1. Serena Weaver says:

    The Ascendant in Taurus reflects a relatively stable life, focussed on personal pleasures, comforts and the hobbies as defined by Venus in the chart. They usually have appreciated stable periods in their youth that have influenced them into wanting to have a more familiar and steady lifestyle.

    These natives tend to seek a fuller expression of their hobbies and pleasures. They tend to do things in a stable, continual fashion. They usually don’t like big changes in their life, and take comfort in their habits and their possessions. They prefer to do their own thing, and usually do what they like to do instead of getting dragged into things that they are not as passionate about.

    Their lives don’t change very much, unless there are real material reasons which necessitate change. There tends to be continuation in whatever they do. They very much know what they like and what they don’t, and are rather persistent in their ways. They don’t let others dictate to them – they are not as influenceable and are not ones to be told what to do (as may be the case for example with a Pisces Ascendant). They tend to be obsessed about things, stubborn to get their own way.

    Unlike a Leo Ascendant, they usually do not feel a big need to be the center of attention, and are quite happy doing their own thing. Reknown may sometimes be a side dish. Unlike a Gemini Ascendant, they do not need constant change in their lives and are quite content with stability and the natural processes of their lives.

    There’s a tendency for their work to touch Taurean fields, and they often have an artistic touch. This ascendant tends to be good for the constitution and health. They tend to have a good rapport with nature.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Taurus Rising
    Keeper of Valuables
    You are the Keeper of Valuables, in many ways, because your journey is about earning and owning what matters most to the rest of us. On one level it may be wealth and precious possessions or property. On another level, you may coast past this to decide what is truly valuable in life – a set of ethics or values, perhaps, which goes over and above what one can physically own or possess. Ruled by Venus, you have a strong feeling for beauty, so it would not be surprising if you play the game partly for keeps, wanting to treasure and protect objects of beauty and worth, and safeguard them in turn. However, it is the things that money cannot buy or guarantee that may end up as your raison d’etre.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle of 1982-1995 has shaken and stirred you financially. For a large part of this cycle you have needed to cope with radical changes affecting the joint financial picture. These changes may have been most obvious within marital or de facto finances, a business partnership, or any other situation where you are mutually holding assets, property, money or financial responsibilities. The more you have been forced to lean on other people’s money – perhaps a partner’s, a family member’s or the bank’s – the more vulnerable you may have felt, as there has been a great deal that is unpredictable about this kind of arrangement. There may also have been periods when you chafed at any restrictions involved in mutual financial arrangements, or situations where your hands were tied by the business or financial priorities of other people. Fortunately, this cycle is now over, so you are now able to say you are officially off the rollercoaster that took you up – or down – for such a significant part of the 82-95 cycle. Planning for your future security will be far more manageable.
    Friendships Mean Work
    Between 1994 and 1998 you’ll hit a stage when old friendships will increase your sense of duty, obligation and responsibility – and any new friends or fellow travellers may bring burdens you hadn’t counted on. There may be an element of hard leaning going on with friends and associates, and certain alliances may be virtually put through an obstacle course, when it is up to you to decide who or what can last the distance. Any long-held ideals will also need patience now.
    Close Ties
    At around the same time that you become aware of the work involved in forming or maintaining healthy friendships, more intimate connections may also challenge you. There may be a sense of endless rules or lessons being delivered from the cosmos – especially where sexual relationships, or child-parent issues are involved. The key is to accept when the time is right to go around a brick wall rather than attempt to go straight through it. In this way, close ties will be more manageable.
    Financial Opportunities
    For a large part of the 1995 and/or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will be given opportunities to improve and expand your lifestyle by making more of joint finances, or resources, assets and property which involves others as much as it involves you. You may gain from areas well outside your own personal independent income, and a generous attitude from either party could open the doors. You will realise that more can be done in association with others than it could be alone.
    Money and Possessions
    Just as you are finding what can be achieved via other people’s money or assets, you will also need to deal with certain challenges around your own budget and your own attitude towards valuables and possessions. Balance will be required, as there may be excessive importance placed on your income or valuables – what is earned or what is owned. Any people problems along these lines may stem from an ego clash.

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