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When you spend time around children a lot it is hard not to notice if they have a special gift when it comes to the psychic life adults don’t usually give children credit for being aware of their surroundings, even when they are in fact very aware. People talk about children having the ability to know what’s going on around them and having a sixth sense, and it is growing in popularity due to such shows as psychic kids.

So what exactly is it that makes these children able to pick up on the world psychically speaking?. Due to their innocence at a young age they haven’t picked up what would be considered bad habits that would inhibit their development of their psychic abilities. It is easier to learn as a child then as an adult when it comes to picking up the psychic world around them, and even easier when they have a parent that is supportive in them nurturing this talent.

In helping to nurture this talent, don’t be quick to judge the child or condemn them if they were to tell you that they had experienced a psychic experience. A lot of people easily dismiss children’s claims of psychic experience by calling it just a coincidence, or that they just had a dream. They need to be supported as it is easy for this child’s psychic development to be halted by this kind of thinking or reaction. Take the time to listen to their experience, and resist the urge to explain why you think things happen the way they did.when they have concluded explaining to you their experience, summarize everything that they’ve said and ask them if that is correct.

The child could be very happy that they were able to have that experience or they could be completely scared. Being that this would be a common occurrence to them, don’t be surprised if they explain to you that they had an encounter with a spirit, or about something they couldn’t possibly know in general. These Psychic kids are completely unaware that the ability they have is special.

With this gift that they’ve received it is very important for you to explain to them that it is something special. Explain to them that they should always believe in themselves and to not worry about what others are saying in regards to their ability. Self-doubt will inhibit the growth of their abilities and make it impossible for them to continue on. These children are very sensitive and because of this need support and the backing of you as a parent, as they need to have a strong sense of self-esteem to continue on and help their abilities grow.

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Psychic Kids -My grandfather told my parents when I was thirteen that he felt there was something different about Diane but he just could not put his finger on what that was. He said there was something different about me in the way I acted around people and especially how I always seemed to avoid crowds and seemed to him to be both extroverted as well as introverted. My grandfather has only four grandchildren and I was the third youngest. I was big on writing poetry from age ten to pretty much through my thirties and then it just seemed to slowly die as my psychic ability increased through my own awareness of it and the utilizing of that ability more in my own life and then eventually expanding outward to helping people. My grandfather loved poetry. I was very close to him and so having his support with my writing meant the world to me at such a tender age.

My mom used to tell how I was a well behaved child. She has told me how she could set me down with any babysitter, and give me a couple of my favorite toys and I could play with those toys by myself for hours. When I was very young my mom worked part time cleaning houses for people and she would take me with her, give me my toys and not have to worry about me getting into anything or wandering off somewhere as I was totally content to stay in one place and play.

The First Sign

I had a pretend friend named Mary. I had this pretend friend Mary for quite a while up to the age of seven or so. I think its pretty natural for a child to have a pretend friend but I think it’s the length of time the child has that pretend friend. I think back now and believe that pretend friend was my first introduction to one of my spirit guides. Because I believe this is pretty natural as I said before, but I also believe you reach a certain age and then we let it go and become more aware of the physical world around us and let things like a pretend friend go. For some reason I did not let my pretend friend go early in my childhood, and when I did, I then turned to poetry and I believe that is one of the first signs of noticing you may have a psychic child.

The Second Sign

The second sign of a psychic child is day dreaming and I think it’s important to understand here that day dreaming for children is perfectly natural. It’s when the day dreaming becomes a problem in the child’s day to day activity that it should be addressed. The type of day dreaming I am talking about here is used when the child is alone and content to just be or when other children are around they are not as much wanting to play like the other children, they have their own ideas and ways they want to play so they go off and play alone. This may then lead to playing a lot alone in their room and the important factor here is they play alone for hours on end. Also you notice the child’s behavior is friendly and they seem to be the ones who are picked on and they are quiet about that. All their other behavior is natural and seems quite normal. I believe what is actually happening now is the child is so very satisfied in day dreaming and learns quickly not to let the day dreaming interfere with their life, and they seem to just know how to do that at a young age. They will never talk about the day dreaming but they will act out past lives in their play time alone. It can be very entertaining and you may wonder where they get those crazy and creative ideas to play like that all by themselves.

Now the child is relying naturally on the day dreaming information to entertain themselves and is building a trust with the information they are being given in how and what to do while playing. When they slowly grow out of this it turns to a creative ability be it art, writing, music or it could involve the child seems to jump from one interest to another and a parent can even become irate with the child in not being able to make a decision on what she or he wants to do. Now this can include sports or any activity that children normally get involved in with school or outside of school. This is where the understanding and patience must come in to allow the child to just be him or herself and let them chose and decide whichever way they may want to go.

This is where it can be very difficult for the parent thinking Johnny just cannot make up his mind and I need to make the decision for him. Please be very careful not to do this because the child is searching right now and needs time to search out what is best for him or her. As the child matures they will find a settling point and things will go as normal.

The teen years naturally brings new friends and experiences along with all the other changes that occur during that time. This is a time where listening is so very important and taking the time to just sit with your teen and listen to them. They will be sharing about their different friends and how they are close or not so close and it’s important to listen to what they are saying. Are they feeling like they have only one or two friends they can really share with and they are letting the other friends slip by because they do not have “enough depth” to them and seem “shallow” to them. Watch and observe this and IF they seem to be having a pattern of saying this about a lot of their friends then ask questions and find out “why” those friends seem to be shallow to them.

This is the beginning process of the child feeling internally different from and consciously they have no idea why they feel this way they just know they do not want to be around the shallow people and along with this comes a need to have very high “expectations” from their friends. The reason for this is because they are very sensitive to listening to their inner voice and they feel everyone should really think about and reach inside to pull answers out and not just rely on the surface issues. Please understand that the inner voice is a natural flow for them and they are not yet conscious of hearing or listening to an inner voice just that the feelings are very strong and they have followed their feeling for so long that it’s just natural for them. Now that is the stage where things are going to go two ways: They are going to become very bored because things come so easily to them OR they are going to be struggling with everything in their school and social life. How the child handles this will be whether or not they want to work through the issues or just hurry through them.

It’s at this time the child is going to come in touch with the “inner voice” and start acknowledging it and follow what it says. Slowly and carefully the voice is going to talk in the child’s language and it will encourage the child to follow the inner voice and soon it will become a natural part of the child’s every day life. This is where it’s important for the child to have someone to share all of this with.

Dreams will also come into play and the child during this period may speak of dreams that seem extreme and yet carry an important message and they just seem to know the message right off the bat and not have to question it. The child may also express it outwardly by having many crazy and creative ideas or may take it inwardly and seem to spend a lot of time in their room. Again this is where being able to talk to someone is so very important.

At this point is where an outside intervention may come about with any information relating to spirituality and a higher power will be presented to the child. It’s at this time that the given information will enlighten the child and he/she will become very absorbed by that information and not be able to consume enough about the light and channeling and psychics. This is where the spiritual life will take form in whatever shape the higher power will be.

The transformation process from day dreaming to actually hearing spiritual information is a slow, but steady one and may vary from child to child. Usually by the age of twenty-one they have started to receive specific information that they do understand is coming from a higher source.


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