1. I agree with u as I myself am a female virgo.And i have male capricorn friends.dey are awesome.There is a instant connection with them…and yes i also feel that i would love to be with a capricorn man as til date i have just found these guys sensible and kind.Capricorn man can be a great friend..guide..lover..and a husband for a virgo lady!!Its rightly said…..”a virgo female and a capricorn man are made for each other”….AN EXELLENT UNION!!

  2. Brianna Allison says:

    I have Had many of Capricorn guy friends who are cool, but never been in a relationship with one,I have been caught in the middle thought with two guys that are close guy friends one a taurus and the other a capricorn both are very attracted to me and will let u know in a minute.I have been curious about my Capricorn friend lately though.

  3. Iam a virgo Female and been with a sagitarius guy. we had our shares of dis agree ments and it took the sunshine out of things,and still to this day that nut still trying to holla at me,i just do not pay no attion cause i know that every thing that attracts some times is not good once you find out how they really are around just you.

  4. I’m a virgo woman and i whent out with a capricorn man. We whent out for one year and to tell you the truth our relashionship waas very Boring… i always wanted to do something but he just wanted to stay home and wach tv… thank god i borke up with him! xD

  5. I am a v, tried a relationship with a cap didn’t work. he has ego larger than life and lack of sensitivity. But maybe that’s just my experience

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