1. Kyle Ryan James Sauerland says:

    im a november 21 baby and i love learning this stuff ive always have been ether loved or hated by people there was no in between and i have always stood out from the crowd feeling different but i dont regret it also have ADHD doesnt help so it was really nice to now that some people feel the same way that i do :)

  2. This is dead on!! My bday is November 24th. And I tell people that I have the best of both worlds I have the nastiest traits of a Scorpio and yet I am fine loving and very blunt like a Sagittarius. Are people born under this cusp are very very miss understood, people look at us like we are a different kind of breed of people. And I do know for a fact people born with water and fire in them do have very bad tempers. But we are also very loyal people my husband is a Leo. And he gets me! Fire signs I get along with and some and I say that loosely some water signs. We have 2 opposite elements in us, so it is only human of us to act the way that we act. Takes a very special person to understand us.

  3. I was born Nov 22 right in the middle of the cusp of revolution. I find it hard to make friends or make a relationship last. I always feel used then thrown away like trash. This brings out my agresive side witch is like a volcano mixed with a hurricane, complete disaster I’m good and being a leader and I prefer to work on my own but I still long for someone to accept me for the person I am. It’s hard being pushed away.

  4. Nov 21, the very first day of Sag in the dawn, every words of this article match my personality, it is so difficult to handle the reality of my life, it may looks amazing to read about a sco/sag cusp on the paper, but living with it, it’s not an easy task. Some people hates me so much, some things I am crazy, it bothers me how people are so narrow minded and superficial

  5. I am a November 22nd – and have been so lost and confused as to what I am – I call myself a Scorpagerious – people laugh at that….but the description above is spot on – thanks for clearing that up I feel much better now….

  6. Nov 22. Are we not Demi gods? Can you not feel the immense power emanating from you? Steam power! Quit quibbling and whining. People aren’t supposed to like you. They are supposed to do what you say. Manipulate with creativity and loquacious intelligence. Whining about “Nobody likes me” only overshadows you. You are a remarkably strong, witty, charismatic entity. Further more, it is an profoundly heinous act to deprive those around you of your gifts. Wake up peeps. I’m left handed, green eyed, cusp born. Most hated, yet respected man in my position. Tell them to quit hating, and start using the gifts given to you. They were probably placed in your circle for a reason. You have an aura about you that bathes all around you in ecclesiastical light. People heal, and feel better just by being in your presence. Maybe you don’t see it, but it’s every day normal to you. Life, love, and the pursuit of other people’s happiness.

  7. I was born on November 22 and my whole life, I always wondered what type of characteristics I had exactly because I felt like sometimes my feelings would contradict my actions and vise versa. I don’t know if that made sense or not. I was never interested in knowing zodiacs until recently when I was bored and decided to look up what zodiac my birthday was then I found several articles about the scorpio/saggitarius cusp. I was amazed when I saw how well the articles described my personality. Not gonna lie, it’s hard living this cusp because in my case, I’m always so energetic, happy, and playful therefore everyone only sees that side of me and always think “nah she’s always so happy, I doubt she gets depressed or something.” My friends always come up to me for advice and compliment the fact that I give positive vibes. Little do they know, I wish I had someone to ask advice for, but it’s hard to do that when your the go-to- person for advice.

    1. You just described me to a T! My bday is also the 22nd. I’ve always had people ask me for advice and want to be around me. I’m cautious to make friends because I’m so picky but at the same time I get lonely at times but I also like being alone. I’ve also been told I’m ‘deep’ and just different than most people and have always had a sixth sense.

  8. This is pretty accurate and I was born on the 27th of november.

  9. I’m nov.23 and I stumbled upon this article ..it is dead on! I’ve always felt alittle misplaced, different..I can def relate better to the scorpio/sag cusp. Thank u for clearing up alot

  10. Nov. 26th. Technically not recognized as a cusper, however I have read up a lot since discovering the existence of ‘Scorpittarius’, and since then astrology makes so much more sense in my mind than it ever did before. I never fully resonated with the generalities of trait lists of the full signs, or even daily or other horoscopes as they related to me. Many others’ I would say have been fairly accurate according to my observances, unless they also happened to be on or near the various cusps. My daughter is 2 days short of being 24 years younger than myself, so definitely a cusp as well as the same Chinese Zodiac animal… Our personalities are so similar, but I’ve noticed that she, being closer to the Scorpio season and actually in the cusp, is noticeably (to me) even more intense than me! The comments left above here from other readers speak to me. I’ve claimed the cusp – even though I’ve seen variations in the dates from the earliest starting 11/17-11/25, latest ending. Where I have looked the specific dates have varied. I was born in the am on 11/26. I feel this sign strongly. I’ve lived the misunderstandings, the misdirected and intangible, inexplicable rage and anger, despair and disappointment so much over my lifetime that it feels like default status. I hope to get out of the doldrums at some point and maintain some sort of eternal (albeit seemingly and mainly foolish at times), but I think this must just be dependent upon meeting that chance individual at the critical time: life friend, soul mate, twin flame et al, whose vibrations speak to my being so powerfully that I will be transformed in tremendous, profound ways.

