8th House In Astrology: Desire

8th House Astrology

8th House In Astrology

The eighth house describes support from others, sex, death, and transformation. The sign on the cusp of this house can convey information in those areas of life. The eighth house also indicates inheritances — legacies, wills, trusts, taxes, or insurance matters.

The eighth house is the opposite house from the second, which relates to earned income and expended energies. Thus, the eighth house describes how one saves and invests. Hunches and intuition are associated with this area, as are the assets of business or marital partners. This house is co-ruled by the sign of Scorpio and the planet, Pluto.

The Planets in the 8th House


Sun in 8th House:


The sun in the eighth house shows a great need for sexual expression, and a high sex drive. It also shows an urge for transformation and psychological growth. There is a lot of emotional intensity here, and the individual spends a lot of time on the mysteries of life.

Good Aspects

  • Life punctuated by a series of major changes.
  • Matters of life and death will feature strongly, may feel inclined to dig deeply into these issues through study of the mystical and occult side of life.
  • Windfalls and legacies possible.
  • May become involved in financial dealings involving the resources belonging to others Can expect to do well in life.
  • Strong interests in financial matters and the manipulation of resources.

Bad Aspects

  • Children could be secretive and manipulative and inclined to run up debts through impulsive emotionally-driven actions.
  • Major traumatic changes will force new circumstances which may not be easy to adapt to.
  • Heavy debts possible unless financial matters are kept strictly above board.
  • Care needed to avoid temptation to misuse funds or being impulsive
  • Finances involving others may be troublesome.
  • May loose out to unscrupulous people.
  • Financial affairs in the hands of others.



Here the instinctive Moon is in a house where intuition, emotion and deep-rooted feelings are emphasised. In some cases, the subject may have a ‘sixth sense’ or psychic abilities, especially of Neptune is strong elsewhere in the chart. There is a strong sexual urge with this placing, and the emotional resources are considerable. However, there is also a lack of trust in other people, and a lot of jealousy when the subject is in a close relationship. Money from inheritances or investments is also emphasised in this house – as a result, subjects should keep a careful eye on their investments, lest they fluctuate a little too much.

Good Aspects

  • Financial affairs of partners intertwined with own.
  • Will do well in life.
  • Windfalls possible.
  • Matters of life and death feature strongly.
  • May dig into these matters or study the mystical and occult side of life.
  • Life punctuated by major changes.

Bad Aspects

  • Financial affairs in the hands of others, may loose out.
  • Care needed with joint finances.
  • Must avoid temptation to misuse funds or be impulsive.
  • Heavy debts if not careful.
  • Major traumatic changes force new circumstances.
  • Home and domestic life under financial or other pressures which may result in enforced changes.



Here there can be a tendency to brood over serious issues of life and death, and this individual may well have psychic gifts. However, before encouraging the development of these talents, it is essential to study the influence of Neptune in the natal chart, to discover whether the subject is spiritually strong enough to cope. An above average preoccupation with sexuality is often present here, and there may be a very active and strong fantasy life. At it’s best, this placing indicates a superbly inquisitive and probing mind, strongly talented in research and problem solving. Good investment ability is also present, especially if Mercury is in a water sign which will give the subject an intuitive grasp of the markets.

Good Aspects

  • Curious and probing mind, very tenacious in need to know.
  • May develop interests in the afterlife or occult.
  • Intuitive, possibly psychic.
  • Secretive.
  • Can transform the ideas of others.
  • Financially minded.
  • Can spot opportunities and capitalize on them.

Bad Aspects

  • Curious and probing but may come to wrong conclusions.
  • Impaired by dogma or bias.
  • Disturbing thoughts and feelings.
  • Thinking may be strained or even obsessive.
  • Financial problems through mistakes or contractual difficulties.
  • Needs to guard against those who cheat or try to take advantage.



This placing increases the intensity of the individual’s emotions and passions, and sometimes jealous feelings can disrupt a partnership. The sex life is usually rich and rewarding, unless Venus is inhibited by either Saturn or Pluto. If Venus is in a water sign, intuition will be considerably enhanced, but in all cases there is insight and sympathy. By tradition, this is a fortunate placing for inheritance, and there is often shrewd business flair here too.

