1. Taurus falls on my 7th house. My fiancee is a Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon. (My Sun is Pisces and we balance each other out perfectly anyway.) We both expect the same things out of a relationship so there is no head-butting whatsoever. We happened upon each other with what I would call divine timing, so it is my belief that finding her was a karmic reward. Everything about the Descendant and how it reflects committed partnership has been 110% accurate for me.

  2. Astro Bella says:

    The seventh house is the natural home for the sign Libra. Like Libra, it is ruled by Venus. The element associated with this house is Air. It house is another “angular” house, and the cusp of the seventh is known as the “descendant.” It is directly opposite the ascendant, and represents the western horizon at the time of birth.

    The basic keywords I use for this house are “partnerships” and one-to-one “relationships” of all kinds, including both marriage and open enemies! Whereas the first house relates to our sense of who we are as individuals, It (opposite the first) relates to who we are in relationship to another. The sign located on the cusp of the seventh house, the planet ruling that sign, as well as any planets located in the seventh house, indicate how we relate to others, how we experience relationships, and the kind of people we tend to get involved with.

    I have no planets in this house. Taurus is on the cusp of the seventh, and its ruler Venus is in Virgo in the eleventh house. Thus, I tend to attract either Taurean or Virgoan types for marriage or other long term committed relationships. This doesn’t mean that they are those sun signs, but rather that they embody the traits of those sun signs. Although my first “true love” was in fact a double Taurus! My ex-husband is Aries, but has some very Virgo-like traits. He is meticulous about everything, and he always was a better housekeeper than me! Also, he did tend to be fairly critical.

    What does your seventh say about your relationships?

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