5th House In Astrology: Creativity

5th House In Astrology


Romance, creativity, and your relationships with children reside in the 5th house. Creativity and drama shine here (art, music, or any related endeavor which requires imagination), along with your aptitude for a career involving physical or mental ability.

This is the area of the horoscope to consider (along with the sixth house of work and the tenth house of career) when reflecting upon your potential talents. Leo, the sign associated with the Sun and self-expression, is the natural ruler of this house.

Planets in the 5th House


Sun in 5th House:


The sun is very powerfully placed in the fifth house. This individual is likely to be ambitious, and very creative. Love and sex are very important, but emotional risks are often taken without due thought.

Good Aspects

  • Own childhood ought to have been a happy affair.
  • The affairs of children will assume importance
  • Romantic and affectionate.
  • Likes to be center of attraction.
  • Very creative in chosen field
  • Enthusiastic and inclined to take risks.
  • Enjoys life to the full.

Bad Aspects

  • Own childhood problematic and unhappy
  • Children may be a real source of worry and may not realize their full potential.
  • Unable to give fully.
  • Love life is one of extremes
  • Unable to express self at times, though.
  • Showy and over confident
  • Headstrong and impulsive.
  • Risk taking without considering consequences
  • Throws caution to the wind in pursuit of pleasure


Moon in 5th House:


Unless this placing occurs in a chart where creative ability is clear, the creative urge of the 5th house moon will be directed into procreation, with great joy gained from parenthood. As well as children,this is the house of love-making, and this individual will be an instinctive, responsive lover. There is an imbalance here between the extrovert qualities of the 5th house, and the introspective assets of the moon – one moment the subject may be the life and soul of the party, the next they may withdraw into themselves for no apparent reason. Which direction ‘wins’ will be shown by the Moon sign – for instance, a Sagittarian moon will be more extrovert, whilst a Pisces moon will be more introvert.

Good Aspects

  • Public success in sport, arts, literature or through managerial abilities.
  • Pleasure seeking.
  • Likes to take risks or speculate.
  • Home is a centre for social interaction.
  • Strong romantic nature.
  • Likes to get close to people.

Bad Aspects

  • Restless indulgence in pleasure.
  • Takes risks and gambles.
  • Needs to be centre of attraction.
  • Overly romantic and flirtatious.
  • Hard to keep up with.
  • Creative in art or literature.

Mercury in 5th House:


A risk-taking, perhaps gambling instinct will be strong – this may be logical, intuitive or practical, depending upon the sign in which Mercury is placed. This house has an important bearing upon love affairs, and the subject often has the knack of expressing him or herself in a way that exactly elicits the desired response from a loved one. Very good at flattery, this individual is not above using it to get his own way! Games of chance attract, as do games of mental agility such as chess. If creativity is indicated elsewhere in the chart, this placing enhances it, especially so in literary or craft work.

Good Aspects

  • Very creative mind ideally suited to the arts or literature. Liking for intellectual pursuits.
  • Instant rapport with children.
  • Children likely to be successful through creative endeavours, education, or communication skills.
  • Able to take risks and speculate successfully.
  • Rapid financial gains possible.
  • Platonic friendships highly likely.

Bad Aspects

  • Mind overly focused on pleasure leading to complications. Hard to stay on course.
  • Takes risks but may not see the inherent problems.
  • Must beware of unreliable or unscrupulous people offering shortcuts to success or ‘instant’ gains.
  • Too lax with children.

Venus in 5th House:


Appreciation of the arts is strong here, and if other factors in the chart back this up then creative ability is also often strong, especially in the fields of music, design and fashion. The love life is colourful with this placing, and this person enjoys romantic day-dreams. There is also a tendency to put the loved one on a pedestal, though, causing much hurt and disappointment when things go wrong. A love of luxury is common with this placing, but just how extravagant or trendy the subject is will depend on the sign which Venus occupies. A fascination with financial risk taking can be dangerous. Skillful games such as chess or bridge bring great enjoyment.

