Aquarius Rising – Ascendant in Aquarius

aquarius risingAquarius Ascendant or Aquarius Rising

Original, creative and independent, you have a desire to make your own unique contribution to the world, but do not like to call undue attention to yourself, as you would much rather be loved than admired, and you are very modest in the estimation of your own abilities.

Despite appearing quite revolutionary in the eyes of others, you are actually much more conservative than you care to admit, and often limited by unconscious fears. Your hidden strength is the discipline that enables you to work hard behind the scenes or under the surface. You can be trusted with secrets.

Despite your modesty, can become aggressive and argumentative with regard to your pet theories and ideas and you can easily get onto a “hobby horse”. You are intellectually creative, always looking at new avenues of expression and the means to apply these. You are very much a forward thinker.

Passion in love is not one of your characteristics, as you derive your greatest pleasures from intellectual pursuits. You prefer intelligent companions with whom you can develop brother-sister relationships.

However, you have the tendency to attract passionate, more dominant people as partners. Being a very independent person, you should never allow this domination to be carried to the point of suppression.

A bit lax and impractical when it comes to money matters, you view money as a necessary evil, and as such are generous to those with less than you. This generous spirit is very often the factor which brings you good luck financially. You love the good things of life, but this appreciation is unlikely to make you greedy.

You either have a ‘group’ instinct, and are best working in an environment where everyone works toward a common goal for the good of others, or you are a ‘loner’ and work best in privacy and seclusion. Whichever category you come under, your work (if meaningful and humanitarian in outlook) will help you to grow in a personal sense.

Much of your financial resources will be channelled into your home, as you enjoy creating a personal environment that suits your individual tastes. Your children are likely to have intellectual ability, and be nurtured in an intellectually stimulating environment full of lively discussions on multitudes of topics. You love to study, and this enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge is easily transmitted to your children, as you encourage them to grow and nurture their own individual talents.

You have difficulties dealing with emotional issues, and your sense of well-being is often dependent upon your emotional state. If nervous or upset, your stomach is likely to develop similar symptoms. You have an inner concern for matters of health and are always alert in situations of danger where accidents could occur.

Your philosophy of life is based on ‘brotherly’ love, freedom and equality. These are the truths by which you try to live your life, often finding the need to rebel against others in order to achieve them in reality.

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts


  1. Serena Weaver says:

    the Ascendant in Aquarius reflects life through enlightenment and sharing, and as such these persons will often have much life wisdom in them, although perhaps a bit of a naive outlook.

    They tend to be much more open, approachable, and have a magic to them, a certain charisma and enthusiasm, a childlike, fun character. They will usually have an impact upon their surroundings, bringing with them something quite original. There is a often desire to help humanity, however they may be limited by ideals and ideas that are not fully practical. In any case, it is clearly a difficult thing to carry out, and the native will need a very strong and focussed chart to carry this through.

    They tend to be more openminded, always willing to listen to another. They tend to have an unusual worldview, which they’ll enjoy discussing. They may have a touch of craziness, and often have a great sense of humor. They usually have the ability to poke fun at themselves. They draw people to themselves like moths to flame.

    This ascendant has a general, positive and strengthening influence upon the chart.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Aquarius Rising
    The Individualist
    You go out into the world wanting all that is honest and true for you, which makes you a supreme individualist in a world of compromise. There are many original things about your journey through life, and it may be hard to describe it here, as Aquarius Rising is often so intensely individual that nothing really fits a formula. There will probably be a concern with tomorrow rather than today or yesterday. Tomorrow can mean anything from social change to technological innovation, but it is the ideas, theories and concepts ahead which bring out your idealism.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle of 1982-1995 has changed how you relate to the key groups in your life, and radically altered the nature of certain friendships, or even the types of friends you make. For a major slice of this 1982-1995 period you will be very concerned with group dynamics, probably asking yourself where you fit in, and questioning the perennial problem of individual freedom versus group satisfaction. You may have voluntarily found a network of people which you believe would give you more freedom or stimulation in these years. Or you may have teamed up with allies, friends and fellow travellers who are interested in alternatives and left-of-field areas. All this has made your social life and group involvements very interesting for a large part of the 82-95 cycle, and it may be fair to say that the radical changes have not come about through the predictable areas – close relationships, career, money or personal change – but through friends. As this cycle has now closed, you should be able to look back on new friendships made, and old friendships reworked. One friend’s impact in particular has been quite electric – for better or for worse – during part of this long-running cycle.
    Money and Discipline
    Between 1994 and 1998 you’ll experience a significant period of financial testing, as enormous patience and self-discipline will be required with all that is owned, owed or earned in your life. There will be an important learning curve where either your income or your money management is concerned, and to minimise problems, you may prefer to learn the lesson once, learn it well, and then wait for the next hurdle. A financial safety net may be important.
    Financial Questions
    Just as you are facing certain responsibilities, and possibly burdens, in this area, there will be other questions about the relationships involved in your financial or business picture. The dynamics involving you and anyone who has a large say over the joint finances, assets or resources will be very important. You’ll need to regulate the way these relationships are operating, particularly if the money is not yours alone but tied to others. The isues may be personal or purely business.
    Improved Friendships
    For a key part of the 1995 and/or 1996 Jupiter cycle existing friendships will bring you expansion and improvement, and you will also make new friends who add a great deal to your life. If you are involved in any network or group of people, the experience should be as productive as it is enjoyable, as you will feel group power very strongly. One friend or ally in particular could open all sorts of doors now, and this is a good time to reach out to people and make contacts.
    Close Relationships
    While friendships and groups bring opportunities, you may also find that around the same time, you need to watch closer relationships more carefully. Sexual relationships and child-parent bonds will become the focus here, and there may be a reasonable amount of ego management to take care of on either side. Excessive pride or self-interest may be the story behind the story if any problems arise at this time.

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