Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp – Cusp of Prophecy

Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp


December 18th until December 24th

Sagittarius Capricorn cusp compatibility

Attractions: Like all other cusps, the Sagittarius/Capricorn is attracted to other cusps, especially Taurus/Gemini(May 19-24) and Leo/Virgo(August 19-25)

Sagittarius Capricorn cusp personality

[one_third_first]capricorn sagittarius cusp have bright ideas are executing them[/one_third_first][one_third]sagittarius and capricorn cusp are good at communication[/one_third][one_third_last]sagittarius-capricorn cusp will help shape your future[/one_third_last]


Positive Traits

The Sagittarian/Capricorn is thought to be adaptable, ambitious, charitable, charming, competitive, conservative, devoted, economical, enthusiastic, extrovert, freedom-loving, friendly, fun, funny, high-spirited, loyal, optimistic, outgoing, physical, physically and mentally exploratory, playful, polite, practical, responsible, romantic, self-confident, self-controlled, self-reliant, shrewd, straight-forward, successful, trustworthy, truth-seeking, undiscriminating, and warm.

Negative Traits

the Sagittarian/Capricorn is prone to being aggressive, argumentative, blunt, exaggerating, hot-headed, impulsive, quick-tempered, and vain.

They are determined.
They recognize the power of silence.
They must learn to temper their intensity.
They demonstrate a talent for sensing the future.
They will move on alone if not supported by others.
They are of two elements, just like all other cusps-Fire and Earth.
They must allow their warm side to show and to keep their heart open.
The visionary, intuitive Sagittarius combines with the pragmatic, imperial Capricorn.
They usually do not have a good deal of patience with those who fail to appreciate them.

  Capricorn Sagittarius Cusp

People belonging to Sagittarius Capricorn cusp are born on or between December 19 and December 24. The Sagittarius Capricorn cusp is also known as “Cusp of Prophecy”. They have innate management skills and foresightedness which helps them to judge the requirements and work on completing a work successfully. They are known for their well-preparedness and they abide by their motto in life which is – “Always be Prepared”. This is one of the reasons that they are not well-known for their patience and they do not like people who diverge from their plans or opinions.

They are expert in utilizing the power of silence to manage their purpose. Silence or restraint in speech also helps them to keep the flock together whether at work or in relations. They need to check their fluctuating mood and help in controlling the swinging mood. They are great to have by your side and they like one-to-one competition and can be very methodical to tackle this competition. They are hard working, humorous, exploring and caring people.

Some of the positive traits of these people are reliable, loyal, self-reliant, ambitious, joyous, responsible, positive, romantic, energetic, playful and charming. They are short-tempered, belligerent, impulsive, and blunt. These people love children and they can turn out to be very good teachers. They are keen observers and can also be great critics providing astute analysis. They are also known to appreciate travelling and visiting exotic places.

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez has been into astrology since being a very young girl. She currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology. Her belief is that through the use of astrology itself you can gain an inner view of the issues that are complicating your life, and find the answers to fix them. The answers are in the stars and within you!

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14 thoughts on “Sagittarius Capricorn Cusp – Cusp of Prophecy”

  1. This is so true. I was born on 12/24…and always intersted in spiritual and philosophical things from my childhood. Always thinking about new ideas and being independent. I am also a business man and its my passion. Always committed to loved ones and unforgiving if someone plays with my trust. Appreciate the science behind it.

  2. I was born on Dec 23 and for as long as I can remember, I’ve questioned why I feel and act the way I do. I’m finally realizing that even though we live a very confused life, this Sagg-Cap cusp makes for some of the most artistic and powerful individuals. We just have to learn to embrace our inconsistencies by pursuing a life without fears and restrictions while remaining ambitious and determined to be successful.

  3. my dob 12/23/1982. I’ve read quite a bit about this cusp. Makes so much more sense than trying to relate to the capricorn description. One trait in particular that I’ve seen over and over in myself is the stubborn and almost rebellious determination… so strong that no matter what it is that I want, it really only becomes a matter of time no matter who or what stands in my way. Affinity for language is another characteristic I can vouch for. Also a knack for subtlety, or ‘silent’ communication. I can see where harmonizing the sag worldly understanding and expansive ideas with capricorn resourcefulness, determination and business savvy would make this cusp/sign one of the most successful. So… YAY for us! 🙂

  4. 12/23/86 and i can definitely commit to both Sag and Cap traits. I most definitely agree with the feeling of being pulled in two directions and find it extremely difficult and amazing being on the cusp. It makes for a lot of interesting characteristics, an openness to doing a lot more than a typical Capricorn would do and meeting or associating with a great range of people a typical Capricorn would not. I feel I am best described as my as actions as majority Sagittarian and my reactions as majoritity Capricorn, which can makes things tremendously difficult.

