9th House In Astrology : Higher Mind

9th House Astrology

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9th House In Astrology


The ninth house depicts many divergent subjects such as, religion, law, science, and higher education, as well as distant travel and foreign concerns. This house indicates your ability to conceptualize and raise your consciousness.

This is the house of learning and teaching. It represents philosophy, new ideas, and social belief systems. The sign associated with the ninth house is Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter (the largest planet) — which represents abundance, expansion, and personal growth.

The Planets in the 9th House


Sun in 9th House:


An individual with the sun in the ninth house is likely to want to stretch themselves intellectually, and be constantly broadening their horizons. Philosophy is a talent, but dreams do not always become a reality for this individual, unless another part of the chart shows sufficient ‘get on with it’ power to actually make things work. An eternal day-dreamer, but with a unique life philosophy.

Good Aspects

  • Children may do well in life. They may go to live far away.
  • Legal matters prominent.
  • Generous.
  • You can expect opportunities to come your way and kindly people to assist.
  • Travel and further education likely.
  • Freedom of thought needed.
  • Deeper issues such as philosophy, religion or psychology of interest.
  • Higher education, learning or knowledge is an important facet of life

Bad Aspects

  • Wayward children. They may expect too much for little effort in return.
  • Legal complications. Unreliable legal advice.
  • Religion may become an escape from reality.
  • Unable to complete the course in studies. Tends to get side-tracked
  • Extravagant and wasteful.
  • May be taken advantage of.
  • Gives too much and gets little in return.
  • Mistakes made through carelessness.
  • Impulsive, does not consider consequences.
  • Difficult to rest or relax.
  • Restless and changeable, may not complete projects.



Here the subject has an instinctive need to stretch his or her intellect through study, but the powers of concentration fluctuate, making study sometimes harder than it need be. A strong Moon sign and good aspects to Mercury and Jupiter will help, but determination is essential, and must be found from elsewhere in the chart. These people are also prone to a lot of wishful thinking ‘If only….’ is a common phrase. There is also an attraction to travel in this placing, with long journeys almost certainly taking place within the imagination if not in reality. The intellect is philosophical, but moral decisions are usually taken instinctively. The subject is often on a permanent quest for the ‘truth’ – and they usually find whatever ‘truth’ they had hoped to find.

Good Aspects

  • Many happy and fulfilling experiences waiting out there in the world.
  • Freedom thinking.
  • Intellectual.
  • Powerful imagination, excellent memory.
  • Dreams vivid, possibly prophetic.
  • Looks for a special place to put down roots – a ‘spiritual’ home.
  • May change your home several times before the ideal is found, and it may lie far away from place of birth.

Bad Aspects

  • Wanderlust, hard to settle down.
  • Unsettled home life, many changes and relocation.
  • Difficulties experienced in travel, probably due to muddles or unreliable people.
  • Need for constant change and variety may get in the way of learning.



As this is the house of the higher intellect, Mercury is well placed here. This mind needs constant challenge, but is also very restless – it is important to develop some intellectual staying power and to counter superficiality. Whilst the mind is well able to cope with daunting projects, the ability to grasp detail will be indicated by the sign in which Mercury is placed, with some signs faring much better than others. There is a strong tendency to daydream with this placing, and also a love of armchair travel. This subject would enjoy work in libraries, bookshops or a university – here is an eternal student if ever there was one. A love of foreign languages and culture is often also present.

Good Aspects

  • Deep inspired thinking and profound study.
  • Flexible, adaptable mind, speedy connections and quick conclusions.
  • Could be suited to philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, law, or religion.
  • May become involved in teaching, writing, or in a project which reaches out to a wide audience.
  • Travel may appeal to freedom seeking nature.
  • Friends in far away places.

Bad Aspects

  • Hazy and impractical.
  • Makes promises to readily, finds them hard to keep.
  • Means well but runs out of enthusiasm.
  • Very restless and prone to wandering with no aim in mind.
  • Collects knowledge but may not use it effectively. To many ideas on the go.
  • Unfinished projects.
  • Legal problems as a result of mistakes of flawed profession advice.



Here there is a great love of travel and a need to experience foreign cultures and ways of life. Quite often with this placing, romantic episodes occur abroad. Tradition also decrees that this individual will marry someone from overseas and live abroad, but of course this is not always so (often though!). A wisely relaxed and philosophical attitude to life is very apparent, and this person wants to live in an idealistic world. If he is well motivated and energetic (which Mars and the Ascendant Sign would begin to tell us) then action might be taken along these lines – campaigning for peace, for instance. Learning is enjoyable through out life.

