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4th House Astrology

4th House Astrology

The fourth house explains your early home life, parents, heredity, origin, and your background. This house refers to the more nurturing parent, most often the mother.

The fourth house characterizes the type of family you come from and your need to establish roots. This house also shows what kind of surroundings make you feel comfortable. This house not only suggests your birth or entry into the world, but it also describes your state at the end of your life. The Moon is the natural ruler of the forth house.

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Astro Bella


The fourth house is the natural home for the sign Cancer, and like Cancer it is ruled by the Moon. It shares the same “element” as Cancer — water. The 4th house is angular, and at this point we start the angular/succedent/cadent cycle over again.

The basic keywords I use for this house are “home” and “roots.” The 4th house is traditionally related to one or both parents. There has been quite a bit of discussion on the question of whether 4th and tenth represent the mother and the father respectively, or vice versa, or both. Personally, I think it varies depending on individual circumstances. If an individual is raised by a single parent, for example, it may be that both the fourth and the tenth represent that same parent. Check your chart and see whether the sign on the cusp of the fourth and the planets therein seem to relate to one parent more than the other.

I use the keyword “roots” because it relates not only to our parents, but to our ancestry. Some also view the fourth house as reflecting how the individual experiences the “collective unconscious.” It also represents the physical home environment. Planets in the fourth can indicate the type of people we tend to draw into our homes. Transits to the fourth house can indicate changes in the home such as a move, or the addition of a family member, or a change in the atmosphere of the home life.

I have Aquarius on the cusp of the fourth, with it’s ruler Uranus directly opposite on the cusp of the tenth. Both of my parents were Uranian in their own ways. The had children late in life by the standards of the time (my Mom was almost 43 and my Dad 44 when I was born). My mother often worked outside the home, which was also not the norm at the time. She also had many unusual interests and hobbies, including photography and astrology. My Dad traveled a lot, so his presence at home was somewhat erratic. And he himself was unpredictable in a negative way, often flying into a rage unexpectedly over trivial matters

Take a look at your chart. What does it say about your home environment?

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