2018 Capricorn Horoscope – Daily and Yearly

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

  • Capricorn Horoscope for Tuesday, November 19, 2019

    Ready or not, the tide is turning. Perspective and reality are about to converge. You may feel frozen in place by some unnatural symmetry, unable to move with confidence in any one direction. Don`t give up just yet, as you are closer to the goal than you think. Remember that how you play the game is more important than whether or not you win. Your time of doubt and caution is coming to an end. What now seems like a burden will soon be lifted. Stay steady, but proceed to the next step, which will become obvious to you.

Yearly Capricorn Horoscope

If there’s anything challenging about 2017 for you, Capricorn, it’s that the year will be more about exploration than it is about action. It will be more about what you can learn than what you can achieve.

As a Capricorn, one of your greatest strengths is your ability to focus on a goal, to set a target and to stick with it until you’ve seen that objective take form. This ability is not only one of your greatest strengths, it inspires others. The fact is, many Capricorns put this skill to work by creating organisations or arrangements that benefit others by creating jobs.

For this reason, you often feel the weight of the responsibility for others, for family, employees or colleagues, on your shoulders. Consequently, you’re always looking ahead towards what needs to be done next. You’re careful about what you do, and commit to, knowing that your decisions could influence others, now and in the future. While this has led to many accomplishments, these commitments have also created restrictions. You’ve been longing to break away, but haven’t known where to begin. Now, during 2017, you’ll find that events lead the way. They actually demand that you think of things in a completely unaccustomed manner. If one phrase could be used as a theme for the year, that phrase is ‘broaden your horizons’.

While you’re by no means rigid in your thinking, once you’ve figured out a formula that works, you tend to stick with it. You hate wasting time on unnecessary exploration or experimentation. And it’s not until you’ve come across something that you’re convinced is new and better that you’ll begin to think about making changes.

During 2017 a series of events, encounters, discussions and new ideas take you down differing avenues. Not everything will work as you’d hoped. But what you learn as a result your experiences will improve your judgement and, most of all, give you a far wider perspective on life.

These events are particularly focused around the year’s eclipses, in mid-March and in mid-September. During these periods, discussions either force you to examine existing arrangements or new ideas come your way, many that might otherwise not have crossed your mind.

With your ruler Saturn, remaining in the part of your chart that has to do with joint ventures in general and with the practical side of those ventures in particular – that is, with the use of your resources, your time, your money and even your ideas – you’ll be reflecting on what is in your best interests. You may find yourself thinking about doing things or going places that you’ve always regarded as impractical or even self-indulgent. Intriguing offers could come from out of the blue.

Here, again, this is a process. While no single day could be said to be the turning point, the odds are good that what you experience or learn around 31 August, when your ruler Saturn forms a rare and powerful aspect to Neptune, the planet of vision, could not only be interesting, but could lead to far-reaching changes. If you’ve already explored various ideas and options, what you’ve learned will mean you’re better informed, and able to take advantage of what arises, who you encounter or even surprising developments.

In every case, however, the important thing is to remember that what comes your way around this time is only one piece of the puzzle and that it may not be until you’re able to view situations in retrospect that you’ll recognise how each of those will influence the ultimate decisions you make.

Of perhaps the greatest importance during 2017 will be that you’ll rediscover the joy of learning. There are times when you become so bogged down in what you must do, in obligations, in life’s practicalities, that you forget how much fun life can be. With the expansive Jupiter actually accenting new ideas and those with whom you undertake them, you’ll be feeling inquisitive and restless. You’ll be thinking about what could happen, about where encounters could take you and may even rediscover the childlike enthusiasm for the unknown, the feelings you experienced when you were younger, but which seemed to vanish as life’s burdens accumulated.

Similarly, you’ll rediscover the importance of balancing love, time spent with those you care about and time spent doing what you enjoy, with life’s pleasures. Focus on this during the year, and gradually you’ll re-establish the balance that is so important to enable you to both achieve what you wish and enjoy life in the process.

2017 Capricorn Love Horoscope

There will be love in your friendship.

The New Year brings hope and comfort in your love life. Seek for love in your friendship rather than looking for a new devastating passion. A hot relation is preparing now and you will not regret it, because what awaits you in March exceeds the most optimistic forecasts. You will be satisfied and happy to have met a so good person in whom you can have confidence. There are no age differences in love, keep that in mind. It will be useful for you this year!

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