Good Aspects

  • Financial gains through close associations or marriage likely. Inheritance, legal settlements or windfalls possible.
  • Relationships are a transforming experience, one brings with it a complete new direction in life.
  • Pleasure though spiritual or occult study, trying to find answers to the mysteries of life and death.

Bad Aspects

  • Sudden dramatic changes with subsequent changes in direction.
  • Emotional scenes, disclosures and general unpleasantness likely.
  • Extravagance and waste may lead to debts. Partners may be extravagant or secretive about money.
  • Money could be seen as a way of exerting power – repercussions likely.



This is the Scorpio house, and before Pluto was discovered Mars was the ruler of Scorpio, so this is a powerful placing. An extremely strong sex drive will be present, and will be expressed with intensity. There is a fascination with investigation, and also with self-knowledge. This usually works out well, but there can be a tendency towards obsessive behaviour. The choice of career can often be influenced by this placing, with many subjects choosing surgery, psychiatry, police or detective work. There is a deep and abiding interest in big business and high finance, with a keen, positive attitude towards investment. The intuition is increased by this placing, and will be especially well tuned when it comes to assessing both love and money. There can be an above average preoccupation with death and esoteric matters. Occasionally, this placing my stimulate psychic ability.

Good Aspects

  • Puts a great deal of effort into financial matters.
  • Sees money as power.
  • Ought to do well in life.
  • High curiosity, strongly motivated to discover what lies behind the obvious.
  • Good at research or detective work
  • . May take a keen interest in psychology, matters of life and death, metaphysics, or the occult.
  • Has the ability to help people transform their lives.

Bad Aspects

  • Impulsive behaviour.
  • Spends too freely. May run up debts.
  • Uses money as a weapon.
  • Possibility of financial power struggles which are not easy to resolve and can get quite emotionally frustrating.
  • Suspicious with an inability to trust people.
  • Conflicts and emotional rifts are evident and it may be difficult to remove the offending person.
  • Emotions need to be understood and controlled lest they lead into error and invoke repercussions.

Jupiter in 8th House:


Financial gain through investment is indicated here, along with a sound business sense. There is also a lot of sexual enthusiasm and exuberance, and it is essential that a partner is willing to experiment in this area. This individual can be over-demanding in many ways, often without much consideration for those around him or her. This is also a very freedom loving placing, but again, without much consideration for the effect this may have on a partner. Much thought is given to the deeper matters of life and death, and this person is often considered to be wiser than their years.

Good Aspects

  • Great prosperity possible through associations.
  • Resources placed at disposal.
  • Windfalls or legacies possible.
  • Deep thinking, high curiosity. Can investigate and dig deeply for truth.
  • Mysteries of life and death may appeal.

Bad Aspects

  • Overindulgent and extravagant behavior may result n heavy debts.
  • May depend too heavily on money belonging to others.
  • Legal or other problems may occur with regard to legacies or other financial gains.
  • The advice given may not be sound, or may not heed good advice.
  • Care is needed in all financial dealings because expectations are too high and optimism may be misplaced.

Saturn in 8th House:


Determination and good powers of concentration are increased with this placing. This is an excellent placing for anyone who routinely has responsibility for other people’s money, such as anyone in the finance world, solicitors, estate agents, bankers etc, as it endows the subject with a great deal of common sense and a healthy respect for the assets of others. Sexual repression can be an issue, with inhibition or guilt often present.

Good Aspects

  • Emotions deep and not easily displayed.
  • Likes to be in control at all times. Fears emotional dependence.
  • Secretive about aims until time is right.
  • Great determination, lets nothing stand in way.
  • Not inclined to take risks, prefers caution and patience. Good strategist.
  • Powerful need to probe for truth, showing endless patience and determination.
  • Interests in mysteries of life and death.
  • May inherit knowledge.
  • Secret, long term goal, probably connected to finances.
  • Can spot opportunities and exploit them.
  • Uses investigative abilities to check people out with an eye for financial advancement.
  • Legacies or other financial gains possible, although this may be later in life or after much delay.
  • May inherit property.

