9th House Astrology

9th House Astrology : Higher Mind

9th House Astrology

9th House Astrology

The ninth house depicts many divergent subjects such as, religion, law, science, and higher education, as well as distant travel and foreign concerns. This house indicates your ability to conceptualize and raise your consciousness.

This is the house of learning and teaching. It represents philosophy, new ideas, and social belief systems. The sign associated with the ninth house is Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter (the largest planet) — which represents abundance, expansion, and personal growth.

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what are your thoughts on this house?


Astro Bella


This is the home of the sign Sagittarius. Like Sagittarius, it is ruled by Jupiter. The element associated with the it is Fire. The ninth house is a “cadent” house.

The basic keywords I use for this one are “education,” “belief systems,” and “travel.” Whereas the third house deals with our personal thoughts and ideas, It deals with the broader realm of philosophies, religions and other structured belief systems (such as law and justice). It relates to exploration, both physical (travel) and mental (education). The sign located on the cusp of the ninth house, the planet ruling that sign, as well as any planets in the ninth house, indicate how we explore our world, how we learn, and what kind of belief systems appeal to us. Planets in the ninth may also describe the kind of people we tend to encounter in school or while traveling.

I have Cancer on the cusp of the ninth house, ruled by Moon in Leo in the tenth. No planets occupy this one in my chart. With Cancer on the ninth, my mother had a big impact on my education and belief systems. As I was growing up, she was always reading some book on Zen or taking a workshop on Gurdjieff, or going to a “lodge” meeting at the Theosophical Society. Not to mention “regular” church, as well. So I was exposed to a wide variety of philosophies and religions from about the time I could ride a bike. As a result, I have a rather eclectic personal belief system. (Or perhaps I should say “non-belief” system, since my favorite saying is “Belief leads to ignorance, doubt leads to wisdom.”)

What does your 9th say about your education, beliefs and travels?

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