1. Kevin David - Philo Adams says:

    21st here and feeling so very validated after reading this – particularly in regards to being very intuitive. I know things. I feel like people don’t believe me when I say I’m a human lie detector and I judge people based on their energy. Through ancestry I was drawn to a picture of my cousin 5 generations back that looks A LOT like me except a harder life in the 1800s. Maybe that makes me crazy. Maybe that makes me aquarices ??

    Also I will beat the anxiety that comes with it someday.

    Spread your peace love joy and kindhearted nature to this broken world.

    I love you all brothers and sisters

  2. Lee Kostik says:

    My birthday is 23 February. I have been into astrology since the age of 8. Thank you for this fantastic article on us “Aquarices”!
    I do not fit the Pisces stereotypes such as: 1. Being a crybaby. Quite the opposite. When someone ridicules me, I will confront them or walk away (depending on the severity of their insult).
    2. Being wishy-washy and clingy (I have a lot of interests. I am independent and cannot stand clingy people; especially Pisces men)! I am very organized and logical and I cannot stand being told what to do if I know I am right.
    3. I have always been called a “Rebel” because “Normal” is BORING. For example, “Normal” women my age (59 years young) may criticize the fact that I still have long black hair, wear very little makeup, and I have a natural knack for putting together fashion-forward outfits (Sorry, you’re wrong about our tendency toward clashing colors); but I take their negative comments as a compliment. I refuse to “fit in” with dowdy clothing, outdated thinking, gossiping and bobbed greying hair. Their derogatory comments are testimony to jealousy, since I have had more SINCERE compliments than SARCASTIC compliments regarding my appearance.
    BUT… and here comes the Pisces … I can instantaneously tell when someone is being phony.
    I have had hundreds of psychic experiences throughout my life where I can predict events before they happen. These psychic experiences have literally saved my life several times. It sounds (and looks ) “crazy” or “scary” to someone that does not know me well (like I said before, I am not a “Crybaby” and I hate appearing as such. It’s personal…) when I become quiet and then put my head down and weep uncontrollably. I know what’s coming. I am going to lose someone I love . Within 24 hours.
    I wept uncontrollably for an hour after speaking with my mom. Later that day, my dad called me and told me mom had passed away.
    Dad was in the hospital for elective back surgery. He went against my will. Dad wasn’t there when I got home from work. Again, more uncontrollable weeping, so hard that my heart hurt, for over 45 minutes. Then, the phone rings. It’s his back surgeon! Dad contracted Sepsis and was on life support! I had to make the decision THEN AND THERE to either let Dad “Go with Jesus peacefully” or to put him in a nursing home on permanent intubation. I was in a severe depression for 4 years.
    Finally, on 8 August 2019 I went over my best friend’s apartment to enjoy a few movies . When 12 a.m. rolled around I did not want to leave him alone. He had to do home hemodialysis at midnight (Kidney Failure. A horrible complication from Type 1 Diabetes) he had a doctor’s appointment at 9 a.m. and I had a doctor’s appointment at 11 :30 a.m. the next day, 9 August, 2019. Reluctantly, I went home. I called him at 12:30 a.m. to make sure that he was okay (he looked well and was in good spirits ; but I just KNEW…). Around 2 a.m., I started crying and shaking. This continued until 6 a.m. !
    I literally cried myself to sleep. I awoke at 9 a.m. barely ate my breakfast and moved at a VERY slow pace. I showered and got dressed, I was like a zombie (and running late for my doctor’s appointment. I DO procrastinate when it comes to doctor’s appointments, but this was different).
    As I was rushing out the door at 11:15 a.m. for my 11:30 a.m. appointment, the phone rings. My friend Mike’s number. I said, “Hey! What’s up?” But it wasn’t Mike. It was the POLICE! “Are you Lee? This is Officer so-and-so of the Scranton Police. I’m sorry, but Mike has passed away…” I screamed. I passed out. I had to have a neighbor drive me to Mike’s apartment to meet with the police, Coroner and 2 Paramedics. I was Mike’s Emergency Contact. Although I was still shaking with shock and disbelief, I maintained my composure. I identified his body. I knelt down on the floor beside Mike (where he died. Sudden Cardiac Death. Another complication of Type 1 Diabetes), held his cold, lifeless hand and said the Lord’s prayer (the 2 Paramedics accompanied me). I whispered, “Mike, you know I love you and I will talk to you later. You look so tired. Get some rest. I can’t join you just yet because I still have work to do, Boy, do I ever! So I have to get rolling. Get some rest. Goodnight, sweetheart. I love you”. Blinking back tears, the Paramedics said, “That was the most beautiful thing we ever heard”.
    I will end now with this : The Pisces “gift” of Clairvoyance is REAL. Pisces Sensitivity is REAL.
    The Aquarius “gift” of controlling their emotions in the presence of others while they are falling apart inside is REAL. We may not cry openly at the funeral, but we’re DYING on the inside; and, yes, we can tell “Crocodile Tears” from GENUINE HEARTBREAK. We know who our real friends are.
    SO, let the “Normals” call us “Weird”, “Eclectic”, “Wiseass”, etc. Take their ignorance as a compliment!
    Thank you for listening.
    God bless.

