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chinese zodiac ox

Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

The sign of the Ox is one of solid fortitude and leadership through hard work. This second sign of the Chinese Astrology cycle is next scheduled to appear in January 2009 through February 2010. This sign is a  Yin sign and is roughly equivalent to the Capricorn sign in Western astrology. Other links that are associated with this Chinese sign include the colors of yellow and blue; the gem onyx and the element of Earth. The Planet Saturn is the focus planet for those individuals. The health issues for these people usually are centered in the spleen and digestive system.


Their love tends to be a silent rather than an oral experience. They prefer to demonstrate emotions rather than talk about them. Although they don’t  rush into a relationship and are never characterized as a flirt, they do want to be in a stable relationship. They are honorable in love and would not be likely to be unfaithful. They also expect that their partner will reciprocate their commitment to monogamy. Their dislike of change is the major factor in actively looking for a life partner. However, the relationship with them can provide a calm and peaceful haven for the partner.


The individuals born under the sign of the Ox Chinese Astrology can form strong pairings with other animal signs. Particularly, the Ox Rooster, love compatibility, Ox Rat love compatibility, or Ox Serpent love compatibility are all likely to be quite high. One pairing is known to be totally destructive to the Tiger. The battle that would ensue would destroy the Tiger, since the Ox is the stronger of the two. The Ox desire to create a safe and secure haven for the partner means that it can be a positive and warm love partner in a strong and lasting relationship.


Their personality is one that prefers a quiet atmosphere and peaceful attitude. They can be quite stubborn once they have made up their mind about anything. The mind that they have is quite logical and their activities are systematic toward the decided goal. The speech of t people born under this sign would never be considered overly chatty, but they are very intelligent and eloquent in their speech and communication. The intelligence, strong minded attitude and independence makes individuals born under this sign the strong leader type and able to achieve great things.


The individual born in the Year of the Ox has a choice of many great and suitable careers. Because of the high level of ability, ethics and attention to detail, any position that is helped by a methodical approach will be suitable by them. They  can work well in a large company or organization. They make a good army officer, banker, engineer, carpenter or manager. Their career benefits from being well-organized so that they make good leaders in a fairly structured environment. Personally they love to help other people and to provide thoughtful direction to others.

ox zodiac sign

The Famous Oxen!

David Blaine, Carson Daly, Jane Fonda, George Clooney, Tyra Banks, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, Pharell Williams, Adrien Brody, Juliette Lewis, Monica Lewinsky, Lisa Ling, Rose McGowan, Paul Walker, Eva Herzigova, Shannon Elizabeth, Bill Cosby, Princess Diana of Wales, Sigourney Weaver, Neve Campbell, Warren Beatty etc.

Elemental Ox

Metal Ox:
Bull- headed and intense, this is a confident, blunt and determined fellow who seldom lets anything get in the way of his will. A creature of few words, he prefers to have a handful of loyal friends, who appreciate art and music as much as he does. When decided about his objectives, he tends to be overly forceful, oblivious to the feelings of others. This may work against him, but on the whole he is a trustworthy, dependable and honest chap, who is a one-man army not to be reckoned with.

Water Ox:
Less narrow-minded and stern than other Oxen, the Water Ox is more willing to cooperate and work with others, often attracted to careers in the public service. Friendly and highly organized, he is an ideal worker, patient and methodical, with a keen sense of values. Children adore this type of Ox, and so do his many friends.

Wood Ox:

You will find this Ox the head of the boardroom, his authority, dignity and natural leadership ability impossible to miss. More graceful, less rigid and admired for his integrity, the Wood Ox can reach great heights in terms of success, material wealth and prominence. He speaks his mind, and understands the importance of co-existence, and despite his sometimes fiery temper can be most caring and devoted to those he loves.

Fire Ox:
Drawn most to power, success and prominence, this Ox has strong views and an explosive temper. He is inclined to show little consideration for the feelings of others, going about on his business in a single-minded, assertive fashion. His fiery nature and tendency towards a superiority complex could be well utilized in the military, and his leadership qualities may also lead him to a life of eminence and power.

