Sagittarius Rising – Ascendant in Sagittarius

sagittarius risingSagittarius Ascendant or Sagittarius Rising

In general the world sees you as an optimistic, friendly, interested and jovial person. Indeed you are often a great source of inspiration to those around you. However you do have a tendency to take things and people for granted, and can on occasions be rather tactless.

This is not a deliberate act on your part, just a lack of thought where you speak first without considering the ramification or impact of your words upon others.

You expend a great deal of energy in fun filled activity. You may be a sporty type maybe not, but you are highly likely to feel passionately about some activity or other that provides you with great pleasure.

Your hidden support is in your resourcefulness, and you know how to motivate others to help you when needed. You are able to communicate your ideas in exciting and ingenious ways, and although they tend to arrive in moments of inspiration, they are nearly always workable, practical and based on values that have proved themselves over the course of time.

You think in humanitarian terms, but don’t always consider the individuality of the human being.

Likely to appear passionate and aggressive in the realm of love and romance, you are in fact primarily something of a loner. You attract people who are intelligent and versatile, and who can aid you in practical ways.

A likely marriage partner would be a friend, a friend of a friend or a friend of long standing. In public, you prefer to have yourself and ideas represented by your partner. Despite this, you can be very astute when it comes to public relations.

Practical, responsible and ambitious concerning money, you do not feel that you spend unnecessarily or foolishly. This can be a matter for debate however, as you do tend to consider money spent in the pursuit of your own particular interests as having a high priority. In other ways you are often quite frugal.

Work for you, needs be practical in its nature – preferably outdoors. If monetary gain is in prospect, you will work extremely hard, appearing efficient and organised. You will be good at jobs which require close attention to detail.

Your home is probably a place of retreat, where you can enjoy privacy and retrospection. You are generous, but dominant in your relationship with your children.

Your health, should in general, be quite robust, as long as you do not overeat or become too self indulgent in any way.

You will hold your own particular philosophy on life, which you will keep dear in a very emotional kind of way. You will travel far in your mind, your eyes often on distant goals. It will be important to you that you be remembered fondly after you die.

Thus, much of your later life may be geared into making sure that your affairs are kept in good order, so as to provide ample provisions for the loved ones you leave behind.

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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  1. What the Rising! says:

    Sagittarius Rising
    The Explorer
    Your journey through life inevitably involves people or places miles away. Long-distance connections will broaden your horizons, and you will become a global thinker during your lifetime, fond of the big picture rather than the small-town mindset. Extensive travel, or close involvements with people from completely different backgrounds, open your mind. On the surface, you seem more like a Sagittarian than anything else – no matter what your Sun Sign might be. People find you eternally optimistic, and also quite adventurous. Your outer image is positive and philosophical. You appear to be an explorer.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle between 1982 and 1995 has changed your life radically in recent years. Circumstances around you for a large slice of the Eighties or early Nineties have made people see you differently. People have found you behaving in ways that bear no resemblance to the old you, or the person you used to be. Between 1982 and 1995, you have spent a long time rethinking at least one close relationship or partnership. If it allowed you the freedom you need, it had to change dramatically to accommodate you. If it tied you down, restricted or suffocated you, it may be history even as you read this! In many ways, you have spent a major part of the 1982-1995 cycle being a rebel, a renegade or perhaps having your second adolescence. New Age thinking, alternative ideas or alternative people have also made their impact. You may also have been followed around by all kinds of upsets, accidents, shockwaves and dramas at times in this cycle. Half of you experienced this in the Eighties. The remaining half dealt with this in the Nineties. But for all of you with Sagittarius Rising, the good news is that life will be calmer from 1996 onwards.
    Challenges at Home
    Between 1994 and 1998 you can expect to find challenges affecting the home front. For a significant part of this cycle you will be asking yourself what it would take to make you feel happy and comfortable in your house or flat – or whatever you call home. You will be targetting security for a large part of this Saturn-influenced period. So between 1994 and 1998 you sort out the arrangements with those you live with, family members, or strictly practical house or flat issues.
    Your Role In Life
    While this home-conscious process is taking place, there will also challenges around your career, your true role in life, and your aims, goals and ambitions. You need to exercise enormous patience in order to establish yourself professionally. The effects of Saturn will work almost in tandem – when it’s heavy going on the home front, you notice that there are also major challenges affecting the work picture. Enormous discipline is required but try to build for the future.
    Confidence Increases
    In 1995 and 1996 Jupiter will increase your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Somewhere between January 1995 and January 1997 you enter a key period for learning, growing and expanding your world. You find yourself surrounded by the right people, or the right opportunities, to make more of yourself. You also go on a search for meaning around this time: the superficial will not interest you, as you are looking for explanations, philosophies and valid beliefs.
    Balancing Relationships
    For a major part of 1995 and/or 1996 you will also be trying to balance the really important relationships and partnerships in your life. Any conflicts are likely to come from an ego overload on either side, so be careful. This person – your opposite number – may figure for personal or business reasons, yet the idea is to rework the chemistry, balance the situation and try to understand yourself and your relationships. Learn the art of conflict resolution – it will help you.

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