1. I like being a Cusper (18 January Capricorn sun with Aquarius ascendant? I love mystery and am hugely imaginative (often my fantasy or dream life is better than real- life) and if I am not being creative, the enrgy turns in on itself and makes me edgy and frustrated. I am fortunate in having many loving friends who like my humour but one-to-one relationships tend to be elusive. I’ve never had a long term relationship unless they become ‘friends’. In fact, I don’t really know how to turn friends into something more passionate: it’s as if I’m waiting for their agreement first. I do find the Scorp/Sag, Cancer/Leo and Aq/Pisces cusps interesting. They can play along with me more.

    1. You have the best comment on here. Couldn’t say it better myself.

  2. 18 Jan; 54yrs.
    Capriquarians, I recommend you protect your amazing qualities! And you will always find fulfillment and feel fulfilled!

    From birth and into my mid 30’s, life was spectacular for me, because I rode on all of those amazing Capriquarian traits. No, I was not from a wealthy family. In fact I was from extremely humble means, a NYC Hispanic kid, a product of the welfare system. BUT!! I never had a problem with money! My creativity, drive, calculating, extreme perception and endless optimism got me to whatever my imagination delighted me with. It was never about money for me, but about the experiences of life and the associations with others who were truly living their adventures. I had tried many different jobs and enjoyed the experiences (Medical instrumentation tech, int’l sporting goods rep, int’l computer technology sale mgr; I paid for two college degrees on my own (Biomedical Engineering was one and Info Sys/Finance/Real Estate Investing/Int’l Relations/EntreprenuriaI Studies was the other; I was a ski bum at resorts in Colorado and Utah for a few years, I even became a semi-pro triathlete!) Anything I put my mind to became my reality.

    In my 30’s I decided to “settle down” back in NYC from the traveling, fun and adventures. It was struggle after that. I was able to maintain stability via my Cappy side, but my Aqua side could not find it’s freedom of expression.
    After NY State employment in technology (talk about stability) I moved across the country to start a family with a very controlling person. My free loving and accepting personality did not realize the trap of a person I was about to start the next part of my life with. I finally found my calling in California: I would help people buy and sell businesses. I was right up my alley with my vast background and imaginative problem solving abilities. BUT!! My partner (KK for Kryptonite Karen) was constantly dragging me down. She was an endless abyss of unhappiness and need. I could NEVER fill that void that someone else had dug in her. After 8 yrs and 3 beautiful kids, I finally escaped her. It has been 6 yrs since I left her, but she is still a constant disruption to my energy via my lovely kids. My life is better, I do a lot of activities and travel with my kids, but I’m still trying to regain myself the damage inflicted on my confidence, creativity and drive. I’m getting closer, but fear has been my guide instead of inspiration. I have to constantly be on guard for manipulation of the minds of my kids and setups of trying to coerce money out of my.

    I feel that once this coronavirus is gone from our society, I will be further along in regaining my Capriquarian traits. I can feel my life slowly returning to excitement, creativity, productivity and fun!

    My message: NEVER accept anyone’s opinion of you! Especially if you know your heart is good. You are an amazing astrological combination, probably the most exciting and dynamic!! But with that, you can be vulnerable to dark people. Always look for the people whose’s light is shining, people who embrace your diversity, imagination and flexibility. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness! It is not your job to fix broken people. Don’t let anyone put that on you. Send them love and let them move on. Sometimes even the nicest person can have deep darkness. Look beyond what you see and feel the vibration and energy. Don’t look away from the little red flags. Let them be your guide. Trust them to let you continue in your glorious path.

  3. 22 January Aquarius Cap
    Cusp of M …
    Umm I never knew I was a cusp I get mad very quick and this other Aquarius male Feb 3, told me he never meant a Aquarius like me very slick with my tongue don’t care how I say it rude no one can impressed me ?? I don’t. Wanna let no one in my heart I don’t trust ? that easy so yeah stubborn and selfish feisty ambition rude intelligent creative mind I want to do a lot of things different even in bed thank you
    Alexis Tilsman

    1. Literally me though also birthday twins. It’s impossible for me to forgive people after they’ve messed up and I tend to push myself away at the slightest sense they’re losing interest. Except for my fiancé I let walk all over me till I got sick of the abuse. Hard to trust when everyone hurts you girl. Just don’t let yourself become too cold and accidentally hurt someone you care for.

