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Are Virgo and Capricorn compatible?

 This would be one of those couples that you see out that  just can’t keep their hands off of each other. In most cases the compatibility between the two of them it’s quite high.

Both of them has a unique ability to bring out the best in each other, which helps them to become quite an exceptional couple.

 The Virgo tends to be serious a lot of the time, and they really need the Capricorn to bring out the playful and fun side that they had hidden.  This will help them take a little step back from the seriousness of life.

 For some reason when it comes to Capricorn, Virgos are a little less judgmental or critical towards them than they are to other signs.  It’s almost like the Virgo has a calming effect over the Capricorn.

How are Capricorn and Virgo in love?

When it comes to a relationship these two form an excellent combination,  where the Capricorns perseverance and Virgos attitude work well together, not just in a relationship but also in a work setting as well.

They will be a couple that gets along very well, and support each other through the thick and thin.

This couple has a really good chance of making a good relationship out of this, but what they really need to do is take a step back from the seriousness a little bit. There is a time and place for seriousness in life, but this is a couple that needs to also be able to focus on the joys and the pleasures that life has to offer. If they focus too much on the obligations that they have, they won’t focus on having fun together. Balance is needed.

They both seem to tackle problems the same way, and have a very similar vision when it comes to how they want their lives to play out.

This is the type of couple that no matter how complex a problem is that they could face, they will work together to find the answers and the solutions to fix things. It is usually very difficult for something to get in the way of these two and their goals. They know what they want, and they know how to get it .

With that being said, not every relationship is without its problems. The problem that these two might face is living a life of monotony. They need fun!

They both need to be able to put the seriousness aside for a little bit every once in awhile, and either one or both of them needs to propose new exciting activities and ideas to try out. By adding this little bit of spice to their lives they will remove the chance of monotony creeping into their lifestyles.

Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: You appreciate one another’s professional commitments, which allows for some seriously enjoyable time off the clock together.

Celia: Here’s a soulmate who understands your love of order, who won’t mess up a good conversation with emotive statements.

Jenn: The two of you share a lot of the same goals in life and this should help you develop a strong and happy relationship. You both make a good blend of strengths and weaknesses. The qualities that you lack, the Capricorn makes up for and vice versa. Once the commitment is made here it is virtually unstoppable.

Lidia: The earth can really move for the two of you and your relationships can reach heights you may not have experienced before. Both of you can have the same inhibitions about love, sex and your own bodies and there is nobody that than uncover this as well as a person that feels the same way you do. Let your feelings out and tell your partner what you want, from the word go and get used to speaking up if you want something or feel uncomfortable. This is a strong bond though, you are both very emotional and loving and able to pull each other out of depression and sadness.

You have the same theories behind love, to take time and see what happens as each day comes and this allows your love to blossom in its own time. You are both incredibly dependable and in love this means you have found the security you have been searching for.

Laura: These two fully understand the meaning, of being practical and down to earth. Each is a true beacon to the other, in a world seemingly filled with that they may see as too many superficial types. Virgo loves how Capricorn has the world under command and Capricorn loves how Virgo is orderly in his presentation. This pair can make quite an impact as they can work extremely well together. Capricorn can take care of business, knowing that Virgo has the books right up to snuff at all times. Though not especially emotional types, they have a strong respect for the past and what can be learned from it.

Tracy: A Virgo and Capricorn relationship can share many hobbies and interests making a compatible partnership if Virgo is patient during Capricorn’s depressive moods.

Heidi: These two make a great couple. Both are hardworking, share common goals, and take joy in pleasing the other. They may however, have a slight problem with a physical connection. If they can overcome this minor constraint, life would be grand.

Keley: This pairing can be very good, especially in the long term. Both sides are fairly cautious, and understand each other’s needs for security and stability. If they can both keep a handle on their need to be right, they should be fine.

Marcus: These two prove to be very agreeable in matters of the heart. There is often a strong bond right from the beginning. The Virgin admires the Goat’s strong and stable ways, as the Goat is not as sensitive to Virgo’s pickyness and temporary funks. Both being Earth signs, their union is rock-solid.

David: These signs have great, effortless rapport, and understand each other naturally. You’re both methodical and practical, accomplished and passionate. It’s a no-brainer: Capricorn is a highly compatible sign for a Virgo.

Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman

The relationships between Virgo men and Capricorn women are among the most successful relationships and they both have a lot of things in common. Like they both are responsible and they both handle their problems with concern and care, except the Virgo men sometimes are more critical. Apart from this both Virgo men and Capricorn women highly respect each other and they try to make life easier for each other at every chance they get. Virgo men are really sensible and have a sharp intellect; they mostly prefer quality and excellence over quantity. And they are very judgmental, pessimistic, analytical and vacillating towards everything in life.

Capricorn Man and Virgo Woman

A Capricorn male has all the characteristics that guarantee success in life. He is determined and works hard to achieve a target once he sets his eyes on it. This nature matches well with the realistic and practical approach of a Virgo woman. Due to sharing of similar characteristics, both partners find themselves compatible with each other. Both support each other and feel good with each other. Patience and ability to understand the nature of each other will always help these zodiac signs to make the relationship a blessing. Either of them should listen to the other one. Otherwise, there will be conflicts and differences in many different matters. 

Virgo and Capricorn Friendship

Could go either way this one, closeness or vacant stares.

Capricorn and Virgo Relationship

As lovers:

Once again this can be a little bit hit or miss, although when it hits you will both know that it’s right.

Long-term relationship:

If you can deal with the almost over sensitiveness that sometimes shows its head you will sail through life as a blissful couple.

Short-term relationship:

You will know within the first two or three weeks of meeting each other whether things were meant to progress.

Virgo and Capricorn Sex

Your love life will either be total and consuming or as flat as a pancake.

virgo and capricorn sexually compatible




Capricorn Compatibility with Virgo Over all Score:

overall score 77%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. I agree with u as I myself am a female virgo.And i have male capricorn friends.dey are awesome.There is a instant connection with them…and yes i also feel that i would love to be with a capricorn man as til date i have just found these guys sensible and kind.Capricorn man can be a great a husband for a virgo lady!!Its rightly said…..”a virgo female and a capricorn man are made for each other”….AN EXELLENT UNION!!

  2. Brianna Allison says:

    I have Had many of Capricorn guy friends who are cool, but never been in a relationship with one,I have been caught in the middle thought with two guys that are close guy friends one a taurus and the other a capricorn both are very attracted to me and will let u know in a minute.I have been curious about my Capricorn friend lately though.

  3. Iam a virgo Female and been with a sagitarius guy. we had our shares of dis agree ments and it took the sunshine out of things,and still to this day that nut still trying to holla at me,i just do not pay no attion cause i know that every thing that attracts some times is not good once you find out how they really are around just you.

  4. I’m a virgo woman and i whent out with a capricorn man. We whent out for one year and to tell you the truth our relashionship waas very Boring… i always wanted to do something but he just wanted to stay home and wach tv… thank god i borke up with him! xD

  5. I am a v, tried a relationship with a cap didn’t work. he has ego larger than life and lack of sensitivity. But maybe that’s just my experience

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