1. Mandy Fleetwood says:

    When I began to go to therapy my therapist asked me on my intake visit if I had any thoughts on what conditions that I suffer from. At the time I didn’t yet know about being born on the Cusp of Oscillation so my response to his question was the obvious to me in this moment, Bipolar Disorder. To my surprise he responded by telling me that I was not Bipolar, but instead suffered from BPD among other conditions. About a week later I was introduced to my being born on a Cusp and from that moment everything made much more sense. Everything mentioned absolutely pertains to me ???? BTW I still struggle with balance daily but now that I know why I feel this way it is much easier to address.

  2. July 23rd and this is spot on for me too! I also have my moon in Pisces which only further complicates me.. glad to know I’m in good company tho!

  3. July 19 with a Virgo ascendant and Pisces moon. I’ve always felt like life has always been a tug of war. I don’t quite fit the Cancer profile because I’m very logical and about learning and coupled with a drive to learn and do more with an interior mind that’s constantly daydreaming, so it’s not easy when everything is going from one extreme to the other.

  4. Rachel brown says:

    Wow, I wish I’d known all this years ago, I’ve always wondered why I don’t quite fully fit the cancer profile, but this is absolutely me to a ‘T’. I’m 47 and glad I can understand myself better now for the next chapter of my life!! I’m a 19th July cusp x

  5. My birthday is July 22nd and I can confirm everything shared in this article is true. As a kid I was more introverted but I can balance between introvert I guess and extroverting when it benefits myself but not for the sake of others. Emotionally but logically driven and constantly moving. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up being an electrician because it’s the perfect career for this sign

  6. I’m amazed how a lot of you are July 21st!! I am also and this is me!! It is hard work sometimes!!
    I’m also very impulsive and tend to make dramatic decisions and then regret them!! I hate how dramatic I am!

    1. 07-24-87. it’s kind of scary how accurate this is. ive been an infj leo named daniel. but the cusp factor only ads to my duality. sun and moon. fire and water. introverted and enjoy isolation but love to grab my girl and start dancing until the music stops and realize the entire dance floor created a circle around us. . im.never the person that reads things trying to find out who I am. but its always amazing to read something and seriously feel it somehow knows me better than anyone could

  7. Jen Mulberry says:

    I am 22nd July, I totally agree with this, I am 50 now and it took til 45 to understand my emotions and how to deal. I am more honest about them so I can be better with them. I wish this was true for my younger years but I feel that what life is about, mixing all personality’s and getting the best from us all. I understand the opinionated thing because lions rule and cancerians just want to help people, maybe too much sometimes to our own cost. x Jen

  8. I just want to say hey to all the people born on the 20th July your not alone we are emotional and sensitive but if everyone was like us the world would be a better place

  9. July 24th Cleo/ Virgo rise. Capricorn moon. 36yo man. Life has been hot and cold. Just don’t get your heart broken. It’s no fun.

    1. I’m July 21st. Virgo Moon, Pisces Rising. And the heartbreak thing is so true. What makes it bad is that the intense over-the-top reaction to heartbreak kills your chances with your person of interest for good, when there’s a strong chance patience would’ve done the trick. That and it takes a lifetime to move on. Assuming others on the cusp are similar to me lol.

  10. BJ Holley says:

    This is me to a T! July 23rd. I’m a line cook, and agree with the other line cook that commented. It has really helped me a lot with maintaining my my emotional stability and stress. I’m guessing a lot of us probably have high anxiety issues. That’s the case for me for sure. When I was younger it was a lot harder for me to be able to handle my emotional fluctuations. Was also hard for me to control my temper. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to find a decent balance…mostly. Cooking on busy line helps me overcome my(work related) stress, by channeling that stress amd using it be more effective… and to put it bluntly…a straight up badass in the kitchen lol.