Earth Ox:
Level-headed and sincere, this “steady eddie” type of Oxen , is the most realistic and enduring of the bunch. He is less creative but more practical, sincere and admired for his quiet integrity and excellent judge of character. He knows his limitations, and is prepared to fulfill his ambitions through diligence and enduring difficulties without complaint. Slow but sure, this sensible Ox will never give up.

Year of the Ox

1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

2020 Ox Horoscope


In year of Goat, you are in direct conflict with the Grand Jupiter. Your luck is low. You will face many obstacles. Don’t take any partners if you want to start a business this year or else you will get yourself into unnecessary troubles. However, you still can do joint venture.

Career (2/10)
Don’t take involve in illegal activity this year or risk legal suit. This year is not the year to charge in your career, you will be fighting an uphill battle when you do that. It is better to plan and self-improved.

Money (2/10)
If you want to have money, you must commit to saving. You must do force saving. Save becomes your spend.

Health (4/10)
You have a strong social involvement this year. So, it is a must to watch your diet. Don’t over consume alcohol and tobacco. They will cause your body harm.

Love (4/10)
You will have many chances to meet the opposite gender. But be careful, most of them have hidden agendas. Don’t force it, let the nature takes its course.

Next Zodiac Animal: The Tiger

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

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  1. libra rose says:

    The year of Ox and the Chinese astrological signs of Ox occupy the second position in the Chinese Zodiac signs and contribute those people who are strong willed and independent. They are determined individuals who prefer making their own way into the world. They absolutely cannot tolerate laziness and abhor people who cannot work for their own good. They are not the ones to opt for short cuts to success and hate depending on others for their desires, needs and requirements. This makes them fairly standalone in the society. Ox trusts people but only to a certain extent. They are good listeners and will pay attention to every detail you share. However, their decisions are based solely on their minds and with whatever research and conclusions they come up with. They look forward to long term commitments and are homely people who love caring for their house.
    People sharing the oxen Chinese astrological zodiac signs are hard working people who incorporate a lot of physical activity into their schedule. This is why they live healthy and long. However they forget that they need to relax and unwind too at times. This is why it is best for an Ox to take breaks ever now and then in order to improve productivity and output. They are Methodists and not creative. They pay great attention to detail and do not let anything slip by from their keen observation. Ox also like to work alone and not in groups because they can perform better this way leading to more productivity and output.
    Ox are not the social types and hence won’t talk to you unless they have something very important to say. They don’t usually flirt around or check water for a relationship. They would rather prefer waiting for the right partner to join them than changing partners for better life. This is because they absolutely hate changes. They are not great in relationships and it takes them a long time to find the right guy. They are people of a strong character and background. This independent streak sometimes makes them lonely but they end up being with the right people even though it takes some time. They usually prefer staying in a place they belong. This Chinese zodiac signs is extremely compatible with the Rat and the Rooster. However, they do not get along well with the zodiac signs or astrological signs of Tiger and Horse and hence should avoid being with them in tight spots.
    Pragmatic & down to earth, the Ox people are totally motivated to work very hard and have got no respect for the lazy and careless people. Even though they are very easily trusted and find this simple to put trust, they aren’t very dependent on the friends or family and will rather find the answer or solution themselves than asking people for the help and guidance. But, others can, without any doubt rely on the Oxen, who are honest & meticulous about the responsibilities. When they don’t feel a need for distant and acquaintance oriented friends, they value strong bonds that they share with the partners & families, and make very close friends and that last for a lifetime.
    Although they are open minded, Ox people have made the decision regarding something, then they rarely change that. This is the defining characteristic, which is seen as the obstinacy, however it is actually in a way Ox learns to stay strong, brave & straightforward. It is a way Ox learned taking on the tasks and the responsibilities and how they learn to stay reliable for others. The Oxen are comfortable with well known when opposed to unfamiliar. Still, beneath the unpretentious, the tranquil exterior lies the heart of gold & motivation to prosper. The people who are born in Year of Ox share some characteristics. Ox sign is the abbreviated way to characterize individual’s personality. Following are the features linked with sign of Ox.

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