2020 Capricorn Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

  • Capricorn Horoscope for Saturday, January 18, 2020

    Times are trying, but you don`t have to let the circumstances wear you down. Be as tough as you can be. The Moon is out to give you a hard time, but you don`t have to give up just yet. You know your rights, so recite them at every available opportunity. Patience may not be a very colorful suit, but it`s certainly your strongest one. If you can convince everyone else that you are being treated unfairly, you might just catch the break you`re looking for.


Capricorn Love Horoscope

There will be love in your friendship.

The New Year brings hope and comfort in your love life. Seek for love in your friendship rather than looking for a new devastating passion. A hot relation is preparing now and you will not regret it, because what awaits you in March exceeds the most optimistic forecasts. You will be satisfied and happy to have met a so good person in whom you can have confidence. There are no age differences in love, keep that in mind. It will be useful for you this year!

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  1. Very cool I’m born on the December 24th cusp of prophecy but true Capricorn thanks for all the great words much appreciated all love and respect.

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