  4. Jan 19 gay guy here. Like everyone else here it seems I’m constantly fighting both my sides. I let myself fall in love with a Libra once. Huge mistake. I didn’t see it then obviously but my Capricorn side destroyed our relationship, just tore it apart. He is the kindest most patient person I know and all I did was pelt him with passive aggression. I wanted it to work so badly and now he’s with a native Aquarius (no cusp). I just wish my Aquarius side had prevailed because I see how happy they are together. I normally keep my walls up, very rarely letting anyone in romantically. It’s a lonely life that’s for sure. My very small circle of friends include Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer. Caps are only two away from Scorpio, and two away is supposed to be ideal, but I’ve never gotten along with Scorpios. My personality is INFJ and boy do I let the J lose at times, but when I’m around my friends I’m quite a non-judgy extrovert.

    I think Cap/Aquarius cusp is a cruel joke god decided to play on people. We’re a mess!

  5. January 19th over 40, married cusper here. I’ve dealt with mixed emotions, these two sides my whole life. I have always had a mature and responsible, yet playful and silly side. Impulsive at times. I am not easily impressed and can spot a player from a mile away. Can easily see through people’s bullshit! I am outgoing and social but also need my space to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature. I feel weird because i don’t fit in the box which makes me feel alone (a common thread with us!). I will be the last to leave a group outing because i love interacting with people and learning from them. My hubby is a scorpio and although we balance each other and love hard he doesnt like being social, hates attention seekers, very judgmental, likes it quiet, not a creative person. I on the other hand have to have an outlet, social or creative. Plus my sex drive is crazy high and I want to experiment and do it in different places. He’s a bedroom only lover. We married young and certain things have become more apparent in later years and these differences have caused a riff in our marriage yet I value stability and family. Our marriage has had a lot of ups and downs. The desire to have stability outweighs my desire for excitement but now that our kids are almost all adults its becoming harder to deal with his rigidity. Plus im very unhappy with our sex life. If i let my inner tigress out he pushes her back in the cage. I internalize these conflicts so it has resulted in years of depression and anxiety. The struggle is real!

  6. I’m John, born on January 16th, now 15 year old male as of the year of 2018.
    Honestly I have this dream that I’ve had since 10 whether it be awake or asleep (mostly awake and constantly thinking about this dream) it was about being you know an artist. A music artist. I have a style which combines the likes of kanye and kurt cobain. Lots of cardegens multi layed clothing ripped blue jeans trashed converse and vans just is my every day type thing. So it’s definitely an oldies with some of the new stuff. I feel like I can actually do this because, I’ve been doing alot of research on my cusp and my birthday and all that. I feel, , , way more balanced then most of the adults and kids around me? Including the same cusps as me ig? Not in ego either. It’s just like. I’ve found my calling. I’m not stopping. I’m going to be rich. I’m going to get there. Type additude and its all over the place but I’m so grounded and all that. I feel like I can do it because I lived a good life for most of life for about. 8 years? We were a medium class family, my father a scorpio/sag cusp Nov 24 and my mother being a virgo/libra cusp. My father was having a successful like in his computer type path. I never really knew cause I was just a kid so I never understood it. My mom basically always being. In the lower part of her job and I could see what was going on very easily almost like I read it like a book, that my dad had the same trait of career as me a boss. He wasent a boss though. He was just a worker as well but a little higher up than usual. but he’s a fire sign so his anger impeached half his mind spice while the other half is work. My mother? She was a definite worker. But liked to talk back every once in a while so she could basically use that power to get way higher up but she never did. But always did to my angry working minded father. And oh man. The life of abuse took off. And I’ll skip it because mostly I gained mental strength from it, it really didn’t phase me. He was just a really big bully that when I have the perfect chance to tell to get him away immediately I will. (instead of just calling cause do you want to live with a parent who knows you called cps on them?) it’s just the smart thing to do. And so before I turned 15 I did just that. He got drunk because obviously time has passed. We went from Colorado medium with good jobs to Washington to a abusive drunken failure of a father lmao and a mother who I need to guide into her full potential because that’s what we’re for. She’s not there yet but she’s kinda getting it. I have a small circle of friends 2 of which I connect with the most one being a pisces 14 year old and a cancer/Leo cusp 14. Both male. We’re all into success but in very different ways. And the pisces doesn’t even want it that much any more tbh. But my cancer / Leo is on a clothing line plan as well as a rapping plan. Which is basically what I’m doing. But clothes later. Music now. I’m learning beats day by day but I’ve been taking a break, my inspiration kinds for success is. The rapper Mac miller he’s a Capriquarius like us born on the 18th of Jan. I don’t really have a writing scheme for this whole thing but yeah. That’s my past present and kinda future. I probably left some deets out but oh well

