1. Serena Weaver says:

    Usually adding much charm to the personality, these are often well-liked by their surroundings, however may be more controversial should the chart be especially afflicted or reflect much unresolved bitterness. Most of them would come across as nice, pleasant, and fair, however a closer look may reflect inconsistencies and reveal the intricacies of the rest of the chart

    Aesthetics is highly rated, and things should always be wrapped with neat, harmonious or harmonizing superficies. Disrespectfulness or coarseness, interior or exterior is usually not tolerated, unless there is particular decadence in the chart (eg. unbalanced Symbol of the sign of ScorpioScorpio influence however it still not trumpetted). In any case the personality has some form of refinement.

    It can be difficult for them to be alone, so they use an attractive image to draw people to them. There is often a hightened sensitivity to the arts (esp. music), and this often finds expression in Libra Ascendant individuals’ lives.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Libra Rising
    The Diplomat
    Social skills and partnerships are very important to you, because life has often put you in situations where you must decide if the story is about us or me, compromise or self-interest. You go out into the world smoothing over the differences and making the connections that will secure things for you. It’s a peaceful journey, in many ways, because it involves concepts of beauty and harmony that others often miss. You develop skills like tolerance and natural public relations ability as you go through life, and on a deeper level, will develop a strong sense of fairness and equality. The idea that people or living creatures may be treated in a second-rate fashion purely because of who or what they are is offensive to you. You believe in a fair and balanced universe.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle between 1982 and 1995 has transformed the way you think, and the way you communicate. You have found new ways of getting your message across, and the medium you use to communicate in, or even the vocabulary you have, may have changed quite dramatically for a large slice of the 1982-1995 cycle. Certain books, teacher figures or gurus have had a powerful effect on the way you see the world. Some of you have also become fascinated by alternative or progressive areas of thought and belief – everything from astrology (which may be why you’re reading this now!) to branches of New Age philosophy, the new science or computers. There have been times in this 1982-1995 cycle when you appear to have spent whole years buzzing with electricity, as Uranian energy can make your brain feel as if it is wired to the moon. New ideas, progressive or far-sighted people, concepts and theories have all revolutionised the way you process information and shape your particular mindset or “voice.”
    The Work Ethic
    Between 1994 and 1998 you’ll find a long period when everyday obligations and duties – especially those tied to your work or employment situation – weigh quite heavily. Watch your energy during this part of the cycle, as for a reasonable slice of the 1994-1998 period you may be slogging away on a daily basis. Your health at the most basic level will require disciplined attention so that you can balance mind, body and spirit during this time. Whatever you achieve in work terms may not bring instant glory but it will earn you respect.
    Your Hidden Side
    While life is demanding that you shoulder certain burdens on the health or work front, your unconscious will also be making itself felt. Watch your dreams at this time, as they will contain some important messages about that part of you which is hidden from view, yet ultimately drives the bus more than you know. It is important that you give yourself as much time and space alone as you can, in order to understand your hidden self whenever it demands attention in this long cycle.
    The Mind Broadens
    For a major part of the 1995 and/or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will be expanding your mind, and developing a larger “vocabulary” to deal with the new vistas of communication or learning which open up for you. Positive thinking will start to make sense for you, and your understanding will increase in many different areas. If there have been blocks with siblings or other close relatives, a generous attitude from one of you – a broadminded attitude, in fact – could close the gaps. It’s a good time to read, study, communicate. Writing skills may broaden as well.
    Beliefs and Values
    While your communication skills increase and your mind expands, you will also face the challenge of understanding the different beliefs and values held by other people. Differences which are based in religious, social, national, cultural or political ideas may come to your attention, and the challenge will be for either person involved to recognise when a belief is a point of personal pride, and when it is merely a concept to be debated, discussed and tolerated.

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