Good Aspects

  • Seeks to expand horizons.
  • Travel may appeal.
  • Likely to meet people who can be of great value.
  • Higher education or further study will feature and great pleasure derived from this.
  • Partners found far away from place of birth.
  • Sharing of educational and philosophical interests.
  • May co-operate in educational or professional matters and do well.
  • Good use of mental and communication skills to earn money.

Bad Aspects

  • Very restless seeking endless experiences.
  • Longs for something wonderful yet probably unattainable.
  • Difficulties and unpleasantness encountered during travel or while abroad.
  • People unhelpful or try to take advantage.
  • Care is needed in legal matters. All contracts and arrangements need careful scrutiny.
  • May want more than is needed.
  • Extravagance and waste.
  • May have ‘spiritual’ attitude towards finances resulting in odd ways of doing things.



Provided the subject shows good intellectual potential, then this placing will encourage involvement in and excitement with intellectual challenge. Further and adult education will be especially enjoyable. An adventurous spirit flows through this individual, who will – or would like to – travel to the ends of the earth, just to see what is there. Generally there is a ready acceptance of all kinds of challenge, and a great deal of bravery. Restlessness is common, especially if plans are thwarted. Relaxation techniques encourage what is already a very philosophical outlook in life.

Good Aspects

  • Restless, always looking for new experiences.
  • Likes to be out and about in the world through travel and adventure. Can travel just as easily in imagination.
  • Strong well considered opinions, unafraid to express these.
  • Will fight for convictions.
  • Fervent feelings and strong beliefs.
  • Keen to study.

Bad Aspects

  • Constant search for excitement which is not easy to satisfy.
  • Very restless. Impulsiveness in travel.
  • There could be problems with foreigners or people far away who are not disposed to be helpful.
  • Care is needed with legal matters as there is a chance of rushing matters and making mistakes.
  • Legal conflicts are likely.
  • Inclined to learn but may take on board to many ideas. Keen to start but may run out of enthusiasm.
  • Strong inflexible opinions, not given to open minded debate.
  • Expresses opinions forcefully.
  • Narrow beliefs which are too fervent.

Jupiter in 9th House:


Jupiter’s influence is strong here, because this is the Jupiter/Sagittarius house. Considerable intellectual potential will be expressed in the manner of the Jupiter sign. A very positive outlook on life combines with an inherent optimism and breadth of vision. The ninth house love of travel is emphasised physically, intellectually and imaginatively, in the best possible way. Studying and the acquisition of knowledge are very important to this person, and in order to feel fulfilled there should always be the opportunity to learn. Parents with this placing, especially mothers, absolutely must have an interest outside their lives with their children. Restlessness is very likely, particularly if Jupiter is in an air sign, or in negatively aspected by Mercury or Uranus. A flair for languages and an innate understanding of other cultures make this person very worldly.

Good Aspects

  • Great love of travel and adventure. Likes to reach out into the world.
  • Some contacts could be especially fortunate and may lead to great possibilities.
  • Business opportunities are to be found ‘out there’ in the world.
  • Intellectual and philosophical mind given to deep thinking.
  • Easily educated.
  • Noble and high principled.
  • Sound judgement and impartial decisions.

Bad Aspects

  • Restless and always on the go, hard to settle or rest. Life is for living.
  • Tends to pick and choose what to learn.
  • May not complete projects.
  • Tends to exaggerate.
  • Travel may be blighted by carelessness, some experiences may not live up to expectations.

Saturn in 9th House:


Here is an ability to think deeply and seriously about important issues. Considerable desire is here to improve the subject’s mind, with study courses undertaken and much reading and learning. Challenges are approached with extreme caution, and the prospect of physical travel can unleash all kinds of fears, often a fear of flying. Psychologically, there is often a general fear of ‘taking off’, so Saturn here again can cause inhibition and apprehension. There can also be something of an inferiority complex when this person mixes with people who he rightly or wrongly believes to be intellectually or educationally superior to him.