  7. hi, i am a male 25 years of age. born jan 20th. completely agree with this, currently ive been feeling depressed for a while now, at a dead end job, being treated like a door mat in my personal life as well as professional. was great in business and being in sales, play guitar, used to write, sing, play bass in and out of bands. am a bit of a dreamer where i can think of outstanding ideas in my head and figure out how they apply to regular life as well as if its actually possible, which would be great if i had the monitary means of actually opening up a business. i over analyze constantly also have confidence issues. love to talk and share real stuff i have experience in, like it said theres never a dull moment good or bad. i constantly compare others to myself and feel like i can sense other peoples honest and true feelings towards me. im a very passionate and caring individual, when im depressed im very angry, quiet, and really like to be by myself, which i like to pretty much be all the time. my sex drive is extremely high, if i am into the person sexually and even if im not i just handle myself, and thats where the dreamer side of me comes out with vivid sexual fantasies. im very good with painting a picture with my words as well. i guess why im looking this up, and why im posting this right now is because im really trying to find my purpose and find some direction to help me become a success, and help my depression. please comment what ever you like, questions, reccomendations, opinions, experiences. what ever floats your boat. id appreciate it. thanks!

    1. We have the same birthday lol. I’m going through the same thing except that I’m experiencing being a “door mat” at school.

      1. Youre not a door mat.. you are a wonderful human being and it’s going to take some time for us to sort out our feelings thoughts emotions fantasies and all that by the way I’m
        January 20th also

    2. Hi There My DOB is Jan 19th I can relate to alot of what people wrote here . I find that I over analyze a lot . I find I struggle with self esteem as well but then I have powerful moments when I am in a good place. I think remembering nothing is permanent and that life flows helps me . I am spiritual I like to learn new things and have conversations about anything as long as it has depth . I also have felt or do feel like a door mat in my friendships when people can not respond to me as i do with them i feel resentful . I am working very hard to keep up a good mood at times its a challenge.

  8. I think it’s kinda crazy how similar everyone here is. This makes me feel a bit sad though because I always thought this uneasy feeling of being alone would go away. I am really driven academic wise, but also have an artistic side too. Almost everyone thinks I am an extrovert because I have a lot of friends, but for the most of it, i’m normally alone and like it that way 70% of the time. There’s only sometimes where I feel sad that I still to this day haven’t been able to truly let a guy in. HAH. Now that I know that i’m a cusp, I can tell why things just never really work out. I’m interested yet anxious to see how the rest of my life is going to play out… but aren’t we all?

    1. I just wanted to say I’m Nikki and we are the same lol. This is crazy!

    2. Spooky af here. I can relate to every single comment here. It is so bizarre. I finally feel understood.

  9. I’m not a Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp but I do know someone who is and the comments I’ve been seeing in here are very similar to what I can see in her. It’s true she doesn’t trust people easily but when she does – it’s the wrong guy. I don’t know how to tell her this though. Her sister died when she was very young. Her parents divorce when she was 17. Her mom has a mental disorder. She was born into a family that only wants boys not girls. She had to leave her country to start anew. She works very hard but earn her success quite slowly. I just don’t want her to give her heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it. The guy she falls in love with is cheated on her but she didn’t know. She called him at night to chat but he doesn’t pick p the phone. She understands and doesn’t complain because she knows that he’s working hard so she don’t want to disturb him. I really feel sorry for her.

    1. Don’t feel sorry. Cap/Aquarian Cuspers know how to overcome anything even being cheated on. Most people cheat anyways. Some are just better at it than others.

      1. Your comment made me lol because as an over 40 capricorn cusp I am not shook by people’s lifestyles it’s like “whatever” anymore. I’m open and not very judgemental about things but my competitive nature is If you cheat, i’ll just do it better than you.

  10. This really does a great job at describing a few bits of me. I understand where everyone is coming from on the aloofness- sometimes its good but I hate when I feel myself putting up that wall to people and putting them through that microscope if I can trust them with my internal thoughts and emotions. Sometimes categorizing the people I meet and how they relate to me. We are all very sensitive internally but other people’s emotions push or even scare us away. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I know I find myself being too much of a deep thinker and over analyzing situations constantly. But all in all this is a beautiful life and I’m so happy I’ve stumbled upon this understanding with others who are on the cusp. We all figure it out sooner or later :) Blessings and happiness to all.