Bad Aspects

  • Fears and emotional insecurity make expression difficult.
  • May be perceived as cold or indifferent.
  • Tends to brood and be jealous.
  • Doesn’t forgive easily.
  • Strong need to control almost every aspect of life.
  • Seems to need a great deal in order to be happy.
  • Insecure.
  • Financial problems and a lack of resources may hamper progress through life.
  • Partner may be a drain on finances or may be financially or emotionally hampered in some way.

Uranus in 8th House:


This placing bestows a ‘couldn’t-care-less’ attitude towards money and wealth – if the individual has it, then fine, but if not, who cares? Again, this can have implications depending upon the sign on the cusp of this house, and of the 2nd house and very possibly conflict between this position and the need for financial security will ensue. The 8th house being a complicated one, this placing also has implications for this person’s sexual attitude, which may be rather ‘different’ (!) at best, and at worse could require professional counselling or help.

Good Aspects

  • Strong, unusual feelings. Aware of hidden forces.
  • Highly unusual mind, may have interests in the mysteries of life and death.
  • Intuition is high with sudden flashes of original thoughts.
  • Finances from unusual sources.
  • Chances of profitable joint ventures is high.
  • Sudden gains or windfalls may come out of the blue.

Bad Aspects

  • Emotions sometimes in turmoil.
  • Given to sudden impulses which result in unfortunate consequences.
  • Finances need great care. Impulsiveness could lead to losses.
  • Sudden, inexplicable changes likely in financial affairs resulting in losses. Legacies or joint finances are particularly susceptible.

Neptune in 8th House:


This placing adds a deep and meaningful passion to the sex life, and generally ensures a very satisfactory expression of desire. However, this placing is also often associated with sexual guilt of one kind or another, and it is important that these people accept themselves for who they are. The powers of seduction are certainly enhanced here, and this person is usually very popular with their chosen partners.

Good Aspects

  • Hidden talents.
  • Psychic experiences or prophetic dreams may change life.
  • Secretive.
  • May be the recipient of finances or resources placed at your disposal.
  • Legacies also possible.

Bad Aspects

  • Some people may flourish fantastic notions which are seriously flawed.
  • Confusing conditions surround finances.
  • Extravagant and wasteful partners.
  • Unforeseen complications surround legacies.
  • Taken advantage of.
  • Strange fears may cause emotional and health problems.
  • Certain anesthetics or medication could cause problems through unforeseen reactions or allergies.

Pluto in 8th House:


Pluto is at home here, since this is the Scorpio/Pluto house, Intuition is greatly increased, and there is often psychic ability too, and an interest in all things ‘new age’. A shrewd business sense is also present, especially if Cancer or Virgo is strong in the chart. Sexual problems may occur through jealousy if the emotions are not allowed to flow freely.

Good Aspects

  • Emotions are deep and powerful, not easy to understand or control.
  • May experience periods of great intensity and powerful desires which seem to dominate life at the time.
  • Natural urge to make money and do well in life.
  • Instincts lead to making the right choices and the right moves. May do better with a partner.
  • Resources and money are likely to be placed at your disposal
  • Possible healing abilities. Pure insight and likelihood of profound discoveries.
  • Major changes in which the old and outmoded is left behind to make way for the new.

Bad Aspects

  • Emotions difficult to control and may occasionally be in turmoil.
  • May feel impelled to do things against better judgement, as if in the grip of conditions beyond your control.
  • Serious problems with money and resources shared with other people.
  • Impetuous and inclined to enter into financial arrangements which are not sound. Other people may turn out to be a financial (and emotional) drain rather than an asset.
  • Major changes are likely which could be emotionally unsettling and could see you disadvantaged.


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what are your thoughts on this house?
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Astro Bella
The eighth house is the home of the sign Scorpio. Like Scorpio, it is ruled by Pluto (and Mars). The element associated with it is Water, and it is a succeedent house.

The basic keywords I use for the this one are “sexuality,” “other people’s money” (including inheritances), and “regeneration” (which includes all kinds of transformations including a literal OR figurative death and rebirth). Whereas the second house relates to our own resources, the eighth (opposite the second) relates to resourses we receive from others, and other people *as* resources for us.