  3. I needed this so bad! So glad I searched for this. Been having a rough time for about 7 months since I broke up with my bf of almost 5 years and re-descovering myself again. I had been feeling really “spiritual” over the last couple months but also very anxious and procrastinative it was making me crazy. Like 90% of what’s been said in this article is the way I feel about myself and other people have told me. It makes me feel so much better to know I’m actually normal and there are more people like me. I was born 02/19/91.

  4. I’m born 2/18/72 in the afternoon, so just hours away from the change to Pisces and I’m just realizing why I’m do “different” than most Aquarians, that are quite commonly characterized as ‘detached from their emotions’, seemingly unfeeling. I’ve heard that about Aqua’s, yet I feel deeeeeply and I’m intuitive as heck for a dude (which poses challenges for dating women for me, because I know things and can’t figure out why. I’m also extremely analytical/intellectual. Unquenchable thirst for knowledge. My girlfriends have never liked if we argue because they can’t really lie to me, because in many cases I’ll just [intuitively] know. It’s not 100% foolproof, but probably 85%ish. I’ve been fooled though. Learning about my Piscean side adds new meaning to the phrase “Know Thyself”.

  5. This is very accuracte being born on feb 19 myself, I honestly have to say, that its a pleasure reading the comments and having a little cuspian family i can sort of relate to in a way, although i love helping others and putting their needs before mine, i tend to get taken advantage of easily because of maybe how naive i can be at times not realising im selling myself short or doing alot more than what your average typical person would do or give. Love music always have. Love getting into alternate theories and delving into science and religion trying to decifer whether they can co exist or not. Just one of the many things that cross my mind pretty much 24/7. Any who i suppose i better keep this short, otherwise i wont stop writing. Haha, one love all and peace out ;)

  6. I was born February 22 and some of that is me but some of it is not me. Organization is my best thing to do for others but I have a struggle in organizing my own things. I’m NOT a social person, I have social anxieties. I’ve never unpleasantly put the wrong colors together – I’ve always been really good at putting colors together. I don’t promise anything to anybody because I know I will forget – I write it down and tell them they have to remind me – I don’t ever remember ignoring anyone that I liked just annoying people that get on my nerves and I do that purposely. I have been told I have the patience of Job all my life even thou my patience gives me anxieties sometimes but I am still a patient one. The rest of it is pretty much me down to a T.

  7. Jeremy Shane says:

    I definitely agree! I’m a cusp born on the 18th of February 1997. I can for sure say reading this article just insures me of the personality and possible abilities that a Aquarius/Pisces cusp can have. My mom born on february 28th 1967, being 10 days after me and 30 years apart we have always been close. My mom being a great people reader swears she’s psychic. Now whats scary about that is i think she is man! Can’t get nothing past her. So here being psychic and all once told me being born on a cusp in February right at Pisces can as well have the gift of “psychic abilities”. Not sure how true this could be and if I am at all. But have always wondered. But does make sense reading this article. Growing up I would say I was different than others. I tend to be rebellious by nature, outlaw that enjoys doing my own thing. Like my mom, I always have been good at reading people and have a great gut instinct or sick sence of sorts. I know what’s coming before it does. I remember being at a lake in my dreams as a kid when I lived in grandview MO. Later when I turned 8 I moved to peculiar Mo about 35 minutes south. From where we live Lake Annette is about 5 or so minutes south from me in the country. It used to be a small resort in the late 50s till the later 70s till the area/town got ran down. Now druggies inhabit the area nowadays. Basically I went to this lake about a year after I moved to peculiar. When I did as a young 9 year old I was astonished! I found the lake i was at in my dreams previously! Amazed I told my mom to pull over to see the lake better. In my dream I remember eating at a dinner that floated on one side of the lake. It’s still there but hasn’t been a dinner sence the mid 70’s. Now I have no clue why I had this dream. You don’t have to belive a word of it. But gives me chills every time I go there. Reincarnation of a previous life I don’t know. I wonder sometimes though. But more about me is I love playing Guitar! Love my Music! I am very Inventive and Artistic. I love to build/work on cars, or anything with wheels. Love the outdoors! All and all im a intuitive and big picture thinker, love to have a good time and help others. All in all very insightful article hah makes almost to much sense. Just goes to show how us cusps can do it all. Fun fact, Guitarist singer/songwriter Kurt Cobain of the indie rock Nirvana was a fellow cusp born on february 20th 1967.

