Capricorn Rising – Ascendant in Capricorn

capricorn risingCapricorn Ascendant or Capricorn Rising

Disciplined, systematic, hardworking and patient, you like to appear as though everything you do has a definite purpose and will achieve some practical end. You tend to appear somewhat serious and reserved, and gain pleasure from being in luxurious surroundings and dining on good food. You have a strong appreciation of art, music and sculpture. You often set yourself impossibly high goals which brings with it feelings of disappointment when for one reason or another you are unable to achieve them.

Surprisingly cryptic, often highly emotional in the way you think and communicate, your ideas are based on intuitive insights. You prefer to be alone when doing mental work and tend to organise your plans and ideas secretly, looking into all details, researching all the ins and outs before seeking the involvement of others.

Sensual and romantic in affairs of the heart, you will be strongly emotionally attached to your spouse, but interestingly if problems do arise they are more likely to be caused because your spouse is emotionally, very dependent upon you!

You seldom choose weak individuals to be your friends, preferring to surround yourself with dynamic, aggressive people who can handle many of the difficult jobs which you might be too reserved to tackle on your own.

You have the ability to make money in unusual ways, especially through groups or organisations. Although very generous by nature, you prefer to have control of joint finances.

You have the ability to make money in unusual ways, especially through groups or organisations. Versatile and ingenious when organising your work, and can handle several jobs at once, and often do so. Management ability is good and efficient, and you seem quite adept at winning over people who are in positions of power and influence, leading to benefits and promotion. You achieve this through displaying a strong sense of ethics and a cultivating a good reputation. Your standing in the world, and how you are viewed by others is very important to you.

You can sometimes be quite aggressive in matters relating to your home and family but very consistent in the love and affection you show to your children. You will take a great deal of pride in your children’s achievements, especially where they exceed your own, and will move heaven and earth to provide them with all the good things in life.

Your philosophy on life will have its basis in the ethics of efficiency and hard work, and to gain your respect, must be consistent in its every detail. When alone, and removed from the world of work, you are very philosophically oriented. This inner life guides and inspires your thinking. It is your hidden support throughout life.

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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  1. What the Rising! says:

    Capricorn Rising
    The Traditionalist
    Your journey through life involves valuing and upholding the past in some way , as the elements of life which are tried and tested, and have stood through time, really matter to you. Old-fashioned values or classical structures count, and you give an impression or organisation and ambition.. You will have to learn how to be orderly and hard-working on your journey through life, and your training skills for destiny are pretty much the same as your training skills for a career. Like the goat, you will climb patiently and steadily to the very top of wherever you are going, and show stamina.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle of 1982-1995 has probably felt rather alien and even alarming at times, as you are familiar with the need to keep life stable and secure, yet this unpredictable, maverick planet has rocked your reality on more than one occasion. For a significant slice of the 1982-1995 period you have been dealing with all kinds of x-factors and electric events that have seemingly come from nowhere. Eyebrows have been raised, shockwaves have been registered and you may have felt as if life is always sneaking up behind you. You may not have been aware of the extent to which your unconscious has been driving the bus. Many of these events, or even some of the behaviour you have seen, may appear to be the random outpourings of some unpredictable fate, yet if you retrace your steps you may be able to see where it all began. You may even be able to analyse and acknowledge your own, unconscious role in setting some of these situations up from the beginning. Life will be calmer from now on. The background, hidden side of you will no longer dominate the stage.
    Communication Skills
    Between 1994 and 1998 you will spend around half the years in this cycle re-learning the art of communication. To get your message across you will have to work much harder than usual, or risk communication breakdowns or blockages which mean nobody is listening, and nobody is really saying anything! If you are studying in this cycle, you will have to be very patient. Even if you are not, this will be a time of learning on many levels and you will need to train your brain extensively.
    Different Worldviews
    While you are re-structuring your opinions, attitudes, communication skills and mindset, you will also have to deal with the different worldviews that separate you from others. It really comes down to a matter of belief, and this may be belief in the traditional sense, or those cross-cultural differences which can be hard to navigate. There may be the odd test of strength which directly relates to your own personal beliefs, your faith in certain things, and what you know or trust is true.
    A Spiritual Slant
    For a significant part of the 1995 and/or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will expand your awareness of the spiritual side of life. You may grow in knowledge by discovering the universality of everyone’s experience, or by finding opportunities to learn more and know more about the less tangible parts of existence. A specific book, teacher figure, course or other channel will emerge in this cycle, and this is your gateway to better understanding of spiritual philosophies.
    Work and Health
    At about the same time you will have to turn your attention to the daily routines that affect you in work and health terms. What you eat and when you eat it, how you feel about those duties, obligations and commitments which make up the working day. While the spiritual side becomes important, there are also mundane realities to deal with, and at this time you will need to shape up your act in all these everyday life spheres too. If not, work influences wellbeing and vice versa.

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