1. Serena Weaver says:

    A Scorpio ascendant in a return chart can reflect a more intense period where difficulties and other afflictions take center stage. In a good chart however, this intensity may be redirected to more spiritual directions, and the individual may make real internal progress, perhaps even healing. In such cases there may be great, positive upheaval and something new may cause change for the better. This is however an exception and not its more common expression.

  2. What the Rising! says:

    Scorpio Rising
    Driven by Passion
    Your journey through life will involve all kinds of passions – sexual and otherwise. You like complete involvement and total commitment, and this applies to the meaningful relationships as well as the meaningful projects and challenges you take on in your life. Whatever the rest of your personal chart reveals, the outer image is rather intense, quite dynamic and very magnetic to people. As you live your life, you will want to go deeper and deeper into the things which matter to you most, as you have x-ray vision about people and want to use it. You go out into the world using your personal power to great effect.
    The Story So Far
    Somewhere between 1982 and 1995 you have hit a financial lightning bolt – or perhaps an entire series of freak electrical storms, which may have shaken up either the Eighties or early Nineties for you. This Uranus cycle has been about flexibility above all, as any budget cast in stone before it all began has probably been broken up with a cosmic jackhammer. Learning new ways of seeing money earned or money owed – or your attitude to possessions – has probably radically changed your value system as well. Looking back on things from 1996, it may be possible to see a series of events, or a chain of inner realisations, that has given you a new idea about money and what it is worth to you – and money and what it can buy. Uranus has been affecting the Second House of your chart, which is where your income is defined, your shopping lists are made, your bank account is totalled, and your true sense of value is acquired. Being on the rollercoaster has taken you up as well as down, and yet along the way you have probably changed your views on the basic worth of a dollar, the price of a Monet, and the merit placed on other, different, values.
    Defining Relationships
    Between 1994 and 1998 you will spend a large part of your time learning about relationships – both sexual, and child-parent. It will be difficult to avoid a serious sense of responsibility when it comes to your role as lover or parent. It may be harder work to establish any new relationship now, or if you are already with a partner or child in this cycle, you will spend a major part of it on a sharp learning curve. Your self-expression will also be affected and will require a lot of patience.
    Reworking Friendships
    At the same time you are learning so much about the burdens and responsibilities involved with love or parenthood, you find certain friendships testing you out as well. These alliances will be put through a period of trial and error as you sort out which friends belong in your life, and which may not. For around half of the 1994-1998 cycle you will be analysing the chemistry between you and certain friends, as you may become sharply aware of big differences in the direction each is taking.
    Financial Opportunities
    For a major part of the Jupiter cycle taking in 1995 or 1996, you will find the doors open to opportunities involving the finances, assets, property or possessions which tie you to others. Where matters of a joint financial nature are concerned you will be given a chance to make much more of what you have. A generous attitude from you, or the other person, will help to open up the landscape in terms of your future security and lifestyle. Try to work with this cycle.
    Money Talks
    At about the same time you are adding up just how much you have to gain from leaning on other people’s resources (and this may be anyone from your partner to the bank), you will also be focussing on your personal budget or possessions. Money will really talk at this time – in fact, it may occasionally argue. The challenge will be to keep this department of your life organised, streamlined and well-managed, as all that is earned, owned or owed will play a major part now.

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