  11. ghostwithnocraving says:

    Yeah Most of it is true like almost all of it was but ima scorp/sag cusp and I have huge major trust issues like MAJOR plus I CANNOT get along with earth and water signs I only get along mostly with air and fire plus my most trustworthy friend is a Gemini thats the thing thats what I hate plus im very stereotyped bye lotas people its annoying now only males because I have a pixie cut like dayung thats rude btw yes Were VERY MISUNDERSTOOD mostly cause of scorpios vengefulness and sags bluntness its really annoying Btw I was born on the scorpio side of the cusp But Ireally act like an aquarius and sgittarius thats the thing its like ima aquarius when im not :((

  12. I was born november 19th and those descriptions of our cusp are exactly right… insane how one even figured this out i think its amazing and verrry interesting.. My water and fire definately fight against eachother leading me to have a bad temper toward others causing loads of chaos in my life and relationships. but its weird because it only happens around the scorpio/sag cusp time ha. but i did read that around this cusps fiftys is when we will be completely satisfied and will be liked the most….. so i guess thats something positive to look forward too….8-)

    1. Nov 19th is birthday too and this was dead nuts… For a while I was always confused on what traits of what I had but now I realize I’m not the only one. I guess we’re just one of a kind a gift and a curse.

  13. yup! RIGHT ON THE SPOT… why are we so misunderstood?!?! If i’m being straight and blunt it’s only because I care so much about the other that I want show em how they could improve their life in a truly meaningful way. I do not want to change anyone or anything, just wanna help those around in getting in touch with their true inner self… I they don’t wanna do it and i’m really really really in love with that person i get really frustrated but still i never abandoned anyone or anything and when i said “i’m gonna leave you”, it was like 2 times, I really mean it! butttttttttttt….. in the end i always give them another and another and another chance if they showed that they wanna improve… or if they really did improved with my absence! and I’m the one that will search for you!! even years after! I don’t mind if you throw me out cause I just wanna help! The only thing I want in return if you do indeed want my help is loyalty, true honest love and to remain by my side until the end of times, CAUSE I WILL, FOREVER. EVEN WHEN I SAY GOODBYE!! CAUSE I DON’T REALLY MEAN IT! I want you to understand what’s happening with yourself, and without me I HOPE that you are able to see it for yourself. I simply love people too much but I need the greatest love of all, the love of life!! So, don’t push me to see if break cause I miss the ones I love all the time and I mean “all the time” but I miss them even more when they are by my side and not trying at all to love themselves… they could use me to love themselves, I would do it, no prob… unconditional love is what I really moves me and even turns me on! =) , but I need reassurances that you’re gonna be my side and don’t leave me once I “explode” all the bad feelings i’ve accumulated from you.

    1. I really do understand what you mean, i’m scorpio 19th and have experienced ALL these things. Hope we find so like ourselves.?

    2. Leigh Bates says:

      I understand how you feel I often feel I get the short end of the stick sometimes were you try to help them but met with nah I’m alright or why are you doing that for they dont understand that we dont purposely undermine them just we love to help we care namaste ????????

  14. My birthday is 21st Nov. and being a Scorpio/Sag hasn’t been fun at all. Misunderstood – that’s an understatement. More liked loathed, despised, too different for everyone…people give me a wide berth. And I try, and try and try some more to be ‘nice’ and it just backfires. I tolerate, I listen, I’m compassionate but one little thing, that’s all it takes and people run for the hills. Makes me wonder what they’d do if I got angry about something. I don’t know, I’m a bit sad at the moment, because people just don’t want to ‘get’ me. Thanks for your comments anyway..and I’m sick of sunshiny mr niceguy Sag. – they’re bloody cruel, manipulative, violent and blunt. And selfish…but love to tell everyone how generous they are….can’t STAND them!

    1. Marley Ayn Webb says:

      Hi Edmond. I’m the 21st as well. And obviously I understand a little how you feel, although it’s a little different considering I’m a woman. Like this page says, positivity changes things a lot. I think my biggest struggle has been not worrying about what others think of me and finding what I think of my and that has worked wonders! You are an amazing person, remember that!

    2. Leigh Bates says:

      I agree we dont always Express our emotions so readily but with the right people we open up like a book lol but reading more about me helps alot namaste

  15. I’m not a scorpio sag cusp. I’m sagittarius. But I have a friend who is. Very unpredictable and misunderstood person he is. But after reading this it all fits the jigsaw puzzle to his inner workings. Though I’m not him I have a basic idea and this helps suits all the mysteries! Great description and detail!

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