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chinese zodiac pig

Pig Chinese Zodiac Sign

The 12th and final Animal in the Chinese astrology line up is the Pig. The Year of the Pig last appeared in the 60 year cycle during February 18, 2007 – February 06, 2008. In its Earth Yin manifestation, it will again appear from February 05, 2019 – January 24, 2020.The ruling Planet  is Saturn. The Elemental  is Earth. Scorpio is the closest equivalent to the Western astrological zodiac. The color of dark green and the gemstone of topaz are each associated with the Boar.


Their love is one that is sweet, sensitive to the point of being naive. They are caring and even somewhat naive. They are always romantic and are able to look forward to marriage. They do need to be careful to avoid relationships that will take advantage of perceived naivety. These individuals are willing to try again if they get burned. They need to love and provide affection, but they also feel they must have love and affection returned as well. The loving and sensitive Boar will settle into a relationship gradually–starting with a warm friendship and competing for lifelong friendship.


The most effective pairing for them are the Pig Rooster love compatibility and a Pig Sheep love compatibility individuals. The second paring that is almost guaranteed to be a successful relationship. This is the basis of the Boar Sheep love compatibility. Chinese astrology is a fascinating subject and there are permutations in various levels that help to make the pairing successful. The laid back Pig compatibility levels work very well with the more flamboyant and exciting Rooster so that each of the Animals receives the missing elements of its personality.


Patience and understanding is the hallmark of their Personality. They are very fun and enlightening. They love to love life and appreciates fully the relationships with friends and family. These individuals expect others to be as honest and thoughtful as they are themselves. They sometimes seem gullible just because they are so caring of others that they will do almost anything for a friend. They are not comfortable asking for help from others and prefers to carry immense burdens themselves rather than to distress others. They try to foster a sense of peace amongst those surrounding them.


The ideal  career is one which naturally hard working and requires a serious and efficient approach. They may need help, but they will rarely ask for help from anyone.  This person makes a great researcher or scientist, but they can also be a good personnel manager, civil servant or social worker. The natural traits they possess make this individual a great companion and also a great co worker. They will not be a detriment to the peaceful harmony of the work site. You must avoid trying to ram through your opinion with them on the receiving end.

pig zodiac sign

The Famous Pigs!

Sean Astin, Erykah Badu, Ewan McGregor, Mark Wahlberg, Missy Elliot, Jada Pinkett Smith, Snoop Dogg, Winona Ryder, Dido, Sharon Stone, Gary Oldman, Prince, Madeline Stowe, Tim Burton, Michael Jackson, Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Henry VIII etc.

Year of the pig

1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Elemental Pig

The Metal Pig:
Ambitious, intense and energetic, this outgoing and social Pig has the tendency to get carried away with his personal life, blindly trusting the object of his affections while showering him generosity. This passionate Pig can sometimes appear to be domineering and lacking in delicacy, highly capable of explosive emotions when angered or ignored. He values his reputation, and will not accept failure gracefully, tirelessly pursuing his aims until he reaches success- which he often does.

The Water Pig:
This kind and perceptive Pig has a heart of gold, and looks for the best in others, believing in miracles, and refusing to see any malice or ugliness in his world. With a wonderful talent for diplomacy and helping others get along, this pleasant Pig would make an excellent ambassador, as he has excellent entertaining and social abilities as well. On the negative side, he can, to his detriment, selfishly over-indulge in pleasures of the flesh, on food or extravagance, giving little thought to the feelings of others.

The Wood Pig:
Soft-hearted and with great empathy for the less fortunate, this persuasive Pig revels in charitable activities, and has an obvious talent for raising funds and promoting his projects, sometimes exhibiting manipulative tendencies to achieve his ambitions. Good humored and trusting, he is not too discriminate with the company he keeps, and could find himself in trouble because of unscrupulous friends.

The Fire Pig:
This courageous Pig is a fearless, energetic and optimistic adventurer, who has a deep love for his family and will be extremely generous and helpful to his friends. Motivated by his passions, he easily gets carried away in the moment, and approaches his endeavors with sheer determination, strength and confidence. Luck is on the side of this caring Pig, and he can easily achieve the success he desires in his life.

The Earth Pig:
Unlike most of his fellow impractical Pigs, this sensible fellow is able to deal with his responsibilities well, effectively planning for his future. His devotion to his career and family are great, and he tackles these with a solid, patient and persevering attitude, seemingly able to endure and overcome any struggle or hardships in the way – usually with a smile on his face. This happy and peace-loving Pig however, does enjoy his food and drink immensely, and has the propensity to become rather portly – something that doesn’t seem to bother him in the slightest!

2020 Pig Horoscope

This year is set for you to be creative. Your innovation will bring you success and fame. You will resume a leadership role. Your business and career will be a smooth sail.

Career (10/10)
This is a good year for you to advance in your career. You will receive help from many people. If you are in the leadership role, you will have the authority to implement your plans. This is the year for you to show off your hidden talents.

Money (7/10)
You will increase your income this year. You may have got an increment of salary or gain more profit from your business. However, do not involve in speculative activities.

Health (6/10)
Your health in this year is above average. However, you still need to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Cut down your social activities and give yourself time to rest.

Love (3/10)
If you are in a relationship, it will not be a delightful one. You will face with many challenges. If you don’t handle the challenges properly, the relationship may have ended this year although you are in love with your spouse. For those who are married, you will need to express your feeling to your spouse more often to maintain the momentum of the relationship.

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