On another level, with the 8th we are taking the first step toward the mysterious side of life. It relates to the occult and things that are hidden under the surface of apparent reality. Pluto, the ruler of the eighth, is known for its transformative qualities… destroying the old to make way for the new. The sign located on the cusp of the eighth house, the planet ruling that sign, and planets located in the eighth house, indicate how we transform ourselves and how we deal with change in our lives. (They also indicate how we experience sex!) Planets in the eighth can represent people who bring about change and transformation in our lives. On a more mundane level they can indicate our dealings with other people’s money and resources.

I have Gemini on the cusp of the 8th, and no planets there. I tend to be very verbal in my approach to change and transformation. When I go through major changes in my life, I need to talk it out to make sense of it all. I also tend to read everything I can get my hands on that deals with the issue I’m facing. My mother use to say that her spiritual guide was a librarian, and I guess I inherited it! I can go into any bookstore or library and almost immediately pick up the book that is just what I need to read at that time.

How does your eighth house reflect transformation in your life?


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. ————————–
    “I have Gemini on the cusp of the 8th, and no planets there. I tend to be very verbal in my approach to change and transformation. When I go through major changes in my life, I need to talk it out to make sense of it all. I also tend to read everything I can get my hands on that deals with the issue I’m facing. My mother use to say that her spiritual guide was a librarian, and I guess I inherited it! I can go into any bookstore or library and almost immediately pick up the book that is just what I need to read at that time.

    How does your eighth house reflect transformation in your life?”

    Thank you for your wonderful article!!

    To answer how my eighth house reflects transformation in my life haha um well its complicated.

    I have Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in Capricorn, in the 8th house.

    Uranus has helped me transform my life by being detached enough to use genius mind control tricks and master and control my emotions in order to benefit myself and others. I also view life like I am a scientist, collecting data, slowly getting more aware and raising my consciousness as a fun hobby. Learning slowly but also sometimes in sudden flashes of speed too, that it really is silly to waste my energy caring and thinking about how people view me, when their opinions of me are really only a reflection of their own thought patterns. It has also transformed my life when i realised that my views are reflections of my thought patterns. I am endlessly questioning authority, myself and my own thoughts haha rebelling against my own belief systems, tearing them down in a flash of lighting to rebuild a new way of being.

    Saturn has helped me transform myself purely just from being anxious as fuck, which created me always being super down on myself which meant i would work harder and longer than everyone else and therefore learnt how to take responsibility for creating my own life path. Learnt the hard way, never got anything easy, but this was a gift in learning to transform through hard work basically. Rags to riches through your own blood sweat and tears is way more satisfying when you make it, you know, than it just being given to you for free where you don’t value it or appreciate it as much.

    Neptune has helped me dissolve fear and pain using spiritual awareness and compassion. This is a beautiful gift of this placement. I never need to dissolve walls with others, i can always feel right through them and feel like as if i am them. It’s really hard to stay mad at someone when you are like this tho, you always cave into understanding and awareness that creates generous amounts of compassion and forgiveness. Haha… but this back fires too and you have to learn how to know where you end and other people begin. You need to transform your chameleon soul into one that has a strong sense of self, only this way can you truly be spiritually giving. You can’t truly spiritually give if you keep losing yourself within other people by bending to their perceptions /realities all the time. To truly give it must be from a place of strong self awareness and this means being aware you are a separate human in a body who has individual needs and wants.

    I also have 8th house influences from all my beautifully powerful pluto aspects! My Pluto in Scorpio aspects my Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune. Needless to say i am very Plutonic/8th house influenced person, so really loved reading your articles on this! Thanks for posting.

    I hoper his makes sense I’m baked haha. Peace and love to you all bitchessss! x

  2. On a metaphysical level, the 8th house represents the need for deep levels of emotional security. This can be on the physical level through your intimate partner (manifesting as joint resources) or on the soul level (believing life continues through the birth, death, rebirth process). But your personal experience will be very specific depending upon the signs, aspects and rulerships involving those three planets.

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