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    Gemini Rising
    The Networker
    Your journey through life involves touching base, exchanging ideas, making connections and contacts and creating a vast network for yourself. To others you appear versatile and fast, and perhaps eternally youthful too, as your fascination with whatever the media is throwing you, or the next emerging trend, keeps you moving with the times. You go out into the world wanting to fire off questions or give your opinions, and may be dependent on your telephone or on your bookshelves for stimulation. You were put here to communicate and play the messenger in some way. It is only a matter of finding the right setting or right medium.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle between 1982 and 1995 has dramatically influenced your status as a marriage partner, lover, or business partner. Any really important double-act in your life has been changed – perhaps radically – by Uranus for a large part of the 1982-1995 period. This has been a testing time for close relationships, no matter if they exist for professional or business reasons, or for the more common reasons – sexual, emotional and psychological ³mating.² If you are still with the same person in the same partnership, you would probably admit that in all honesty it had to be reborn during a period of great tension. If you have separated from a key connection in your life between 1982 and 1995 then just one word – freedom – explains it best. Uranus revs things up, it excites and it stimulates. Some of you have found a wild, weird, wired and wonderful partnership in this cycle, but may not have found any durability there! This cycle is now over. You have learned a great deal about love, life and personal freedom in these years. From this year forward, the upsets, excitement and occasional lightning bolts will be just a memory.
    Career Responsibilities
    Between 1994 and 1998 you are involved in a heavy career cycle which will affect you for about half the time that Saturn is here. You will be handed a kind of cosmic balance sheet for part of this period. If you have built up assets like hard work, willing responsibility and reliability, you will gain. However, if you have bypassed what you should have been doing, or broken any rules, you may need to accept a basic life lesson and even rethink your career strategy during this time.
    The Home Front
    While an increasing sense of responsibility emerges with career issues, you will also notice that domestic or family ties will also require careful handling. For part of the 94-98 cycle you’ll be testing the chemistry or dynamics with family members, those you live with, or people who have great influence on your peace of mind in your home. Life will not look like The Brady Bunch at this time! However you will learn a lot about family dynamics or the domestic scene now
    Partnerships Open Up
    For a significant slice of the 1995 or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will find (or may have already found) an opportunity to open up partnerships in order to let the light in. If your romantic or business partnership has been in trouble, you will be given a chance to be generous with each other and sort things out. If you are happy with the professional or personal ³opposite number² in your life at this time, you will find the relationship helps both of you to improve your lives and expand together.
    Know Yourself
    At about the same time you are focussing strongly on a marital, de facto, romantic or strictly business partnership, you will also need to know yourself better. Become aware of the part your ego plays in things, or circumstances may remind you quite sharply. For a key part of the 1995 to 1996 cycle you may also be trying to re-balance things with someone who you have had your differences with. Whatever has been unspoken needs to be clarified, resolved and really settled.

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