    1. February 18th, 1991 here. Cheers, birthday buddy. From your descriptions, we’re quite similar.

      1. Mandii McAllister says:

        i too am born on feb.18.1991. crazy lol :) im a female though. :)
        HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! the big 29! :)

  8. My family was amaze when I was 10 how good I was with computers n electronic. I get bored with norms n sometimes I just act weird on purpose.now that I read it been too nice several times, don’t know about anyone else but I just can’t stand Pisces. People always try to use or manipulate me because I’m resourceful and self sufficient. I’m going to use all my gift and do something with them

  9. Born on the 19, accurate enough, I know 3 people born on this cusp, but I am really farsighted

  10. Feb. 19, 1991—Reading this article and all the comments was GREAT! I always considered myself a Pisces until I read about the Cusps and looked into it. I always knew I was different but couldnt ever quite put my finger on it. I just recently got very interested in my horoscope and the more I read into it the more I understood more about myself. But it still wasn’tquite right until I read this article. It’s like all the things I thought I did that were wierd… really aren’t! And I’m not the only one! I alway felt like I HAD to be different, for example on sports teams if we all had the same warm-up uniform I would always wear a different one. Or if we had to wear our hair a certain way, I would wear it the total opposite, just because it wasn’t what I was suppose to do. If I got in trouble at school I would have an attitude just because.. its almost like I was scared of doing what I “was suppose to do.” I have always had adifficult time accepting authority. I’m cool until I feel disrespected or like they think just because they are a teacher, or cop, or someone in authority that they are ‘better than me’ or ‘above me’ ..&I’m very sarcastic!I’ve always been trying to decide if it’s possible that y intuition is so great that I could be ‘phsycic’& that I saw things alot differently than others OR if I was crazy. Because of this, I help alot of people through many situations. It’s like I know exactly how to solve their problems. So glad there are people out there who understand!!:) Would love to hear from you!

    1. omg we were born the same day and year!! so cool, i know EXACTLY what you are saying. :)

    2. Anthony Abberley says:

      Makes two of us as I was born on 19th Feb 1979. My new partner started looking into my cusp Star sign last night and it freaky to read all these similarities in character traces. Peace and love

  11. I’m not only a part of the cusp, but right on the edge between Aquarius and Pisces. I was born on the eighteenth. I have found that people say Aquarius beings are more intellectual and artistically talented, but often independent, with misunderstood intentions. On the other hand, I’ve also been told that the Pisces is the ‘emotional’ one, becoming too attached too quickly and giving away compassion like it’s air. What happens when the intellectual sides of me clash with the worrying and over emotional pieces?

  12. Christoph Rivers says:

    It is a great relief to read these comments. I have to work very hard at not feeling isolated from people even though I know that my presence is influential in some way. I know that I am a catalyst for change and I feel a great responsibility for what I think and do. My greatest challenge is to action my hopes and dreams and as I get older that is easier to do as I access the Aquarian side. But sometimes I know that I’m picking up the feelings of others around me and then I feel like I’m drowning. In numerology I’m a 2/11 – water and intuition, master and leader. But life is so exhausting and, deep down where I can barely acknowlege it to myself, terribly lonely. Love doesn’t seem to be part of my destiny because I think there is something else I’m suppposed to be doing, but I don’t know what.

