2018 Sagittarius Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

  • Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, November 18, 2019

    The range of possibilities is overwhelming. Everywhere you look, there`s something else to distract you. If you overindulge your daydreaming, it`s going to slow you down. It`s good to dream, but it`s better to get your work done and fulfill your responsibilities first. Shift gears and match speed with reality. The world out there is every bit as good as you could imagine. Communication is key to enriching your relationships with those who are close to you. Your art or creative means of expression helps others get to know you and accept you with all your unique facets.


Yearly Sagittarius Horoscope

For you, Sagittarius, 2017 will prove to be an extremely illuminating one – one from which you’ll benefit for many years to come. However, as you’re living it out, it may seem that you encounter nothing but obstacles and frustration. This may not sound a formula for happiness, achievement and fulfilment. But the fact is that those obstacles will force you to examine both existing situations and habits, some of which hamper you or which prevent you from recognising what’s best in your life, the full spectrum of your potential and even opportunities.

One of your greatest gifts, as a Sagittarius, is your energy and your zest for life. Whenever something interests you, you’ll waste no time on pointless questions, but seize the moment. You’ll move swiftly. Yet that also means you won’t necessarily analyse the situation or the individuals involved in depth. If you did, you simply wouldn’t have time to achieve all that you do.

Yet, during 2017, not only will you need to conduct such an analysis, in some cases you’ll need to focus in depth, going back to think about how events or situations started and considering what you had to deal with in the past. This variety of reflection may run counter to your character, but it should also enable you to clear up situations that have been a burden or the source of persistent problems. Better yet, as a result of your efforts, you’ll also spot those areas in your character that might be termed ‘blind spots’. These are those issues or situations in which you simply refuse to recognise that problems exist.

Gradually this process of reflection, combined with certain events during the year that shake up elements of your life that had seemed stable, enables you to view life from a very different perspective. There won’t be any single event that could be regarded as a turning point. Rather, during the year your ruling planet, Jupiter, forms a series of aspects to the planets that influence the structure of your life and your perspective about the world – Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. This leads to events that not only shift your day-to-day existence, but some developments open up new avenues of activities, in some cases, opportunities beyond anything you would have considered possible or even imagined.

That, coupled with the year’s eclipses, in mid-March and September, which cross the angles of your chart that have to do with the structure of your life, indicate the potential not merely for change, but for a shift in circumstances that would lead to a reorganisation far beyond anything you would have conceived of – or, in fact, would have been possible when the year began.

With your ruling planet, Jupiter, positioned in the most strategic and reflective angle of your chart until 24 November, there’s an emphasis on exactly the kind of self-analysis that you avoid like the plague. But this is well timed: 2017 is all about undoing certain commitments that aren’t merely restrictive, but are the result of either others’ manipulations of you or your own doubts. While facing these issues may not be fun, what you learn will free you from issues or doubts you didn’t even realise you had.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that you’re unlikely to be in a position to make commitments about the future until the end of the year. As the year begins, that may seem forever. But you learn and, most of all, the burdens you relinquish during the year will free you to such an extent that by the year’s close, life, your options and even your sense of identity will all have grown beyond what you would have imagined possible.

Perhaps the most important planetary events from your point of view take place late in the year. First, as your ruling planet, Jupiter, leaves the most sensitive angle of your chart on 24 November, it moves into Sagittarius for a year-long stay. This is followed about a week later by the arrival of Mars, the planet of ego and energy, also into your sign, where it remains in Sagittarius until early 2007.

These, combined with the Sagittarius new moon, on 20 December, indicate nothing less than a fresh start. By then, you’ll have spotted and, hopefully, eliminated any burdens from the past, exchanging these for new plans and activities. These will gladden your heart, make your spirits soar and allow you to achieve goals that you had begun to think were beyond your reach.

View 2017 as a year both of preparation and of education. And while it may seem that you’re no closer to those cherished goals during the year itself, you’ll realise that you’re preparing for what will be one of the best years of your life.

2017 Sagittarius Love Horoscope

A good year for the happiness seeker

A nice and beautiful year awaits the SAGITTARIUS of any age that wants to be happy and in love and fulfilled in its relations and friendships. Your desires will be carried out beyond any doubt. If you get engaged, you will do it seriously. All the ideal conditions are met to make this year one of best of your life. It only remains to you to know how to profit from the celestial graces and to enjoy fully the pleasures of love and the intimate joys of pure friendship.

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