5th House Astrology

5th House Astrology: Creativity

5th House Astrology

The Fifth House

Romance, creativity, and your relationships with children reside in the 5th house. Creativity and drama shine here (art, music, or any related endeavor which requires imagination), along with your aptitude for a career involving physical or mental ability.

This is the area of the horoscope to consider (along with the sixth house of work and the tenth house of career) when reflecting upon your potential talents. Leo, the sign associated with the Sun and self-expression, is the natural ruler of this house.

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Astro Bella
The fifth house is the natural home for the sign Leo. Like Leo, it is ruled by the Sun and its element is Fire. The fifth house is a “succeedant” house. The basic keywords I use for the fifth house are “creation” and “recreation.” It traditionally relates to creativity, recreation, play, children, romance and self-expression. I think of it as any kind of “creating” for its own sake. Bearing children is a very pure form of “creation.” Also, when we play, or engage in various forms of self-expression, we are creating for the sheer joy of it.

The fifth house is where we act most like the gods…. where our actions are a natural expression of our existence. In the fifth house, we are the center of our universe, which can manifest either as “childlike” wonder at the unity of all things, or a “childish” tantrum when things don’t go our way!

I have Pisces on the cusp of the fifth house, and it is occupied by Mars in Pisces. With action oriented Mars in the fifth, I am most motivated by fifth house activities: arts & crafts, interacting with children, playing games. Pisces is not the most active sign for Mars. But when involved in fifth house activities I lose all track of time and just keep on going. In college I started as an art major. Even when I felt too tired to study for my other classes, I could always find the energy to stay up to all hours of the night working on a drawing. Same thing with kids. Most of my early jobs found me watching the clock. But when I started working with kids, I had no end of energy!

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