to know people.
  • Loyal and devoted.
  • Responsible and supportive.
  • Treats very seriously anything placed under control.
  • Skills in public welfare.
  • Need for personal security.
  • Natural shrewdness.
  • Early life and parents shape outlook.
  • Possible difficult times through lack of happiness or harsh conditions.
  • May be expected to carry on some form of family tradition or accept responsibility for parents.

Bad Aspects

  • Repressed emotions.
  • Fear and depression. May withdraw into self and live in imagination.
  • Defensive.
  • Difficult to trust people.
  • feels vulnerable.
  • Clings to certain people. Holds on to objects out of sentiment.
  • May surround self with restrictions yet dislikes restrictions being imposed.
  • Early life may be difficult and sad.
  • Restrictive lessons learned.
  • Standards given which are difficult to live up to.
  • Current domestic situation may be restrictive.

Uranus in 4th House:


Moody and unpredictable, the person with this placing nonetheless has tremendous intuitive powers. An inner conflict may exist between the love of the home and an equal desire to live freely, without domestic responsibilities. There may also have been a disruptive or unusual (not necessarily negatively so) domestic background in this person’s upbringing.

Good Aspects

  • Highly individualistic approach to homemaking.
  • Unusual decor or location.
  • Could be a ‘friendly’ home with much socializing.
  • Frequent changes made to the home with the likelihood of changing location many times during lifetime.

Bad Aspects

  • Not easy to settle into a regular or normal domestic routine.
  • May feel the need to make constant changes.
  • Disruptive changes may also occur.
  • Problems with family which may result in separation.

Neptune in 4th House:


This placing is often found in people who’s early home life was rather chaotic and unsettled (but not necessarily un-loving). This is a tricky placing for Neptune, and often indicates mixed feelings about home, domesticity and parenthood. Depending very much upon the aspects that Neptune receives and its general strength in the natal chart, this can lead to a muddled, confused home life or a wonderfully inspirational and artistic one.

Good Aspects

  • Powerful emotions, highly receptive.
  • Caring and compassionate. May help in secret ways.
  • May have deep desire to examine the mysteries of life.
  • Highly intuitive, acutely aware of environment.
  • Wonderful memory.
  • Seeks a home rather than a house. Is perhaps looking for a ‘spiritual’ home.

Bad Aspects

  • Strange, confusing experiences during early childhood.
  • May be called on to sacrifice own interests in order to cope with problems.
  • May be too attached to parents or wishes to escape.
  • Hard to understand emotions.
  • Overly sensitive.
  • Own home life dogged by strange conditions. Feels at the mercy of conditions.
  • Happiness sacrificed to please others.
  • Deception or muddles may emerge from time to time.
  • Trusts people too easily.

Pluto in 4th House:


This person may have suffered from an above average amount of frustration during their formative years. Intuition and resourcefulness are increased by this placing, however, so the individual probably found their own way around any problems. Considerable tenacity and determination are present, and this person is very good at self-understanding and analysis.

Good Aspects

  • Financial gains highly likely in property dealing. Knows just when to move or to improve property.
  • Sees home as a power base.
  • May have a great interest in genealogy or the past.
  • Likely to dig deeply for answers.
  • Major changes likely to bring advantages.

Bad Aspects

  • Tries to dominate home and family.
  • Financial losses with home likely unless very careful.
  • Major changes which are enforced by circumstances and not easy to adapt to.

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Astro Bella


The fourth house is the natural home for the sign Cancer, and like Cancer it is ruled by the Moon. It shares the same “element” as Cancer — water. The 4th house is angular, and at this point we start the angular/succedent/cadent cycle over again.

The basic keywords I use for this house are “home” and “roots.” The 4th house is traditionally related to one or both parents. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the question of whether 4th and tenth represent the mother and the father respectively, or vice versa, or both. Personally, I think it varies depending on individual circumstances. If an individual is raised by a single parent, for example, it may be that both the fourth and the tenth represent that same parent. Check your chart and see whether the sign on the cusp of the fourth and the planets therein seem to relate to one parent more than the other.

I use the keyword “roots” because it relates not only to our parents, but to our ancestry. Some also view the fourth house as reflecting how the individual experiences the “collective unconscious.” It also represents the physical home environment. Planets in the fourth can indicate the type of people we tend to draw into our homes. Transits to the fourth house can indicate changes in the home such as a move, or the addition of a family member, or a change in the atmosphere of the home life.

I have Aquarius on the cusp of the fourth, with it’s ruler Uranus directly opposite on the cusp of the tenth. Both of my parents were Uranian in their own ways. The had children late in life by the standards of the time (my Mom was almost 43 and my Dad 44 when I was born). My mother often worked outside the home, which was also not the norm at the time. She also had many unusual interests and hobbies, including photography and astrology. My Dad traveled a lot, so his presence at home was somewhat erratic. And he himself was unpredictable in a negative way, often flying into a rage unexpectedly over trivial matters

Take a look at your chart. What does it say about your home environment?


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Melissa Martinez

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