1. Serena Weaver says:

    Pisces ascendant gives the person less ability to take decisions independenetly, persons is easily influenced by others close to him.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Pisces Rising
    The Escapist
    Your journey through life involves plenty of escape clauses or excuses to dream, as you can only take so much of the real world before you have to gently excuse yourself from it. Sensitive to the point where you sometimes feel you have antennae on your head, you pick up moods and vibrations, and feel your own emotions or other people’s very deeply. Perhaps this is why your journey through life will involve so many escape tunnels, but hopefully you will know the difference betwen the fantasy and the reality alone the way – slipping into other realities can be seductive, even addictive – but it will not save you. You respond to your world with sensitivity.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle of 1982-1995 has radically changed your aims, goals and ambitions in life for a reasonable slice of the Eighties or early Nineties. Your career or calling in life has been brought into line with what is honest and what is real – what, in effect, is going to make you feel more alive. At times, your basic security has been traded for this kind of stimulation. You may have exerienced sudden and unpredictable u-turns in your working life which have challenged you to accep change and make it part of your existence. If you have been working with the Uranian energy (and with Pisces Rising, you may have instinctively felt it) then you have willingly accepted whatever is being flung at you. If you have craved freedom in your particular vocation or calling, then you may have gone out and found it. The most disruption you have felt has probably been at those times when you have clung on tightly to structures and goals which, in the long term, may have been blocking you. It may not have felt like it at the time- but, as this cycle finishes, you will acknowledge a few key lessons.
    Self Knowledge
    Between 1994 and 1998 Saturn will influence your Rising Sign, and for around half this period you will be learning more about yourself than for many years. You will need to take time out from the passing parade in order to do this, and will need more time alone to analyse and understand who you are and what you are all about. If the Seventies were classified as the ³Me Decade² then this period might be called the ³Me Years²! Give yourself the time needed to look inward now
    Partnership Challenges
    While you are taking time out to get to know yourself better, you will also have some difficult partnership issues to deal with. Your opposite numbers or karmic connections in life will need to be taken much more seriously, as there will be some complicated issues to sort out. There may be classic ³Me² versus ³We² matters, or you may not always feel that you are travelling the same road together. There is no quick or easy way to evade the realities, yet you will learn an awful lot.
    Career Opportunities
    For a significant part of the 1995 or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will be given a chance to make much more of your role, reputation or calling in life. Even the smallest doors which open now can lead you to bigger things, and there will be nothing small about what you have in mind in this cycle. A generous attitude from an influential career contact will help you. And whatever you can give back to others will probably be returned with interest. Career expansion is very likely now.
    The Home Front
    While so much is looking possible where your aims, goals and ambitions are concerned, you may have to put extra energy into the home front. Sorting out the situation with your house, your flat, your family or those you live with could require a lot of care. At the same time that your career is expanding, you may need to become an expert in domestic politics, or be more cautious about your plans for your particular home base. There may be a domestic dispute to clear up too.

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