  11. Mark Schizel says:

    I’m July 21st and can so relate to your video. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Mix it with INTP personality and you get one hell of a person . Mixed signs and weirdest personality what a life

    1. Nicolette says:

      That’s my personality type and my birthday is July 20th, I have to agree. Life is definitely strange for me hahaha, I can’t even figure myself out.

      1. Same here…25 years of my life and still searching where do i belong the 20th July Paradox

      2. Shawna Lockhart says:

        Im with nicolette on this one july 20th n im very indecisive on many things im guessing thats what she means by not even able 2 figure herself out. Lol.

      3. Kristina Parsons says:

        Hi hon, I’m born on July 20th, just know you’re not the only one. We’re gonna get through this together.

    2. Same. It’s weird to be logical but emotionally driven, introverted but attention grabbing, and whole list of other contradictions.

  13. Shreya Reddy says:

    July 23rd and most of this describes who I am

  14. Elton DeRouen says:

    I’m born on July 22 & this is really true

  15. Spot on forsure! July 20th ??

  16. shelly lepresti says:

    Julyy 22 ..spot on

  17. July 22nd..and I’m not self centered…

    1. I didn’t think I was either, because i’m so giving. However i’m sure you have your moments. When something is going on with me, I have a tendency to withdraw and become totally consumed with the issue at hand. In that moment i’m only thinking about myself.

      1. I was born on July 20, and this is, so ME! I used to think something was wrong with me. And, I knew that I wasn’t a complete cancer. But, I am very very intuitive. And have a great memory. And reading this zodiac sign article has helped me to better understand my personality. And, why I am the way that I am. Why I do the things that I do. I guess both Cancer and Leo’s are self centered as they love being seen. Great work!

    2. Allison Thompson says:

      I’m an Aquarius (Feb 3) female who had Cancer/Leo Cusp (Jul 22) male fwb about 30 years ago…We still have great chemistry but I feel that he made up his mind about me a long time ago…& he’s not ever going to change it, is he? Despite the fact that we were 19 & 20 @ the time. We both lost touch for a while but it doesn’t matter how long inbetween…we’re always happy to see one another….I just don’t get it.

  18. STACY ANN LITZ says:

    I’m a July 21st also and this is so me. I always thought it was because of my rising sign being a Taurus and my moon sign being Aquarius. But this seems to be more on point than anything else I’ve read.

    1. Deja Rose says:

      I am also a July 21st with Aquarius moon and Earth Sign Rising (Capricorn). I think that both aspects really factor into it.

  19. Alec Anjal says:

    Absolutely indescribable… Its unbelievable that this page describes me better than i could myself.. July 19th and i am a line cook at a nice local seafood restaurant and looking os my passion everything in here is so so spot on. Ervery single day is a battle for me. But as i attain stability and mental disipline through working in a high stress environment with no choice but to maintain composure at all times, i have been able to find a nice balance and am much happier recently despite being in a point in my life that im back to relying on others for a short time until i get back on track

  20. Lynnett Reinke says:

    My birthday is july 21st and im cracking up because I cannot BELIEVE how TRUE this is!!! Every SINGLE line is EXACTLY how I am!!! wow!!! If this is THAT spot on I have to find out more on my family and friends signs on here! :)

    1. We have the same birthday and this is so spot on it’s crazy lol

    2. I’m July 21 too and it’s so true ??

      1. Shreya Ganguly says:

        yes it is. same here

    3. esmeralda says:

      My birthday is the 21st too, this is spot on!

    4. damia hills says:

      My birthday is July.21st too.I couldn’t agree more hahah.

    5. Shreya Ganguly says:

      My birthday is also 21st July. Such a weird thing. I fall in the Cancer-Leo. Everything on this article matches my personality,except for the fact that I am an extro wart,not an introvert. But mostly everything else matches.

  21. Tailor Lehmann says:

    Loved your post! Thanks for the information. I am a cuspian cancer/leo and all the facts mentioned above clearly matches my own. Keep up the nice work.

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