Good Aspects

  • Seeks to enjoy life to the full through happy activities, such as sports, games, or speculation. Attracted to the arts.
  • Likes to be noticed.
  • Highly romantic, seeks the perfect partner or soul mate.
  • Finances linked to creative abilities.
  • May turn a hobby or interest into a profitable venture.
  • Takes risks and speculates, often successfully.

Bad Aspects

  • Too carefree and happy-go-lucky with the risk of making mistakes or misjudgments.
  • Romantic inclinations may turn out to be disappointing.
  • Takes financial risks which do not pay off.

Mars in 5th House:


An extremely active love life is likely with this placing, with an additional emphasis on sexual pleasure. This individual is an assertive lover, and passion is shown in a very positive way. This subject loves children, whether their own or other people’s, and can be a huge inspiration to them. An inclination for risk taking may well be evident, with something of a gambling spirit. A colourful flair is added to any creativity shown elsewhere in the chart, but there is not much patience for the finer points of art. Enthusiasm and energy are poured into any interest, creative or otherwise. This is also an excellent placing for sporting activities, as it is another house which encourages competitiveness.

Good Aspects

  • High level of creativity which is stimulating to others.
  • Could work in theatre or arts.
  • Likes to enjoy life through sports, hobbies or speculation and risks.
  • Energetic romantic life.
  • You enjoy children, being with them, entertaining them, and sharing adventures and games.

Bad Aspects

  • Irritable and impulsive.
  • Risks taken without due consideration of consequences.
  • Too forceful dealing with people.
  • Tends to enforce rather than encourage.
  • Strife and arguments likely.
  • Creative.
  • Leadership and managing abilities.

Jupiter in 5th House:


This placing can be something of a mixed blessing. At best, it provides great creative flair, and an enthusiasm that the opposite sex find very attractive. On the other hand, this enthusiasm and optimism can run wild, into the taking of dangerous and unnecessary risks. Recklessness and a liking for gambling can become very real problems with this placing. Although marvellous company and a source of inspiration and admiration for friends and family, this person does show off a great deal. A powerful influence on the love life, this placing suggests a ‘colourful’ romantic background. If this placing is to work at its best, it needs a stabilising influence from elsewhere in the chart.

Good Aspects

  • Lots of enthusiasm and optimism. Feels very positive about life.
  • Takes risks which usually pay off.
  • Can succeed in any endeavor in which natural creativity is used.
  • Likely to be lucky and successful in life.
  • Delightful and rewarding love life. Fortunate social life.
  • Children could be successful.

Bad Aspects

  • Takes risks without due consideration.
  • Extremes of behaviour in pursuit of pleasure.
  • Children could be boisterous or extravagant, or may not succeed in life despite opportunities being given to them. They may have been given too much latitude.

Saturn in 5th House:


The attitude to love affairs is deadly serious with this placing. Despite a powerful need for relationships, the desire to do the right thing leads to a fear of commitment until eventually the right person is found. Creative talent is often present, but will be slow to develop, and may not develop at all without a lot of encouragement, as this person usually has little faith in their own abilities.

Good Aspects

  • Limited ability to express self or respond to own needs.
  • Happiness does not come easily.
  • Overly cautious.
  • Too dutiful with loved ones, imagines that practicality is what is needed rather than affection.
  • Ambitious, has the will power and tactical skills to succeed.
  • Ability to manage and organize is good, has air of authority which impresses people and invites trust.
  • Sense of honor and integrity.
  • Faith in self strong.
  • Attracted to older people, some of whom will be a useful and stabilizing influence in life.

Bad Aspects

  • Suffers from inner frustrations and fear of failure.
  • Hard to feel a sense of achievement.
  • May feel that life is against any personal happiness or success.
  • May be disinclined to take risks even when the odds are in favor of success.
  • Burdens and responsibility heaped on shoulders.
  • Spends a great deal of time doing the ‘dutiful’ thing, getting little in return.
  • Too one pointed to succeed happily.
  • May be perceived as cold and uncaring.
  • Too shy to express feelings.
  • Needs to lay down rules.
  • Not easy to enjoy life.