  13. Winonah Valdovinos says:

    i didn’t know my birth date fell on the cusp (feb 21). i always thought the cusp was the exact date of the change between signs. although most of the pisces qualities do fit me, i never thought it fit quite right. i have always been a dreamer, but not so much that i lose myself. i love the arts, but really love sciences and especially love when they come together! i’ve always been intuitive to the point of somewhat creepy. i’m not indecisive the way pisces are assumed to be. i take a little longer to make my decisions, but when i do i’m certian of what i want. but most of all i’ve noticed the impact i’ve had on other peoples lives. it seems that i have a knack for advancing others. i can pull people up when they’re down, see solutions they can’t, put them on the right path, introduce them to people or situations they need. i have lots of ideas and when i put my energy toward them they rarely fail. the intuition helps! this is the most dead on horoscope i’ve encountered. makes alot of sense. :)

    1. omg YES!!! my birthday is 2/21 as well and i agree with everything you said.. although all of the traits stated on this page don’t fit me perfectly, this is the most accurate horoscope i’ve read regarding pisces… my personal opinion

  14. Estrellita Verduzco says:

    WoW this is deand on the money for both myself and my other half he’s born on 2/17 and I’m born 2/23..and we spooke our friends and family out with how intune we are with one another I mean I’m no believer in love on first contact but I told him whn we first met we would fall heart over head and that’s just what happened I litterally feel when he’s sad or sick and vice versa he don’t even have to be near me and I know

  15. Yeah, I’m Feb. 19. I have always felt kinda sorry for people not born on this cusp. Certain things come unbeliveably easy for us. I have dabbled in standup and improvisational comedy, screenwriting and am now getting pretty serious about pottery and knitting. I am a medical social worker by day and help get people through a lot of end of life issues. Am def a “big picture” kind of person–bored to tears by the details. Mwah to all my fellow cuspers.

  16. I’m thrilled to finally know that, although I may indeed be a freak by ‘normal’ standards, I’m not alone! The description was spot on, and many of the comments had me nodding my head in agreement. Until I read this, I had no idea just how large a role the cusp factor plays in my life, but now it’s crystal clear; the compassion, the absolute demand for my freedom, not fitting into any bloody mold, on and on. Be well, fellow Cuspians!

  17. Drusi Emerick says:

    Now that someone I just met told me I must be weird because I am an Aquarius/Pisces cusp, I had to research what this meant….Sure enough…I understand!!!! Like most everyone said…this sounds like me. It is amazing when on rare occassions I find myself around like kind….our energies, intuition, creativeness, etc just explodes….I so wished I had that in my life everyday…..Feb 20, 1967 (the year of lowest recorded birth rate

  18. Ingaberg Whitacre says:

    That describes me completely. I think it has done me good to have been ignorant of astrology until recently because I know myself better now; which allows me to be objective. Possibly society’s archetype for a pisces/aquarius cusp has modeled me in this way. I have many unusual characteristics like dark green eyes. Men with dark green eyes are less than 1% of the male population. I’m Feb 19th 1979. I’m very different than most people.

  19. Merwyn Farnsworth says:

    one thing to keep in mind about this, is that those of us on the Pisces Aquarius cusp are dealing personally with what the planet is dealing with on a large scale with us transitioning between the age of Pisces and the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. So those of us on this cusp may well mirror the conflicts of the earth at this time of upheaval and critical transition. I’m Jest Sayin…!

  20. Catharine says:

    Haha this is just like me! I knew that when your birthday was close to the end of another sign starting you had lots of traits from the other sign, but i always wondered why i had so much of an aquarius! My mom ALWAYS told me that ! I didn’t know my birthday fell on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp. (Feb.26) My bestfriend is a gemini, making her one of the least compatible signs for a pisces, but i see i have a lot of aquarius, So now I know why we get along so great!

  21. Gerianne Warrick says:

    This is totaly my personality. Born on the 18th of feb. I mean, i play the violin, cello, love to write, and dance flamenco. I mean we cusps do it all. Plus, the psychic side… its like i always have a gut feeling about whats going to happen. I love being a cusp!! :)

    1. Born 19th Feb. I had never looked at Zodiacs or knew anything of the cusp.
      After a recent separation and the realisation now I had lost friends and distanced myself from family so long ago. I did some soul searching as i wanted to find what was it about me as person why was I so different, why didn’t anybody understand me? Why was i upset over something so little? First i put it down to having an “intense personality”.
      Now that I have researched it explains so much and now I can say it wasn’t you!! it’ was all three of me :) relieved I and those thought I was mental :/

    2. Melanie Vick says:

      Totally agree. 100% me.
      Was also born on Feb 18!

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