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  1. What the Rising! says:

    Cancer Rising
    The Protector
    Your journey through life will involve your nurturing, protective and caring skills. On the surface, you appear to put feelings before logic, and emotions before cold analysis. This is not just a superficial trait. Because life is destined to place you in situations where you must parent others, you develop sensitivity and sympathy, and go out into the world wanting to tune into people, and shield them. People find you rather tender, and sense your soft side. Whatever the rest of your chart reveals, your journey in life will be governed by your feelings. You know how to feed people emotionally, accommodate or protect them too.
    The Story So Far
    For a reasonable amount of the Uranus cycle of 1982 to 1995, your working life and also your health have been subject to change. Old routines and patterns may have been shaken and stirred, particularly if your working life or health maintenance was not really an honest reflection of what was needed at the time. For quite a significant chunk of the 82-95 period you may have been looking for a new feeling of greater freedom and independence in your working life. Some of you may have played the rebel or the renegade at this time. Others may have seen the need for changes and adjustments, yet held onto the basic framework of their career situation. The word that has probably meant the most in the work context has been this one: new. New conditions, new methods, new people, new equipment, new options. When the time has been right and the technology (or the natives) have been friendly it must have been very stimulating and inspiring. On a health level too, whatever changes you have made to your daily habits and routines have probably made your lifestyle a more honest reflection of your needs.
    Your Worldview
    For part of the 1994-1998 period you will learn a great deal about what you believe – your worldview will need to be streamlined, changed and honed at this time. Try to be open to the beliefs, codes and principles of other people. This applies in a legal context, an educational context, or cross-culturally. Saturn’s influence may extend to travel at this time: if you are travelling, remember that any journey brings obligations, responsibilities and pre-planning.
    Communication Skills
    At about the same time you are aware of the need to learn more about your beliefs, ethics and philosophy of life, you will also become strongly aware of your own communication skills. Even though it may be difficult to get your message across at times in the 1994-1998 period, if you take responsibility for your own verbal or written communcation skills, you will become more articulate – and easily understood – by others. Patience will be required, though. Hang in there!
    Work Improvements
    In 1995 and/or 1996 Jupiter will bring opportunities to free up your working life. Whatever you count as your daily grind will seem less onerous, and far more enjoyable. You will be given more room to move on a daily basis, and in some cases may receive an upgrade, a better environment to work in, or a happier set-up that opens things up for you. Health will be a priority in this cycle too. You will be given an opportunity to balance out the body or the mind at this time.
    Your Inner Self
    While you are pursuing a bigger set of possibilities on the work front, you need to set time aside to work on the inner you as well. This is your less conscious side – the part of you that often runs the show, but remains hidden from view. It may be a good idea to track down self-help books, see a counsellor, engage in dream work, or any other avenue that can put you in touch with that part of you which is not on public display, yet calls the shots more than you think.

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