2nd House In Astrology: Possessions and Values

2nd house astrology

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2nd House In Astrology


The 2nd house represents the things you own and what you value — now and in the future. It describes your possessions and how you care for them, your view of finances and how you handle them, as well as your ability to earn money.

Your self-image, productivity, income, resources, and values also reside in the second house. Venus, the planet of values, possessions, and the things you cherish, is the natural ruler of this house, along with the dependable and productive sign of Taurus.

Planets in the Second House


Sun in 2nd House:


With the sun in the second house, the individual expresses themselves (or would like to) through their material wealth. A tendency to show off is countered by a generosity of spirit. Living the good life is important to this person, but materialism could dominate their life to an unhealthy degree.

Good Aspects

  • Will do well in life, is confident and not afraid to take risks.
  • Good with financial matters.
  • Enjoys money and the pleasure it can bring.
  • Generous

Bad Aspects

  • Financial flair.
  • Financial problems through impulsive actions.
  • Debts.
  • Possessive.
  • Tends to hoard

Moon in 2nd House:


The need for security, both emotional and financial is very pertinent here, and the Moon’s attributes, as shown by its sign, will flourish against a much needed secure background. There is a strong instinct to save and to collect possessions. Peaks and troughs are likely in the subject’s financial position, and when the coffers are low, imagination runs riot, and the worst possible scenario is imagined over and over again. In fact, constant worry about money can be a very real problem, even if the subject is well off. This person can be very materialistic if the rest of the birth chart is so inclined. Often, money slips easily through their fingers, and they can be gullible and over-generous, which in turn works against their acquisitive instincts, causing conflict. However, a good business instinct is often present, and if other planets support it, the subject should take note of his intuition when deciding where to invest money. A trine from the Moon to Saturn will help, but squares or oppositions to Jupiter or Neptune won’t.

Good Aspects

  • Strong need for security in life.
  • Sensible approach to finances.
  • Shrewdness and common sense, can make the most out of the least.
  • Can sense what the public needs.
  • Mother may have been a positive influence in finances.

Bad Aspects

  • Fluctuating fortunes.
  • Feels insecure.
  • Alternates between being careful and overspending.
  • Missed opportunities.

Mercury in 2nd House:


Here there will be a quick and clever attitude towards money, with perhaps a flair for investment. The individual may be attracted to, or become involved in, get rich quick schemes. Just how well or badly these will work will depend on the sign placing and the aspects that Mercury receives. Positive aspects from Saturn lend a steadying influence, whilst negative ones from Neptune lead to confusion, complications, deceit and even fraud. Bargaining is a favourite occupation, and financial wheeling and dealing of any sort will prove irresistible. Often two or more sources of income will be enjoyed.

Good Aspects

  • Practical minded, especially with finances.
  • Can use communication skills to make financial gains.

Bad Aspects

  • Judgement flawed in financial matters.
  • May make mistakes through carelessness or misjudgments.
  • Incompetent people could cause problems.
  • Beware of theft or trickery.

Venus in 2nd House:


Venus’ influence is increased by its presence here in the Taurus/Venus house. Acquiring possessions is very important to this person, not only because he loves beautiful things, but perhaps more importantly because of the implications of material wealth on his need for financial and emotional security. Taurean possessiveness and the tendency to regard loved ones as belongings needs countering. These people are often very generous, but often so as an attempt to buy love and affection. This is more likely if the sign on the cusp of this house is a showy one like Leo, rather than a modest one such as Virgo. Good business sense is likely, and this person finds the business world both intriguing and enjoyable.

Good Aspects

  • Financial success through business partners or marriage.
  • Possibility of fine singing voice, or the ability to act or speak in public.
  • Unsound grasp of finances.
  • May miss opportunities through being too slow to act.
  • Spends freely, leading to erosion of resources or even debts. So-called bargains may be fools gold.
  • Extravagant partners or money wasted on people.

Mars in 2nd House:


Here the Martian energy is directed towards the acquisition of possessions and wealth. However, this person is also a big spender who wants to enjoy the cash he has earned, and wants others to enjoy it too. Whether capital is acquired through sheer hard work, clever investment or careful financial dealing will depend on the Mars sign. The emotions are also intensified by this placing, and will be expressed passionately and sensually. Determination together with strong physical resources make this a placing that thrives on opposition. The temper erupts rarely, but very fiercely.

Good Aspects

  • Will put great effort into earning money and is not afraid of hard work.
  • Shows initiative when money needs to be earned. Earns quickly and spends freely.

Bad Aspects

  • Finances subject to ups and downs with occasional strife.
  • Rash with money. May easily incur debts.
  • Arguments are likely if unable to get your own way or are challenged.

Jupiter in  2nd House:


The materialistic side of Jupiter is prominent here, with a considerable urge to make money, and often great success. Financial risks pay off more often than not. Creature comforts are important, as is extravagant entertaining. The subject is especially generous towards partners, but sometimes this can be indicative of someone who is trying to buy love and affection.

Good Aspects

  • Financial and material success with a good measure of good fortune may be expected with many opportunities along the way.
  • Natural ability to make money.
  • General optimism carries the day.
  • People come along at opportune moments, circumstances offer ideas and opportunities.

Bad Aspects

  • Can be impulsive and careless with money. Extravagance and waste.
  • Dealings afar or with foreigners could be unsound.

Saturn in 2nd House:


Saturn here indicates that this person will work very hard for every penny they earn. That is not to say that he or she won’t make a lot of money, but that what money they do make will be very much thanks to their own effort as opposed to luck, inheritances etc. Safe investments are the order of the day. Sensual pleasures are enjoyed as much as the next man, but may be harder to come by.