Good Aspects

  • Need to succeed blessed with optimism and enthusiasm.
  • Combines success with freedom and happiness.
  • Capable of patient study which is then turned to maximum advantage.
  • Thinks big.
  • Experience of life will be put to good use when older and wiser.
  • Personal standing and dignity will tend to increase with age.
  • Structured religious and moral concepts. Belief and faith.
  • Travel, far away places likely to provide valuable learning experiences.

Bad Aspects

  • Difficult to accept delays or restrictions.
  • Temperamental.
  • Unfinished projects.
  • Makes mistakes.
  • Narrow mined and inflexible.
  • Pessimistic and skeptical.
  • Travel could be problematic. May be disinclined to make journeys, or there are delays and obstacles to surmount.

Neptune in 9th House:


Neptune here has a considerable effect upon the intellect, giving inspiration and idealism that combine marvelously well with a philosophical outlook upon life. Often considered wise (sometimes wiser than their years), this subject may well have a religious or studious vocation of some kind. In any case, there is probably a strong interest in mysticism and other ‘new age’ subjects. However, despite the considerable intellectual potential, people with this placing are not too good with details, and often wish they could develop more organisational skills.

Good Aspects

  • Freedom love who may find it hard to settle.
  • Seeks endless experiences through travel.
  • Looks for something alluring.
  • May meet up with strange people with equally strange philosophies, but the experience could be enlightening.
  • Studies profound subjects.
  • Writing may be highly imaginative.
  • Highly sensitive mind.
  • Intuition good.
  • Dreams may be prophetic.

Bad Aspects

  • The urge to be free is not easy to control or to satisfy.
  • You may find yourself wandering endlessly, perhaps seeking some as yet undefined ideal or, just as likely, trying to escape from what you perceive to be the restrictions life tries to impose on you.
  • Problems may occur with travel due to lack of planning or the carelessness of other people.
  • Philosophy for life not clearly defined.
  • Opinions of others accepted too easily.
  • Religious or philosophical matters need care.
  • May not take abilities seriously enough.
  • Tends to change direction too easily.
  • Lacks concentration, daydreams.

Pluto in 9th House:


This placing often gives a compulsive desire to study and to seek out mental challenge, sometimes beyond all reason. A striving for perfection at all times can lead to low self-esteem in this person, and there is also a strong tendency to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ – he or she quickly becomes disillusioned with projects and wants to take drastic action.

Good Aspects

  • Great curiosity and a powerful need to dig deeply for hidden knowledge and truth.
  • Learning is an intense experience which, at times, may lead to a feeling of evolving, or a transcending the material.
  • Can breathe new life into existing concepts.
  • Travel is highly favored and can be instrumental in bringing intellectual as well as spiritual gains.
  • Great insight as well as high intuition may develop in the course of time.

Bad Aspects

  • Inflexible views on religion or the spiritual side of life.
  • Entrenched beliefs.
  • Travel may be problematical. May try to dominate travel arrangements.
  • Powerful people with far away connections could prove to be a destructive influence.
  • Legal matters may go against you through unscrupulous, professional people or poor advice.

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what are your thoughts on this house?

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Astro Bella


This is the home of the sign Sagittarius. Like Sagittarius, it is ruled by Jupiter. The element associated with the it is Fire. The ninth house is a “cadent” house.

The basic keywords I use for this one are “education,” “belief systems,” and “travel.” Whereas the third house deals with our personal thoughts and ideas, It deals with the broader realm of philosophies, religions and other structured belief systems (such as law and justice). It relates to exploration, both physical (travel) and mental (education). The sign located on the cusp of the ninth house, the planet ruling that sign, as well as any planets in the ninth house, indicate how we explore our world, how we learn, and what kind of belief systems appeal to us. Planets in the ninth may also describe the kind of people we tend to encounter in school or while traveling.

I have Cancer on the cusp of the ninth house, ruled by Moon in Leo in the tenth. No planets occupy this one in my chart. With Cancer on the ninth, my mother had a big impact on my education and belief systems. As I was growing up, she was always reading some book on Zen or taking a workshop on Gurdjieff, or going to a “lodge” meeting at the Theosophical Society. Not to mention “regular” church, as well. So I was exposed to a wide variety of philosophies and religions from about the time I could ride a bike. As a result, I have a rather eclectic personal belief system. (Or perhaps I should say “non-belief” system, since my favorite saying is “Belief leads to ignorance, doubt leads to wisdom.”)

What does your 9th say about your education, beliefs and travels?


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Melissa Martinez

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