Leo Rising – Ascendant in Leo

leo risingLeo Ascendant or Leo Rising

You seek to appear dignified and self-confident. However, being so determined to express yourself whenever you see fit, you sometimes enter into, and dominate situations without being invited. Despite the appearance that you are strong and unaffected by criticism, underneath, you are actually quite moody and emotionally vulnerable. Rejection and rebuffs cut you to the quick, but your pride will not allow you to reveal this.

You enjoy creating an image of altruism and to live in luxury is one of your aims. You need to be ‘king of your castle’ with all the trappings that go with your ‘royal’ status.

You will express your ideas gracefully, and are friendly and outwardly generous towards brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. You choose friends who are intelligent and ingenious and whose ideas can help you achieve what you desire.

Within your partnerships, you have one law for yourself and one for your partner. You recognize the need for your own freedom, but have difficulty in according the same freedoms to your partner. You have a almost compulsive need to know what your loved ones are ‘up to’ at all times.

You feel that a high standard of living is important – and yours by rights. This drives and motivates you to earn money, and anyone who scoffs at your endeavors will be given short shrift. When you work, you work hard in an organized way. When you play – it is the same!

Home is your ‘den’, where you can be undisputed king. It is in your nature to do a lot of ‘growling’ around your family, but feel that the privilege to ‘growl’ is confined to yourself. Should an outsider step on the toes of any member of your family,they would soon wish they hadn’t when you are around. You feel it is important to provide the best for your children, even to the extent of spoiling them.

Home is also the ideal place for spiritual contemplation and soul searching, as there you are able to find the seclusion and the privacy to be who you are.

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts


  1. Serena Weaver says:

    It is difficult for these individual to take a backseat to anything. They usually seek to bring something special into their lives, and usually succeed in doing this, however the rest of the chart should be examined in this respect. These individuals often have a certain independent element in their personality, and usually seek to excel in some field. They usually stand out in some way, and often attract much attention to themselves.
    Their life often centers around personal issues and concerns.

    In non-natal charts

    A Leo ascendant in a return chart can reflect a more laid back period where creativity and recreation flourishes. There’s usually an increase in romantic preoccupation, for good or bad depending on the aspects. There may also be more social contact, especially when other indications support it, and the native often gets more attention to himself and his issues.
    There are sometimes some issues of leadership.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Leo Rising
    The Star
    Your journey through life will often find you in the spotlight. You need to find the right venue for your talents and abilities, but once you have found the setting, all you will have to do is develop the confidence to display the final results. On the outside you appear rather dignified, and very much in control. No matter how vulnerable you may feel underneath, you always seem to be in command. Your life’s journey will give you a chance to take the lead in some way. You will also be given a chance to develop your powers of self-expression in life.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle between 1982 and 1995 has radically changed you as a lover or as a parent, and for a significant period in these years, you have had many of your preconceptions about either relationships or parenthood challenged. In either the Eighties or Nineties, your priority has been to keep the security or stability in your private or family life, but the chemistry operating between you and your partners or offspring has been rather like an unpredictable laboratory experiment. You have made some exciting, even revolutionary, discoveries about how you really feel about sex, love, parenthood and the whole damn thing. But you would be the first to admit that you have been through major, sudden and unpredictable changes in your private life which have been extremely confronting at the same time. Creatively, you have probably found this cycle in your life extremely stimulating, as you have channelled your powers of self-expression into new areas. But at this stage of your life, your priority is probably to find some peace in your sexual relationships or with offspring. Take heart. From 1996 onward, the electrical storms in your personal life will fade, and a new era will begin.
    Financial Pressures
    Between 1994 and 1998 you can expect to find challenges affecting you financially. For a major part of this cycle, you will be concentrating on the money, assets, property or possessions that you share with others. This may affect you personally – particularly if a spouse, lover, friend or family member is connected to your financial position or lifestyle. It may also influence you in business terms. Whatever the story, try to steer your own course now. You’re on a major learning curve.
    Money Talks
    While you are becoming sharply aware of the need to manage and organise the finances or assets tying you to others, you will also have to rethink your own personal budget. Part of the solution to the obstacles or challenges in this cycle lies in your ability to become responsible for yourself. Your patience is not indefinite, so to counteract the waiting game over the money, the property or the possessions involved, you need to become your own best accountant to cope.
    Relationships Improve
    In 1995 and 1996 Jupiter will help you to find the right balance in sexual relationships, or in a parent-child bond. At some stage of this cycle, you can expand your role as a parent, or enjoy an encouraging chapter in your private life. A sense of freedom will result from this cycle, so enjoy it. Creatively you will also be on a roll. Once you find the right medium, the process will be as worthwhile as the end product. You will ³speak your heart² creatively or emotionally at this time.
    Balancing Friendships
    At about the same time you are pushing the limits creatively (and gaining from improved offspring or love relationships) you also need to work on friendships. At some stage in 1995 or 1996 you will have to check on the way certain key friends or associates are operating with you. An excess of self-interest or ego on either side needs curbing, or a friendship may begin to suffer. Differences can and will be resolved once you and this person put communication before pride.

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