2nd House Astrology

2nd House Astrology: Possessions and Values

2nd house astrology

The Second House

The 2nd house represents the things you own and what you value — now and in the future. It describes your possessions and how you care for them, your view of finances and how you handle them, as well as your ability to earn money.

Your self-image, productivity, income, resources, and values also reside in the second house. Venus, the planet of values, possessions, and the things you cherish, is the natural ruler of this house, along with the dependable and productive sign of Taurus.

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Astro Bella


The second house is the natural home for the sign Taurus, and like Taurus it is ruled by the planet Venus. And like Taurus, it is fixed earth. Like all houses following an “angular” house (moving in a counter-clockwise direction) It is called a “succedent” house. All succedent houses correspond to fixed signs–in this case Taurus.

The basic keywords I use for the second house are “values” and “resources.” It relates to our sense of security–what resources we need to feel secure. This often relates material security, including money, earnings and possessions. I have also heard that its security needs can relate to other kinds of resources, such as our physical energy, self esteem and spiritual resources. I resonate with this broader concept, so I prefer the keyword “resources.” It also reflects our attitude toward those resouces… for which I use the keyword “values.”

The sign located on the cusp of the second house says something about what kind of security is important to us. Planets located in the second house will also impact our values and how we satisfy our security needs (or how we thwart our security needs!). The sign generically associated with the second house will also affect how we express the energy of the planets located there. Thus, planets in the second have a slight “Taurean” flavor.

I’ve got Sagittarius on the cusp of the 2nd, and Saturn is located there. This is a bit of a dichotomy, with the ruler of Sagittaries–expansive Jupiter–being somewhat at odds with restrictive Saturn. This manifests as a generally optimistic attitude towards my resources, even though one of the life lessons I’m working on is being more careful in conserving my resources. I go through cycles of over-spending (often on others) in Jupiterian fashion, and then having to pay the Saturnian belt-tightening consequences!

What does your second house look like? What resources is it giving you?

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