Aries Rising – Ascendant in Aries

Aries RisingAries Ascendant or Aries Rising

You propel yourself with unwavering energy and authority. You think and then act upon your thoughts at once. Sometimes this is great – it gets things done! At other times it gets you into trouble! Something drives you from within – it urges you to excel – to be the best! Second place is not for you, and you have to prove this simple fact to all you meet.

Intelligent and versatile in the expression of ideas, you thrive on being known for your originality and individuality. You need however, to focus and concentrate your thoughts in order to bring them to fruition.

You have some tendency to choosing a gentle, vulnerable marriage partner, and should be aware that your need to dominate can lead to strife in your relationships. Your forthright manner is often misunderstood, and can cause difficulties in maintaining friendships.

However, you are capable of working well and establishing friendships within groups and especially with young people.

Your practicality and willingness to adapt makes you adept when it comes to earning money, but keeping it is another matter, as your normal pattern is to spend it is fast as it is earned. You believe yourself to be lucky in speculation, when in actual fact you tend to take more risks than most people.

When the risk pays of you congratulate yourself on being lucky – when it doesn’t – you don’t like to talk about it.

At work you are careful and precise, yet you will often leave things unfinished through a lack of patience and persistence. Enthusiasm fires and wanes in equal measure, so you are not really suited to tasks that take sheer dogged effort over a long period of time. You need to be in a position where your talent for quick acting, quick thinking and decision making is valued, needed, and appreciated.

Never satisfied with the status quo, you suffer a lot of restlessness – always on the search for something better, something more! You remind me of a tiny baby who feels angry, confused and rejected at being thrust into a hostile world from the comfort (the heaven) of your mother’s womb. Your whole life seems dedicated to proving that you were worthy to have remained there!

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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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  1. What the Rising! says:

    Aries Rising
    The Self-Starter
    Because you will often meet situations in life where you are held up in a queue or put in suspended animation, you develop a preference for action over inertia, and this Rising Sign can shape you into a self-starter with enormous drive and energy. You also have a competitive edge, which you may channel into sport, or alternatively into work-related projects. There is something rather frank and fearless about the way you tackle challenges. You get involved, and very quickly, as experience shows you that getting in first is sometimes the best way to ensure actually coming first. You often enter new situations in the psychological equivalent of a fast red sportscar.
    The Story So Far
    The Uranus cycle of 1982-1995 has radically changed your view of the world for around half of it. Hopefully your beliefs were not so rigidly locked in at the beginning that you have found the journey confronting. Every person has their own idea of truth, after all. Yet this cycle has probably shown you other truths as well, and while some people find this stimulating and exciting, others have difficulty adapting. The beliefs you held at the start of this cycle – politically, spiritually, culturally or religiously – may not have remained unchallenged by this cycle. At times it may have felt like an outer space exploration, or a round-world trip – yet you may often have been travelling without a guidebook or even a basic knowledge of the local customs. The more open you have been, the more radical, progressive, futuristic or left-of-field the world has started to look. But if alternative worldviews or alternative mindsets have confronted you, there may have been a collision along the way. This has not been a cycle for accidental tourists or armchair travellers – but hopefully you’ve gained from it.
    An Inner Search
    Between 1994 and 1998 you’ll find a long period of introspection pays off. In fact, for a reasonable slice of this 1994-1998 cycle you could be given full permission to go navel-gazing. The idea is to assess and analyse from within, to learn about yourself by looking at every part of you, both conscious and unconscious. People do not normally consider their inner reality, and yet for part of this cycle, it may become a major focus. This inner search will not always be easy, but it will be very productive if you’re prepared to take it.
    Work and Health Issues
    At the same time that it becomes so important to practise introspection, you will also need to become more self-disciplined where routine matters like body maintenance and your working commitments are concerned. These chapters of obligation and strict self-control are necessary, because if they are ignored, life becomes unbalanced on a physical or psychological level, health becomes an issue, and work-related questions become heavily weighted at this time.
    Bigger Horizons
    For a reasonable part of the 1995 or 1996 Jupiter cycle you will be travelling more widely, making some foreign or distant connections, or broadening your horizons through broad reading and study. This study may be informal or formal, but like the travelling it is primarily a “head trip” and an excuse to pack your beliefs into a suitcase and take off for new places. The world will look bigger during this cycle, as you meet people or contact cultures and beliefs which are miles away from your own. It’s a classic Internet cycle as well.
    Changing Attitudes
    While the world is opening up, you will also have to work hard to prevent your mind from closing down. Communication skills need to be switched on high to avoid crossed wires. Situations like this will emerge primarily because someone’s ego is involved, so try to hear as well as listen. The actual art of communication itself may become excessively important for some reason. Your attention may swing onto your own verbal or written communication skills during this cycle.

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