  5. THIS IS SOOOO ME!! I’m more a SAG than a CAP;however, as much as i find caps annoying, i realized that Despite my freedom loving, when i truly fall in love I give my all and my freedom & my wandering eye disappears. Im in a long term relationship with a Scorpio and the reasons why our relationship works is because i have some capricorn in my personality & because i’m honest & my bf of 3yrs being a scorpio loves that about me. It’s crazy how much a birth date can determine who we are!

  6. 12/25/85 – I was very Capricorn-like growing up. However, when I came across an Aries, my fire side got ignited by this spark I shared w/ this Aries. I have my moments when I want to just explore the unknown, but I also have my down-to-earth moments, not really wanting to take risks. I’ve always been very indecisive. When reading about my Sun sign, I felt as though I could not relate at all. I did my natal birth chart and found out that my Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Uranus are all in Sagittarius! So it makes sense. I think my fire aspects make me undeniably attracted to other fire signs, even though I’m an Earth sign Sun-wise.

  7. My birthday is Dec 21. 00 degree Capricorn. I spent my whole life believing I was a Sag, and recently found a site that calculated my birth chart and I found out my time of birth put me at 00 degrees Cap. WOW! My personality FINALLY makes sense!! I’m philosophical and a dreamer, while being completely level headed and such a realist at the same time. I’ve always been confusing, even to myself. Just about everything he said in the video above describes me to a T. I’m a small business owner and I take my time doing things, but they eventually get done the way I planned (usually, lol). So glad I found this!

  8. December 23, 92 over hereeeee.

    For awhile my determination and youth was very Capricorn all the way.

    At 19, I became the second youngest manager in our company at the time. My determination, focus, and drive was so intense that I would never let anything get in my way of success UNTIL 2 years ago. This started shifting and I found that I was born under a cusp, I am often pulled in two directions because my mind lies with my Capricorn sign and my Heart with my Saginess.

    It’s always so complex, right now (and for the last 5 months) Ms. Sagi has been steering because for the longest Capi has and my soul has been exhausted. Capricorn is taking a smoke break and Sag’s been getting me in all kinds of issues but I’m embracing it for she is teaching me to live fearless and beyond the walls and line.

    Heck I am planning a exit of this major highway I have been on!!!

    Live with the energies and the vibrations — we’re the Cusp of Prophecy !!

    Embrace your hippiness guys xoxoxox

  9. DOB 19\12\2000
    As much of a Sagittarian I am, I always felt there was more to my sign then what I was being told, so I did some googling today to see if I could relate to Capricorn and felt like I was an in between with my personality, then I stumbled upon this page and everything started to makes sense why I never felt like i was a full Sagittarian,this explains so much more about my personality

  10. My Dob is 19 Dec 1995. I have always experienced this..i mean i feel i am being pulled in two opposite directions..the playful sag, and the calm and serious capricorn!! This cusp is definitely the most intriguing one! I always find myself questiong the life and why i am like this..haha! But the downside to it u’ll experience mood swings frequently. And the sign is mostly introvert and quiet.

  11. I was born on the actual cusp. Dec 21st about 4 hours before the change to Capricorn . It’s crazy. I identify as sag. My anger and unforgiving nature is definitely cap tho.

  12. I share the 22nd of December with my younger sister (3 years to the day). We are so alike although always thought she was the Capricorn and I was the Sagittarian, even though we would always read both horoscopes and try to decide what one we related to best, I could never understand why I could relate to both. It was so confusing being pushed and pulled between both until I learned of the cusp signs. Learning that I am a cusp baby has changed my life and now I have a new understanding for why I am like I am. Its nice to read all these other people’s journeys and see that we all seem to have had the same kind of struggles before learning of the Cusp of Prophecy. We are truely gifted ??

    1. I understand completely… My birthday December 23 and my sisters December 23 we’re both cost babies born 13 years apart and I myself never understood why I seem to think and have the attributes of the two different signs now I understand as well and makes a lot more sense… This December 23 will be my Big 5O and my sisters 63rd that that is very interesting to read your response and a happy birthday do you and your sister as well… Nora .

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