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  1. libra rose says:

    The year of the Rat occupies the first and the foremost position in Chinese astrology signs and zodiac signs. People who belong to this zodiac signs are usually very observant and have keen skills. They are witty and sharp. They are usually correct about their assessment of others. Good natured and friendly, they are very honest and hard working too but will not easily share their troubles with others. They might however sometimes get aggressive. They are survivors of the true kind and never back down from a challenge.
    They are very active; enjoy good health because they keep moving all the time. They are physically fit and include a lot of exercise in their daily schedule to keep them working. However, sometimes they can get stressed out and would require meditation activities to calm them down. They are extremely creative and perceptive when it comes to their career. They usually make good bosses and do not like monotonous jobs. They focus more on the designation of their job because they feel this is what brings them status and money in the end for which they work very hard and observe everything keenly that goes around in their work place. They achieve success only because of their sheer hard work and determination to succeed.
    The Rats are very charming people. They have this ability to melt hearts and are very good and social relationships. However, when the time comes, they cannot break off relationships or get away with them easily which is why they take a lot of time to move on. They are the most compatible with dragon and monkey signs and do not work well with horse and rabbit. The rats are an interesting mix of people and are usually practical and worldly.

    Being born in this sign determines a lot of talents, and other characteristics that might not be very commendable. The rats are lively and need lots of mental & physical stimulation. They are calm & perceptive, however at times their brains will cause the mental restlessness, tempting to take on very much, just to discover that they are not able to meet the commitments.

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