1. Arkie Anony says:

    I thought there were some inaccuracies in this article, but then I read the comments and Cello made me laugh so hard because THAT was a very good description of me …interestingly enough I share Cello’s September 20th birthday….but I was born on my mother’s birthday and she was definitely a Virgo. This always confused me, but I can only surmise the different details in our natal charts are the cause of our major differences. You really must get down to the specifics to truly understand yourself and other people…i.e. sun, moon, rising sign and placements of the planets and houses….I have a stellium in Libra, for example, and in every way possible that made me so much different than my mother. I only wish I had known it sooner. Thanks for the informative work you do! It really is a valuable service!

  2. Centerica says:

    Heyyyy birthday twin 9/22 also! Yes, I agree with your comment I also felt like some of Virgo traits didn’t sound like me or I could relate, but now I see that a lot of them do lol. I see a lot of my Libra traits as well and can relate pretty well.

  3. Simply Life says:

    Hello, I was born on the 25th of September. This information suits me well…even the negative impact. When I found out I was a cusp, I thought my life was going to be harder. Well, I was wrong. It turned out easier. I can kind of get both air, water, fire and earth signs to agree or atleast notice my confrontations. Being a cusp also made me realize why I was so attracted to earth signs than fire or air. The nice thing is; I’ll get a the best of both worlds.

  4. I’m right at the start on the cusp on September 19th. While I tend to relate more to the Earthy-Virgo side of things, I can also appreciate what Libra brings to the table. As a metal worker, I both weld and machine. With welding I find a certain freedom in dealing with abstract situations which require an, “outside-the-box”, approach. This are my Libra tendencies at work. When running a mill or a lathe, things need to be more systematic and precise, and I’m able to find beauty in that as well. This satisfies my Virgo side.

    1. Great comparison and contrast features. I’m also born on September 19 and know exactly what you mean. In business, I enjoy an open minded approach (Libra) as well as a more consistent outcome (Virgo).

  5. My birthday is September 22nd. I didn’t identify with being a Virgo for the longest time. I hated the description of this uptight fussy person I didn’t see myself as. Finding out that I was a cusp sign made so much sense! My social nature and spending habits definitely can be credited to my Libra side. As I have grown up and had a family of my own, however, the Virgo side of me has become more prominent. I love organizing and the way I express my temper is all Virgo.

  6. Hi. September 20th here… I always thought it was amazing how I have always wanted to help people, but I can’t stand people lol (typical Virgo)… But I’m a total pushover who tries to appear like the biggest unmovable rock… This cusp thing totally paints a picture of me. I think I’m more of the Virgo (‘cept for the cleaning and working out, I’d much rather be doing ANYTHING else lol), but the Libra is def. in me. Thank you so much for posting this, as a Virgo I needed, yes NEEDED, the information. :)

    1. We have the same birthday and I agree with you I’m the same exact way

  7. Man I have been so confused about which way I sway. I was born on the 23rd of Sept but now I know im on a by cusp. My personality sways more on the Libra side but I also do have some characteristics of the Virgo female. I do have a habit of over analyzing things on the Virgo side but at the same time more on the Libra side I do believe in being fair and indecisive. Also on the Libra side I do have the beauty & brains of the Libra female. Thank you so much for claryfing that for me.

  8. Renault Orlando says:

    Hi, thank you kindly for this article. It’s probably the most faithful description I’ve ever seen. I was born September 20 and I was surprised by the accuracy of this profile – especially relating to logic vs intuition, social interests and seeing all sides of the situation. I’m always proud to be a Virgo but knowing that I’m Virgo-Libra makes better sense.

  9. Benjamen Hodges says:

    born on september 23 i always was confused about which sign i was virgo or libra because some astrologers say im a virgo while most say im a libra but this site has really helped me figure out which and i actually have character traits of both sign like i can be very critical at times of myself and other and the fact that im never satisfied but yea thanks alot.

  10. Hey, I’m one of these (23rd Septempber!). I always thought of myself as more of a Libra than a Virgo – the charm, indecisiveness, being able to understand people but also being a bit of a pushover, totally describes me. On the Virgo side, Health, tidiness, exercise – NONE of this rings bells! Reading this, though, a lot made sense – I definitely have the Virgo perfectionism (I do destroy all my work I didn’t think was perfect)and it was interesting to see that the desire to HELP people, not just get along well with them, was a Virgo thing. Some of my Libra friends don’t seem to have that facet, but everyone’s different.

  11. This cusp is much more me than my birth cusp of Taurus/Gemini. I could never picture myself as a Taurus or a Gemini as the characteristics just didn’t make sense? I felt lost then one day I read about Libra. I have a good Libra friend who told me about his sign, and I fell into tears cuz everything it described was all my personality. Then I read Virgo and was the same but not as strong as Libra. My chart surprised me with 3 Virgo planets with Saturn on the cusp and a very cardinal Libra rising too. These traits dominate over my sun sign. I was so happy to finally understand my needs and character and “know” myself better. I’ve always been an Autumn kid at heart :D

  12. I’m a libra/virgo cusp and am only now starting to explore all the traits i feel that i’ve inherited from both signs. I have started to notice a conflict thata always been there starting to grow exponentially the more i’ve become aware of it. Namely, Logic vs Intuition (Earth vs Air) now to the point i feel very torn. The best way i can describe what its doing to me is ‘constant psychological warfare’, i find interest in things that are mathematically precise or logically sound but then feel somewhat unsatisfied by the end of it because it requires/contains little or no intuitive feeling or emotion to find the answer.Is this typical for a cusp to go through a process like this where they have conflicting sides? Can you find balance in things that seem so polar opposite? The libra in me says of course you can but i’d love to hear your opinion.

    1. Can you give an example? This is SO WEIRD to read. After relating to the post and then reading your comment. I almost know exactly what you mean and have a constant ‘torn’ feeling between logic and intuition from career, to relationships, to even theories.

      I am a software developer and the lack of satisfaction of solving logic can be painful!

      1. Wow, that is exactly me. As a business student I was torn between the creative field of marketing and the logical and pragmatic field of finance….so I did both.

    2. Wow I feel exactly the same. Before I found out I was on this cusp I always felt that the virgo sine only half suited me it all make so much sence now

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