Uranus in 5th House:


Uranus is well placed here. It encourages creative potential and adds originality and brilliance to the end product. There will be a lively and positive attitude towards love affairs, and a fearlessness in the face of risks. Children with this placing may well be exhausting for their parents, being into everything and with too many hobbies and interests to count – but parental effort will pay dividends as they grow up.

Good Aspects

  • Has the ability for brilliant creative ideas, possibly through extending an unusual or interesting hobby.
  • Unconventional romantic life.
  • Needs high degree of personal freedom.
  • Sudden infatuations which may be kept in tandem with a more stable one.
  • Strong desire for pleasure, especially if unusual or out of the ordinary.
  • Takes risks, but can be successful.

Bad Aspects

  • Will not accept restraint. Likes to go own way, especially when it comes to pleasure.
  • Sudden, dramatic relationships not destined to be stable. May be locked into an unsuitable relationship.
  • Inclined to take risks and to speculate impulsively.

Neptune in 5th House:


This placing adds a great deal of imaginative flair to the subject’s curiosity, which will be expressed in the manner of whichever sign is on the cusp of the 5th house. Possible problems in romance are indicated, however, with this person in love with the idea of love, and very starry-eyed and gullible in affairs of the heart. A strong fantasy life is likely. Gambling is probably rather unlucky for people with this placing, and they should take care not to take foolish risks either with money or with their safety.

Good Aspects

  • High romantic ideals. Very loving.
  • Devoted to loved ones.
  • Capable of platonic friendships.
  • Attracted to the arts and glamour.
  • Likes to enjoy life to the full.

Bad Aspects

  • Disappointing romantic life.
  • Idealizes partners and fails to see reality.
  • Gives far too much and gets little in return.
  • Unreliable associations.
  • Deception. Taken advantage of.
  • Unprofitable risks.
  • Extravagant.

Pluto in 5th House:


If creativity is indicated elsewhere in the chart, this placing will ensure that the subject strives very hard to give form to it. There is often considerable psychological fulfilment with this placing, and the person often seems completely at ease with themselves. The love life is probably very intense and interesting, but this person may constantly expect too much of those around her. A compulsive tendency to take risks can cause problems.

Good Aspects

  • Powerful need to manage and organize.
  • Can breathe new life into projects.
  • Seeks to be a leader in social matters.
  • Children may be exceptional.
  • Passionate in love.

Bad Aspects

  • Difficult to deal with, likes own way and seeks to dominate.
  • Dictatorial and emotionally explosive.
  • Sever problems with children.
  • Reckless in speculation and risk-taking.
  • Childhood traumas.

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Astro Bella
The fifth house is the natural home for the sign Leo. Like Leo, it is ruled by the Sun and its element is Fire. The fifth house is a “succeedant” house. The basic keywords I use for the fifth house are “creation” and “recreation.” It traditionally relates to creativity, recreation, play, children, romance and self-expression. I think of it as any kind of “creating” for its own sake. Bearing children is a very pure form of “creation.” Also, when we play, or engage in various forms of self-expression, we are creating for the sheer joy of it.

The fifth house is where we act most like the gods…. where our actions are a natural expression of our existence. In the fifth house, we are the center of our universe, which can manifest either as “childlike” wonder at the unity of all things, or a “childish” tantrum when things don’t go our way!

I have Pisces on the cusp of the fifth house, and it is occupied by Mars in Pisces. With action oriented Mars in the fifth, I am most motivated by fifth house activities: arts & crafts, interacting with children, playing games. Pisces is not the most active sign for Mars. But when involved in fifth house activities I lose all track of time and just keep on going. In college I started as an art major. Even when I felt too tired to study for my other classes, I could always find the energy to stay up to all hours of the night working on a drawing. Same thing with kids. Most of my early jobs found me watching the clock. But when I started working with kids, I had no end of energy!


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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