  11. My birthday is Jan 4th, but this COMPLETELY describes me! The NUMBNESS everyone is speaking of is a ‘wall’ and a ‘defense mechanism’ the Capricorns inadvertently build up against the pain and fear of ‘broken hearts.’ You see, when we Caps let someone into our hearts, we love deep and the recipients of our love NEVER leave our hearts…they’re there FOREVER! That’s why we become numb to most people and extremely careful with who we let into our core, because the wrong person can reek havoc on our emotional psyche. However, zodiac sign, or not, we are human beings, built to learn and grow. So, although you maybe cold and ‘numb’, you do not have to stay that way…you can learn to work ‘against’ it. It won’t be easy…like shooting a ball into a hoop, you may not get it right away, but eventually you’ll ‘score.’ You can score more feelings where the numbness used to be. It requires patience, dedication and some psychological knowledge of yourself, past & present. xoxo

    1. So true. I’ve recently figured this out. I’m with a cancer/leo cusp and after “breaking up” literally almost every day for the last 3 weeks I think we’ve finally realized that we’re both just terrified of letting our guard down and hurting again.. and he’s sooo dramatic lol but I think it actually helps me not be so aloof

  12. It seems like a lot of us cuspers are going through something really strange. Jan 18th here and I feel numb most of the time when I never used to. I feel like I am waiting for something fundamentally different to happen to change this and to help me engage with life again, but I also feel society is a mess and needs spiritually sorting out. The Aquarian creativity and impatience against Capricorn restraint is unbearable, yet I am also annoyed when the beauty of the old is washed away without a bye your leave. I have loads of friends from all walks of life, but find it difficult to find one person to relate to as a lover – I’m too independent. I’ve heard this cusp is the wizerd sign, so ofetn I get frustrated when I wish for things and they take a while coming. However, deep down I do know the Universe does look after us. Also, my sex drive is strong, unihibited but erratic. I live in the future or the past and find it a challenge in the present. Anyone else experience these things?

    1. My birthday is 18 Jan. I’m exactly like you. Everything you wrote described what I’m thinking and feeling exactly. It’s hard living a life with two opposing personality. Some I feel like going crazy with the internal fighting when Capricorn and Aquarius tried to be the dominant one

    2. Raychieel says:

      candie, you are such a kindred. Thank you , I feel uplifted and not alone anymore

    3. Jan 18 , here too .
      I do get very excited when people even come close to understanding where I’m coming from .
      I’m not aloof on the surface but underneath for sure !

  13. hollyanne says:

    19.01.87 I agree with a lot of this. I feel alone a lot of the time, but when I go out I see a lot of people I know. I’m not very sociable, but when I am I go crazy and I love it. I am also self conscious about what people think of me, but there are also other times when I couldnt give a damn. I feel I am quiet and anxious, but other times confident and loud. so many paradoxes! By the way, my partner is also on the capricorn/aquarius cusp. Does anyone know if this is supposed to be good?

    1. Oh yes! The compatible couple you both are! My only question is, how much that cash flow tho

  14. Mead Hinshaw says:

    19 Jan 70 female – Pretty much sounds like me too. It’s taken a long time to rectify and live with the two contradictory sides of my personality – the Cap goes out and earns the money and studies for the degrees – the Aquarius spends it on a night out and the remaining dollars on the homeless guy on the way home (earnt and spent a fortune, I swear). It’s interesting the ‘numbness’ that many of the people here feel. I understand that as well and feel it’s more of an aloofness and at times like I’m watching the specimens in a jar. It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that some people just don’t move me and tears and drama remove me even more. Saying that I’ve had a very happy upbringing, am very happily married with two children and have feel incredibly alive. I love how people respond to this cusp we’re all on – it’s just magnetic and a bit…woah slow down there, sunshine! You don’t have to fall in love all at once, though it is nice of you. BTW I do believe our egos are bloody enormous. Well, we are pretty wonderful ;)

    1. Hahaha I agree with this entirely, I’m January 16th and 31 but I already feel so much like this. I care so deeply, but with a distance. And the older I get (and more confident) the more people are drawn in

  15. I am born January 19th and in my early 30s. I am extremely perceptive of my surroundings and superficial with others. I have a hard time trusting others. Falling for a person is harsh for me because if I have feelings for them and they fail me, I fall hard. Knowing this, I run away from personal relationship as soon as i feel my toes lifted off my grounding and my toes tipped for taking off.

    1. Hey Emeline,
      I’m born on the 19th too, I’m 25,

      I have insecurity issues with relationships too, but that could be because of my background,
      I’m also having a hard time finding who I am,

      I can’t stick to one place or one job.. etc,
      I easily get depressed,

      I wonder if it’s the same out there for other cusps?

  16. I am January 18 and I absolutely fall in love and people fall in love with me! I don’t seem to have a problem with people loving me but I feel like I don’t even know who the real “me” is! I’m nice and friendly and I love people. I laugh at myself and I’m too social. However, I don’t have a talent and I can’t seem to find my ambition! I feel like I’m confident yet so insecure….I wonder if this is normal?? =/ Great to see all of my fellow cusps out there!!!! Stay strong!

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