Good Aspects

  • Serious purpose in life, may restrict self in order to gain later.
  • Very practical, can turn hand to almost anything.
  • Great determination and endless patience.
  • Natural flair for financial matters.
  • Thrifty.
  • Likely to do well in life, can spot opportunities and take advantage.
  • Gains through long term plans and persistent effort.
  • Can make the most out of the least.
  • Maybe good with investment or property.
  • Not easy to display feelings.
  • Loyalty and support guaranteed once someone is trusted.
  • Values honour and integrity.

Bad Aspects

  • To cautious to take risks, fearful of stepping outside self imposed restrictions.
  • Lethargic at times.
  • Stubborn and inflexible.
  • Financial matters over important and may dominate life.
  • Treadmill existence. Never seems to be enough.
  • Dogged by fear.
  • May put a lot of effort into being successful but obstacles get in the way.
  • Feelings bottled up and not easily expressed.
  • Perhaps afraid to show affection in case it is interpreted as weakness.

Uranus in 2nd House:


With this placing, the subject’s attitude towards money will be more than a little ‘zany’. Often this person is too clever by half, financially speaking, and financial problems will be firmly his or her fault. However, if earth signs are prominent in the chart, this could be an excellent placing, with brilliant financial flair and clever investments. Uranus here works badly if negatively aspected by Venus or the Moon – in this case, Uranian independence will be spiced with an unusual amount of possessiveness – not a pleasant combination for an unsuspecting romantic partner.

Good Aspects

  • Highly excitable feelings.
  • Unorthodox approach to finances. Likely to earn money in unusual ways.
  • Friends and social contacts could be useful in gaining financial opportunities.
  • Can come up with highly original and inventive ways of making money.
  • Has the knack of being able to find ingenious ways to extract self from difficulties.
  • Excellent chances of financial gains, sometimes through sudden, exciting changes leading to opportunities.

Bad Aspects

  • Feelings are sometimes balanced on a knife-edge and may be hard to control.
  • Impulsive with money.
  • Highly suspect social contacts involved in finances.
  • Unexpected changes can seriously affect finances.

Neptune in 2nd House:


Here the subject’s attitude to money is not very sensible. Usually very generous, even excessively so, these people are easily taken in by con artists and the like. Professional financial advice is usually recommended, as this individual is also rather gullible when it comes to advertising and investments. However, this placement is very good for someone who likes to invest in art, which could actually be very fortuitous. There is often a delightful sentimentality of expression with this placement, too.

Good Aspects

  • Can be resourceful with financial dealings.
  • Makes money from imaginative or mystical schemes.
  • Accurate hunches that pay off. Idealizes possessions.

Bad Aspects

  • Anxiety over finances.
  • Desires so much that there never seems to be enough.
  • Too easy going with money matters.
  • Used by the unscrupulous.
  • Extravagance may lead to debts

Pluto in 2nd House:


This placing usually denotes excellent business potential, but it can become out of control with the subject becoming obsessed with making money. Powers of concentration are good, and this placing will stabilise a person who otherwise might have their head in the clouds. Determination and the will to succeed are usually clear, and this person will be rather materialistic, especially if Cancer or Taurus are strong signs in the natal chart. Loved ones may be thought of as just another possession.

Good Aspects

  • Very resourceful, able to spot opportunities and capitalize on them.
  • Instinctively values things.
  • Major changes are likely with resulting gains.

Bad Aspects

  • Care is needed not to behave impulsively or to let your emotions and feelings dictate how you should handle your finances otherwise losses could be incurred that are hard to clear up.
  • People may seek to take advantage for financial reasons.
  • May seek to use people and situations for own ends.
  • Selfish and self-seeking.
  • Dramatic changes with losses.

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Astro Bella


The second house is the natural home for the sign Taurus, and like Taurus it is ruled by the planet Venus. And like Taurus, it is fixed earth. Like all houses following an “angular” house (moving in a counter-clockwise direction) It is called a “succedent” house. All succedent houses correspond to fixed signs–in this case Taurus.

The basic keywords I use for the second house are “values” and “resources.” It relates to our sense of security–what resources we need to feel secure. This often relates material security, including money, earnings and possessions. I have also heard that its security needs can relate to other kinds of resources, such as our physical energy, self esteem and spiritual resources. I resonate with this broader concept, so I prefer the keyword “resources.” It also reflects our attitude toward those resouces… for which I use the keyword “values.”

The sign located on the cusp of the second house says something about what kind of security is important to us. Planets located in the second house will also impact our values and how we satisfy our security needs (or how we thwart our security needs!). The sign generically associated with the second house will also affect how we express the energy of the planets located there. Thus, planets in the second have a slight “Taurean” flavor.

I’ve got Sagittarius on the cusp of the 2nd, and Saturn is located there. This is a bit of a dichotomy, with the ruler of Sagittaries–expansive Jupiter–being somewhat at odds with restrictive Saturn. This manifests as a generally optimistic attitude towards my resources, even though one of the life lessons I’m working on is being more careful in conserving my resources. I go through cycles of over-spending (often on others) in Jupiterian fashion, and then having to pay the Saturnian belt-tightening consequences!

What does your second house look like? What resources is it giving you?


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

One Comment

  1. I also have Sagittarius on the cusp of my 2nd house, with both my North Node and Neptune in there. For years, I forced myself to be more disciplined and restrictive with resources, particularly money, because I assumed my “it’ll all work out for the best” attitude was irresponsible and potentially dangerous. However, as I am now allowing myself to be more optimistic about my financial future, and enjoy thoughts about winning the lotto or finding a massive raw diamond at a State Park, wonderful income-generating opportunities seem to show up everywhere. It’s actually quite amazing to experience.

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