1. Aquaman not Dc says:

    Ive been with a few different virgo women for years and i love it. the mental connection is huge. the spiritual growth these types can achieve together is well worth the petty fights over sex or organization

  2. bluesky Jen says:

    I really appreciate seeing the diverse comments. I’m an aquarius and I started dating a virgo guy. I couldn’t believe the way his mind worked- he was with me on every level. For me to feel secure I have to feel like I can connect intellectually with someone, especially in a relationship, and I even have butterflies in my stomach when I’m around him- so I know I’m attracted to him. So when I found out he was a virgo, I was caught off guard- then read about the connection and felt a little disappointed that all the advice was negative. So I’m going to just trust what is there between us, and am thankful that as humans we rely on our personal interactions to tell us what is good for us, and will help us grow.

    1. Exactly dear, I’m Dating an Aquarius Man and we gat no problem. All that matters is how you handle your partner and his feelings, let your intuition guide you

  3. We’re both 25 and he’s an Aquarius and I’m a Virgo. I would say he has been my toughest challenge because he is completely opposite in the general aspect of life. I’m a saver and a giver, he’s a spender and a taker. He’s spontaneous and I’m well-grounded. I’m very organized and he’s a go with the flow kind of guy. The reason why we work is that we are both intellectual beings who enjoy a challenge. We can talk for hours on end on just about anything. And in the bedroom, it’s fierce! He likes the security in me and I enjoy his spontaneity. We do fight a lot because of our differences but at the end of the day, he wants what I have and I want what he has.

  4. DanceLoveBroom says:

    I am a virgo, dating an aquarius and we are really good together. We both aren’t quick to rush into anything serious. On an intellectual level, we can talk for hours about any and everything. Sexually we are fierce. At first we decided to wait because he is very cautious, but unlike many virgos, I am a very sensual person. So I was the one who initiated the act. But we are both really busy people. So when we see each other, it is magical. He can be detached, aloof, and in his own world, but at all the right times. We actually mesh really well. I teach him to be more organized and push him to acheive. He teaches me to be more laidback and take everything one day at a time.

  5. I am a Virgo woman with an Aquarius man. Intellectually we have a great rapport. Sexually he is the one who is inhibited due to other factors in his natal chart. However, we have a wildly passionate *HOT* sex life and I was the one who initiated it at the start of our relationship. Being able to have a meeting of hte minds enhanced/es the sex. I have no interest in being a maid so I hired on to do the shoppng, cooking and cleaning. He and I spend a lot of time out of the house doing things together. I have never been regimented with a daily list of things to do, but that is also because of other placements in my natal chart.

    I enjoy that he is cold, aloof and detached as an Aquarian. It gives me space and tiem when and where I need it. When Aquarians get to know you they are quite loyal and share themselves and their emotions.

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