2020 Sagittarius Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope


  • Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, October 31, 2020

    Today`s overriding concern could be how to afford art or music lessons. You really want to explore your creative potential and feel that you need a professional`s direction. Sure, such lessons could take a big bite out of your budget, but look at the big picture and establish some priorities. Are you willing to forego a few dinners out to move in this new direction?


2020 Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope


The year’s first half focuses on practicalities. This cycle began with last year’s potent aspects between the stern Saturn and Pluto, planet of transformation – which is in Sagittarius – and continues until May’s close. You’ll be thinking about your approach to time, money, ideas and even your affections. Suddenly, it’s clear that changes in your way of living or working are overdue. Thus when your ruler Jupiter moves into the most inquisitive angle of your chart on 1 August, you’re ready to consider even exotic offers, if not an entirely new way of living.

Explore everything, but with unsettled circumstances, all arrangements should be viewed as tentative. Reflect on your hopes or dreams; if any remain undone, this is the year to pursue them. In fact the period from late October to the eclipsed New Moon in your sign in early December is so positive that you could exceed even your most optimistic goals.

Love & close relationships
Working out differences proves surprisingly demanding, possibly because new issues keep arising. However, by midyear those problems are behind you, and the future proves increasingly rosy.

Finance & business
While you’re not entirely in control of things, you’ll still benefit financial from even unexpected developments. However worthwhile, it’s vital that arrangements monitored carefully for maximum benefit.

Health & well-being
With so much going on, looking after yourself is vital. Otherwise you could, quite simply, neglect your physical well-being. Make plans to get out, exercise and dine well, but nutritiously.


Sagittarius Love Horoscope


A good year for the happiness seeker

A nice and beautiful year awaits the SAGITTARIUS of any age that wants to be happy and in love and fulfilled in its relations and friendships. Your desires will be carried out beyond any doubt. If you get engaged, you will do it seriously. All the ideal conditions are met to make this year one of best of your life. It only remains to you to know how to profit from the celestial graces and to enjoy fully the pleasures of love and the intimate joys of pure friendship.

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Melissa Martinez

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